Saturday, 23 June 2012

BBC World Service 3am Solday 24 Juno 2012:
"Syrian TV has shown the path of the Turkish Air Force F4 that it shot down. Is course appeared to be meandering. It left Northern Cyprus & approached the coast low & fast. It was one km off the coast when it was fired upon. It crashed 10km from the coast. Syria & Turkey are conducting a joint search for the pilot. Hopes are not held he will be found alive".

Are several possibilities here. Turkey, Qatar & the IDF have been running Spec Ops into Syria since Mars 2011. They hope for a repeat of their success in Libya 2011 & Kosovo 1999. It has not happened so far. 

US needs to eliminate Syria as a transhipment point for arms to Hezbollah in South Lebanon & HAMAS in Gaza, both enemies of the US's Masters. Syria is also an ally of Iran. Removing Syria from stable rule, as in Libya, would allow US proxies a free hand in another land. 

Iran already faces 50,000 US troops on its border with Iraq & 110, 000 US troops ready to invade from Afghanistan. Yes, that is why the US invaded both in 2001 & 2003. With Syria gone that leaves only Russia to save Iran. 

What's the US long-term strategy? To fulfil its Masters plan, the 'Project For A New American Century'.  Rejected by Bibi Netanyahu in 1994 & Bill Clinton in 1998 it was OK'ed by Geo W. Bush in 2000. Its goal: 'to rewrite the borders of the Ottoman Empire' (sic) but to 'do it right' this time.  

What has Turkey to gain from unrest in Syria? Several things. Turkey wants to 'be on the right side of history' so does not oppose the US's Masters. It got a taste of the cold shoulder in 2009 when its Peace Fleet was attacked by the IDF. Worldwide condemnation of Turkey & media hate-campaign aims at it, not the IDF, shocked the Turkish government. Saw reality for first time. 

Turkey's ruling party is semi-Islamist & fears being lumped in with other US foes by its media-owning Masters. Turks saw how easily the Masters media monopoly legitimised the illegal overthrow & murder of both Saddam Hussein in Iraq & Qadafi in Libya. To be an Enemy is to be a target. To avoid Turks began to 'rebuild the Ottoman Empire' as a Zone of Influence e.g. in Bosnia & Somalia but must adhere to US wishes in other areas. 

After Turkey was twice rejected from the entering the EU its leaders 'turned East' instead. They seek to use 'soft diplomacy' - cultural imperialism, aid & scholarships similar to the Germany's Goethe Institute, to promote themselves as some sort of Third World role-model. In this they compete with China & India so are at a disadvantage. Is logical they start with their former colonies in North Africa, the Middle East & Central-Eastern Europe. 

Was it an F4 or a US drone aircraft? Why use an F4, a plane that first flew in 1964? Turkey has many F4's. Being a poor country its military are dependent on US & German second-hand materials. But a variant of F4 flown by the US out of Rammstein AFB, Germany is an intel-gathering aircraft. 

It possible the F4 in question was a simply testing Syrian air defence capacity. US was doing something similar in 1980 when probes by a KC135 along the Russian coast provoked the Red Air Force into shooting down a passing Korean airliner by mistake. 

US technology is such that they can now 'sweep up' all radio, telephone & electronic communications as they fly along one's coast. They obtain computer access codes, passwords, etc. just as Google-earth recently admitted doing during its worldwide efforts to photograph everyone's homes. US did this in Chinese waters several years ago when two PAF Migs forced a USAF PC3 down. China had repeatedly warned the US to halt such flights. How do we not know the Syrians have not warned NATO to stop as well? 

Was the goal of this plane to provoke a war between Turkey & Syria? NATO would then be drawn in as Turkey could invoke its 'collective defence' strategy as it attempted to do after the IDF assaulted their Peace Fleet. 

Many in the US would be happy to see such a war. As in 1980 when asked what he disliked about the Iran-Iraq War Henry Kissinger said: 'only one of them can lose'. In 1990 Geo Bush reversed this. Soon both will be US satraps, an idea Turkey will understand & wish to avoid.