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Nationalist and Inter-National News Service: Juno 2014, Feb 2015 & Mai 2015

 Nationalist and Inter-Nationalist News Service     Juno 2014 & Feb 2015
N&INS accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. N&INS is an information source only. 
Channel 7 News 11:30 am Monday 30th Juno 2014:
"1,400 refugees have been saved by the Italian Navy over the weekend. That brings a total of 60,000 African and Arab refugees saved from the Mediterranean so far this year”.
“Nine tourists have been wounded In a shooting in Bourbon Street, New Orleans”.
“The Australian Foreign Minister is to travel to Burma”.
“A woman’s body was found in Melbourne’s Botanic Gardens, yesterday”.
“A Pakistani teenage girl has been burnt life after rejecting a marriage proposal”.

Channel 7 News Today 8 am Tuisday 9th Decembis 2014:
“Federal Attorney General George Brandis said today ‘one quarter of the 150 Australians jihadis currently fighting with ISIL have been killed. They were ‘used as cannon fodder’ ”.

Channel 7 News 8 am Wednesday, 24.12.2014: “A 62-year-old man has been beaten to death in Western Sydney” [a white killed by non-whites. RE]

“A man has now assaulted five women across West Brisbane/Bulimba area. He pretends to need help using his own mobile phone” [an African assaults foolish whites. RE]

Channel 7 News 11:45 am Monday 29.12. 2014: "13,000 foreign troops are to remain in Afghanistan. A secret ceremony was held today in Kabul to commemorate the 2,500 foreign troops killed there in the last 13 years. 2,000 of those were Americans and 13 Australians”.

BBC World Service ‘World Have Your Say’ Saturnsday 5am 7 Februa 2015:
Houthi rebels in Yemen have dissolved the Parliament and established rule by a Presidential Council via Revolutionary Committees. We’re asking for comments from our world-wide audience”. “It will fail! Houthi are Shiites and Shiites are a minority in Yemen. The Sunni majority will never accept them”.  “Houthi have a conspiracy theory. The Yemeni government has launched six wars in the past ten years against them but done nothing about growing Al Qaeda influence in Yemen’s South, Sunni majority areas. Many Shiites in the North ask: ‘why?’ ”  “Yemen’s neighbours and ‘allies’ will not allow Houthi rule”. [i.e. Sunni Saudi Arabia & stooge, US].  “US has spent one billion dollars in Yemen on counter-terrorism recently. Where’s it gone? Vanished”. 

SUNNI VERSUS SHIA: Saudis are Sunni, Iran are Shia or Shiite. There is a regional war going on, Sunni versus Shia. US has foolishly sided with the Sunni despots*, against the progressive Shia. Both are now vying to rule the Middle East in the face of imminent US imperial collapse. All but the US public realise that America is financially ruined. It cannot ‘recover’. America has been broken by imperial overreach due to the many wars they’ve fought, and continue to fight, to keep MOTS ‘safe’. 
These wars have not only cost in material and manpower but have cost the USA almost every friend it had in the region. Their only ‘friends’ now are the despotic Saudis accompanied by their fellow travellers from the Medieval past, Kuwait, UAE and Bahrain. All are hated by those they govern but are kept in power purely by US arms and thousands of mercenaries. The populist Shiite uprisings are destined to succeed but if only the US steps aside and allows the despots to be toppled. The true rulers of the USA know this. They help the despots cling to power by creating AQ and ISIL. 

AL QAEDA and ISLAMIC STATE: Both are Sunni creations. Both are heavily funded, as are the Sunni Taliban, by the Saudis and their fellow despots. Iran is a democracy, unlike Saudi Arabia and its fellow travellers. So why doesn’t ‘democratic’ America allow its ascendency? The US elite gain funds from Saudi bankers and lobbyists. US oil companies gain huge, excessive, profits from oil holdings in the land of Saud and their allies. But Iran long ago nationalised its oil. Its oil profits are for local gain, not foreign multinationals. So the US oil companies hate them. This is the same reason the US oil companies ordered the attack on Iraq in 2003. The Iraqi State Oil Co served the interests of Iraq’s people. One of US Occupations first acts was to ‘privatise’ it, i.e. hand it over to US oil giants. Will be the fate of Iran if and when MOTS and the Saudis order the US to attack. Oil means power, literally. Wars are now for oil and other strategic resources. From this leads dominance and regional power. 

POST-COLD WAR WORLD: In 1989 the Berlin Wall came down and the 40-year long Cold War ended. The democratic rulers Russia suggested the, till then, bipolar** world become ‘multi-polar, i.e. regional powers like Nigeria in Africa and Australia in Oceania be allowed to informally ‘rule’ their region. Would be a return to a 19th century idea of ‘Spheres of Influence’. USA refused. Began wars of conquest one year later against ex-USSR allies like Iraq and Somalia. Continued till 9-11 2001 when all in the world realised anyone could become a target at the whim of the world’s new despot, the American President. But back to the Houthis

REGIONAL WARS: The war between the pro-Iranian Houthis and the pro-US Yemeni government is part of this Saudi-Iran battle for regional dominance which should have been decided in 18989 but was deferred .US should not take sides but stand aside. US and EU should support Iran’s version of modified ‘democracy’ which is not unlike the US’ own. Where few are allowed the chance to run for office, money ‘talks’, the masses dumbed down and kept docile. On one hand by strict state/religious controls and censorship on the other by legalised drugs, TV soaps and sports. Iranians suffer under controls but US citizens are enslaved to delusions.’Anyone can be rich’; ‘anyone can be President’. 'All are free and equal’. As Iran’s President said in 2006, remove MOTS from the equation and all becomes clear: the US free of alien culture and control; Iran is a natural hegemon, ruling from North Africa to Russia. Stable and benign as opposed to unstable and chaotic as now under failing US suzerainty. Certainly we see no Iranian sects beheading people on Youtube, unlike these Saudi clones.RE]    

National Indigenous TV Mugu Kids 8am Saturnsday 7th Februa 2015: 
Story-time for preschoolers. Shows a dozen whites and one Abo in a semicircle listening to a white female teacher read them the book Fair Skinned Black Fella. A tale of two black girls who reject a blonde blue eyed girl fro being ‘too white to be black’ till tribal elder Old Ned tells them ‘colour isn’t about skin but whats in your heart’. Teacher concludes” ‘people of all colours can be friends!’ Kids applaud, while looking a t camera. NITV in fully government funded agit-prop network. Makes nonsense for Reds and 1/16 ‘blacks’ who activise ALP/Greens etc. Ban it and save billions of dollars! 
*Despotism: rule by tiny, corrupt elites over the majority. No elections, no Parliament, no freedom. No laws beyond the whim of the current ruler. 

** Bipolar: Ideas that all nations 1945-1989 must adhere to one of two ‘poles’ or Blocs, i.e. pro-US democracies or pro-USSR Socialist dictatorships. Pressure to conform to this ‘two Bloc’ world lead many to choose a third option, the Group of 77 AKA the Non-Aligned Movement or Third World. These refused to make a choice for either side in the Cold War. As neutrals they received funding or bribes from both sides. After 1989 all bribes ceased. The alleged ‘Third World poverty’ we see today occurs solely in countries that relied for 40 years on bribes, never developing their own sources of income. Foreign Aid today is a means of continuing bribes to these same crooks. We oppose it. 

BBC World Service ‘More or Less – a Show About Numbers’ 430am Saturnsday 23rd Mai 2015:
Prof Thomas Kibelfield(J), geneticist:
“My parents are from Estonia but I have traced our DNA back to Siberia and China. By tracing DNA from out of Africa we see a small gene pool left there to move to Europe. We see sever al ‘bottlenecks’ along to he way. One of these occurred 4-8,000 years ago. In Europe it appears there were 17 females for every male. This is now seen to be a world-wide phenomena. We don’t know what could have caused it. We rechecked the figures and found them to be accurate. We suspect it could have come from the trend 10,000 years ago to move from a hunter-gatherer lifestyle to a more sedentary, crop-farming lifestyle but why we do not know”.
[Maybe a worldwide flood? Maybe Noah took 17 wives on board the Ark? Why not! What woman wouldn’t sell herself to survive The Flood? Could also explain the high levels of genetic variations in i.e. the diverse races . What if the three sons of Noah are lonely the three main sons and he had dozens more? Women are generally ignored in the Bible women had their place – as feeders and breeders. RE]
Prof Frank R. Baumgartner(J), political scientist:
“Since the US reintroduced the death penalty in 1976 1,400 people have been executed. Since cases were reviewed 152 were found to be innocent. Execution rates also tend to vary. The highest rate of sentencing to executions is in Virginia where there are strict limits on appeals, only within the first 12 months. So their execution rate is 75%. California has the lowest. Of 1,000 people on death row only 13 have been executed. A judge there recently ruled the death penalty as ‘cruel and inhumane’ as death in fact meant life without parole and so constituted torture. 
World-wide only 39 countries still execute. Another 52 have the death penalty but do not use it. The number of executions has dropped worldwide since 1996*. In China some high profile ceases have shown innocents were executed. In one case a man was killed for killing his neighbour who disappeared. The man later returned ten years later. He had fled as he owed money he could not repay. He was fine but his neighbour has been executed for his murder. Why are so few freed after receiving the death penalty? They usually involve heinous crimes and prosecutors feel they must ’get’ someone. Juries usually conclude the prosecutor must know something or else he wouldn’t seek the death penalty. 
Why so few executions in California? Lawyers delay all proceedings hoping the Supreme Court may outlaw it. So are in not hurry. The System is in no hurry as once on death row the criminals aren’t a ‘danger to the public’. So they see no hurry either. In other countries, where torture is used to gain confessions, such as Algeria, Iran and Afghanistan. Many death penalties there are falsely based". *DNA gene-code was broken allowing scientists to review evidence more accurately. DNA samples were able to exonerate many suspects gaoled purely on wrong ‘eyewitness’ or circumstantial evidence.
BBC World Service News 4am Saturnsday 23 Mai 2015:
"26 FARC rebels were killed in Colombia after an Army attack on one of their bases. Follows a FARC ambush which killed 10 soldiers. Rebels say they will not withdraw from ‘peace talks’".

"Suicide bomber kill 20 Shiites at mosque in Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province. IS claim responsibility". 

(Reporter Hugh Scofield):
"Eiffel Tower worker call a two day strike to protest high level of pickpocket gangs operating there. Say the gangs threaten them then offered to ‘cut’ the take with workers if they cooperate".
[Reporter almost choked on his words as obviously did not want to report this story. Why? They're gypsies, who else. He'd get dubbed as a racist! Rather tell lies in favour of the multi-cult myth! RE]

"Two people were killed in Burundi's capital during protests against the President running for a third term, in defiance of the Constitutional two-term limits. 70,000 fled the country, many to Tanzania".

"Tanzania has announced a cholera outbreak on the shores of a lake neighbouring Burundi after thousands fled to there. Inadequate sanitation is blamed. 29 Burundi refugees and two locals died".
(Reporter Dur Solomon):
"Egypt has passed a Draft Law to establish a regulatory authority to control all broadcasting not just TV and radio but online. The Law is not yet official as the authority has not been created because Egypt has no Parliament to pass laws nor even a timetable to have elections for such a Parliament but the State has already begun closing non-government radio stations. The majority outside of Cairo rely on radio for news and entertainment. Youth have no outlet. They are being silenced. So Radio Gramophone started four years ago from a young man who inherited  a vast library of music from his Dad. Many are Arab jazz and traditional Arab music recordings". 
Reporter Mike Lamchin: "Milagro Granados was a female reporter for El Salvador’s only Leftist newspaper. One of her jobs was to attend church at Archbishop Romero's Cathedral in San Salvador. She would record his sermons, transcribing them for printing in her newspaper the next day. She said: ‘I heard a sound and thought it was an explosion. Then I saw him fall. I thought he'd tripped. I heard later they had shot him through a side door (sic). I thought they would kill us all, but they didn’t”. 
Leftists present in the Cathedral produced their lone handgun and went outside to a low wall where they began opening firing*.

MG: “I saw shapes on rooftops, fleeing. That must be where the attackers struck from”.

"El Salvador’s Civil War began later that day. 35 years afterwards the Pope canonised Romero a saint”.

ANA Comment: Finally, confirmation that armed Red terrorists attended Romero's Masses. He was pro-Communist;  they were armed. 'Other assailants?' No, as the Left did it. Why? Would not be first time Reds killed one of their own. Aim is to create a martyr. Christopher Isherwood, a queer, Leftist minor English poet, was murdered by his own friends during the Spanish Civil War. Why?  To popularise the War in England. It worked. Lorca was a queer Leftist minor poet killed at the start of the Spanish Civil War by his Red allies. Achieved the same ends. JFK, MLK, Malcolm X in the US. All Reds killed by Reds to further their cause.

Did they all agree to be killed, literally 'to do anything' to advance the Cause? How are these Reds, like Romero, any different to Taliban or IS suicide bombers today? Remember it was not Islamists who first began the use of suicide-soldiers but two Leftist groups the Tamil LTTE in Sri Lanka and Kurdish PKK in Turkey. Both widely used female-bombers knowing authorities were less likely to body-search these. Is why Boko Harum in Nigeria and Taliban in Pakistan now use females bombers. When thousands die from US drones attacks and US aerial bombings is logic to use a single bomber, not a whole combat squad. Same logic drove Japanese WWII kamikaze pilots motto: ‘one plane, one ship’. It worked!

But El Salvador? Remember just before Romero's very convenient 'death' in 1980 the fate of Nicaragua was sealed in 1979 by the murder, on air, of a US TV reporter by National Guardsmen. US government under closet Leftist Jimmy Carter reacted immediately, cutting off all arms to Nicaraguan's Somoza regime. Doomed them to a Leftist takeover. A year later, in 1980, the Leftists tried the same stunt in El Salvador using Romero. By then Ron Reagan, a good Presbyterian and clear-sighted, anti-Communist, was now US President. Was not so easily fooled as the starry-eyed Baptist, Carter. RE].
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TEMPÊTE N ° 141 Juno-Juli 2015

N ° 141              Bulletin d'information publique nationale australienne action                  Juno-Juli 2015
ANA accepter aucune responsabilité pour les informations fournies / inférées. STORM est une source d'information seulement

STORM obtient des informations à partir, SCUTTLEBUTT 'initiés de. Nous ne pouvons pas confirmer histoires. Voilà la dernière:

Entendu à 23 Dymocks Librairie Mars 2015: Deux jolie jeune personnel féminin au comptoir discutent livres. Un client de sexe masculin âgés intervient: «Êtes-vous deux parle environ 50 nuances de gris?" La plus jolie des deux jeunes filles: «Oh non, mais je l'ai lu les trois livres. Je devais les étudier à l'Université du Queensland, où je l'ai fait un diplôme en études des femmes. Je me suis spécialisé en sexologie. L'un des sujets était Fétichisme 101. Imaginez - je étais seulement 17 ans "[Pourquoi avons-nous envoyons nos jeunes femmes à l'enseignement supérieur? Pour devenir devenir putes? Fermez les universités; rouvrir les centres Lebensborn. RE]

Rhodesian-australien @16th Mars 2015: "Avant ma mère et moi avons été forcés de quitter la Rhodésie, je me souviens qu'un jour Maman est allé à la Bibliothèque publique centrale à Salisbury [Harare]. Elle est allée à utiliser les toilettes pour femmes, mais a trouvé une vieille Nanna [de femme africaine] de mettre des fruits frais dans la cuvette des toilettes. Maman a demandé: "Que fais-tu ça?" Le Nanna répondu: "Blancs veulent fruits lavés à mon étal de marché, mais je ne pas l'eau courante à la maison!" Je l'appris plus tard de telles pratiques peu hygiéniques ont été la principale façon dont E. coli et Gardia infecté la population blanche locale ".

PBS Newshour c / - SBSTV Channel 3 quatorze heures Frigasday 24 Avri 2015:
Reporter Caroline Ryan, du New York Times: "La Fondation Clinton a admis la non-divulgation de millions de dollars en dons de gouvernements étrangers pendant le temps Hillary était secrétaire d'Etat américaine. Le FC va maintenant soumettre à nouveau cinq déclarations de revenus dues à des omissions ".

Jonathan Allen, Reuters: «La Fondation Clinton, à partir de 2010 a reçu au moins 10 millions de dollars US de l'Australie et de la Norvège ..."

Commentateur PBS Newshour résident démocrate:
"Beaucoup de démocrates se demandent: 'Clinton ?! Est-elle le meilleur que nous pouvons faire?

Al Jazeera Nouvelles heures c / - SBSTV Channel 3 quinze heures Frigasday 24 Avri 2015:
"Le général Petraeus a reçu une amende de 100.000 dollars pour illégalement» le partage des secrets du gouvernement '".

PETRAEUS POUR LE PRÉSIDENT: Qui était le général Petraeus? Il «gagné» les guerres en Irak et en Afghanistan. Comme récompense, il a été nommé directeur de la CIA. Sous sa 'montre' Al-Qaïda serait condamnée. Mais alors Hillary voulait être président. Elle a vu le général Petraeus, un républicain, comme une menace potentielle. A ce jour 18 autres candidats cherchent nomination en tant que candidat du Parti républicain à la présidence, la monarchie élue dans laquelle les États-Unis a dégénéré.

HILLARY POUR PRESIDENTE: Toute personne honnête ne connaît que Hillary peut gagner que Wall Street, les principaux corrupteurs, décidé pour elle dès 2012. Ce fut quand elle a quitté après un mandat en tant que Secrétaire d'Etat américain pour passer les deux prochaines années à élever des fonds pour son 2016. HC a maintenant un US rapporté $ 2,000,000,000 «trésor de guerre». Tout le reste - les primaires démocrates et républicains, les sondages d'opinion, la couverture médiatique - sont simplement pantomime. Les 20 prochains mois verront le monde anglo-saxon, par l'intermédiaire de la domination des médias américains, ont régalé sur les avantages d'une femme présidente. 2008 nous a vus inondés avec des histoires sur la valeur d'un président noir. L'Amérique a été fait mieux, plus fort ou plus respectée? Non.

COMMENT PETRAEUS a été abattu: Qui est mieux pour l'Amérique et le monde, Hillary ou Petraeus? Nous ne le saurons jamais, comme il est maintenant un criminel condamné et interdit de la fonction publique FOREVER. Quels «secrets» ont fait part Petraeus? Lors des groupes de discussion informels des généraux et officiers supérieurs à son domicile, un biographe femme a été autorisée à «asseoir dans '. Elle a approché plus tard, les autorités fédérales américaines. Réclamé pas être de biographe, mais un admirateur abruti, puis plus tard son «Petraeus maîtresse. Pro-Gauche médias américains rodées it up. Aucun demandé: «comment quelqu'un d'autre ne écrire une biographie, sauf en rencontrant et en parlant à des proches collaborateurs de votre sujet et collègues? Maintenant apparaît 'maîtresse' était un agent profonde couvercle. Un indice était le moyen épouse légale de Petraeus est resté fidèle tout au long.

P.R PRÉSIDENTIELLE .: Donc ce qui est arrivé? GP a en fait été convaincue par cette «maîtresse / admirateur» d'écrire sa biographie - peut-être que préliminaire à courir pour le président en 2016. Certainement pas inhabituel. JFK a fait en 1960. Le livre, maintenant oubliée depuis longtemps, a remporté un prix Pulitzer instantanée. Ensuite, Hollywood a salué les exploits Seconde Guerre mondiale de JFK dans un film adulateur, PT106, avec Cliff Robertson. Tout cela PR très efficace construit crédibilité pour quelqu'un jusque-là considéré comme un 'playboy' peu profonde sénateur. Le PR a travaillé. JFK a gagné. Cet établi le modèle pour les présidents de wannabe depuis.

MIEL-TRAP: Petraeus a permis à son biographe d'assister à des entretiens avec gradés de l'armée à son domicile et à consulter les documents pertinents de ses guerres. Elle a ensuite parlé à la CIA. Est appelé un «miel-piège» lorsqu'une agente attrayante est utilisé pour attirer certains hommes sans méfiance de révéler des secrets, puis le dénoncer pour elle. John Le Carre espion romans sont pleins de cette. Petraeus était sans méfiance. En tant que militaire, il était utilisé pour faire face aux sordides, femelle, agents doubles, mais comme directeur de la CIA, il aurait rapidement été mis 'à la vitesse ". Caractéristiques féminines se prêtent à ce subterfuge que les Etats-Unis, et le monde, va bientôt découvrir après l'élection novembre 2016.

Caractéristiques féminines: les Australiens savent bien. Nous avons été gouvernés par une diablesse 2009 -2012. Ju-menteur se vantait de ses mensonges publics après qu'ils aient obtenu ses élus: "Si je ne l'avais pas menti, vous ne l'auriez pas voté pour moi!" Même chose est arrivée à Queensland en vertu de la règle État ALP en 2009. Nous avons choisi Anna Bligh comme Ultra-Gauche ALP Premier. Un ami de Ju-menteur et de la même Gauche socialiste (maoïste) faction, Bligh a menti pour être élu puis sourit: "si je ne l'avais pas menti vous ne voulez me avez élu!" Dans les deux cas, le Big Lie impliqué vente de public les services publics détenues à l'étranger, principalement aux État chinoises, des entreprises. Ni bimbo couché avait assez de scrupules pour voir quoi que ce soit de mal à donner de suite nos actifs à leurs compagnons de voyage maoïstes.

AVENIR POUR U.S.A: Ni Hillary volonté. Les femelles ne pensent pas comme les hommes. Qui d'autre pourrait présider le massacre des bébés blancs de l'Ouest depuis 1962, lorsque «la pilule» est devenu disponible ou depuis 'Roe vs Wade légalisé enfants assassiner en 1973? Leur "logique floue" a permis la destruction de quatre millions d'âmes australiens, 40 millions en les Etats-Unis. Ce massacre silencieux a laissé toutes les terres blanches ouvert à Alien invasion. Pourtant athées humanistes comme Juliar, Bligh et Hillary proclament ce génocide de de droit de la wimmin 'Blancs *. Plus un wimmins Rite, une offrande de sang à leur dieu Moloch. L'un des objectifs de l'établissement Isil est d'asservir tous wimmin.
* Wimmin: Un terme féministe pour 'femmes sans hommes ». Qui est lentement remplacé par «FEMEN» qui a la même signification.

NOUS UN embrayage ASP À notre sein: Hommes de l'Ouest opposent ISIL, mais laissons leur propre wimmin autonomie suffisante pour leur permettre de tous nous tuer. Il n'y a aucune logique ici et nous devons nous demander: «qui sont les imbéciles, ISIL ou homme occidental? Une question ne se demander: est Hillary la «putain de Babylone" de livre de l'Apocalypse qui précède règle par l'anti-Christ (Apocalypse Ch.17v3-8)?

Pleurnichards DE DROITE: Nous avons reçu des lettres de l'étranger les trois derniers mois de pleurnicher sur nos attitudes «négatives» à l'égard de l'avenir de la race blanche. Désolé pour être honnête!

CRITIQUE DE LIVRE: Enders jeu par Orson Scott Card (Londres: 1977 Orbit Books) (326pp)
La série de livres pour enfants populaires a été présenté au grand écran en 2014, avec Harrison Ford en tant que colonel Graff et Ben Kingsley comme Mazer Rakham. Le film est une représentation exacte du texte original. EG est la dernière d'une série de films et émissions de télévision - comme les livres et les films populaires Hunger Games - visant à l'adolescence. Ils sont présentés comme des mini-adultes, face à des terreurs et des tentations, encore obligés de faire face seul. Tous sont placés dans un proche avenir. Dans Hunger Games adolescents sont formés au combat de main-à-main, puis lâché à tout saccager. De tous les 24, 23 doit mourir. Nous ne pouvions approuver ces concepts désastreuses si elles équipent les jeunes mentalement blanc pour la course actuelle guerre. Toutefois, si de la climatisation »cette masse les encourage à simplement défendre le système alien-dominé existant, nous nous y opposons.

MORMON PROPAGANDE? Comme l'auteur de la série Twilight de livres et de films auteur de EG est un mormon. Nous demandons: est-respect de cette secte non-chrétienne obscure qui produit la pensée off-beat? Peut-être qu'il est l'effet d'être un «outsider» dans une Amérique protestante majoritaire. Mormons, à savoir les membres de l'Église de Jésus-Christ des Saints des Derniers, les chrétiens ne sont pas comme la plupart supposent. Ils suivent un livre de la prophétie trouvé »écrite par un Américain. De cette façon, ils sont semblables aux Témoins de Jéhovah, adventistes du septième jour ou l'Eglise de Scientologie.

AMÉRIQUE, HOME de l'hérésie: Tous les terrains fertiles trouvés dans les esprits américains où les gens d'autres pays ont rapidement rejeté les bêtises aussi stupide. "Est pourquoi," dit un contact, "les Etats-Unis a donc beaucoup de ces groupes excentriques et l'Australie a si peu. Nous ne sommes pas aussi crédules ou crédule ". Mais les appelle «non-chrétien" trop sévère? Non, tous ces groupes soulignent la tenue de la règle et le style de l'Ancien Testament actions-à-dire «les lois alimentaires de vous faire économiser. L'Evangile chrétien ou du Nouveau Testament rejette cette approche comme «œuvres de religion». Il pose l'alternative radicale ou «grâce» ou «élection» .Qui signifie? Plutôt que d'atteindre le «haut» pour Dieu, il a atteint le «bas» pour nous. La seule réponse requise est d'accepter imméritée «grâce» comme un don gratuit. Travaux religion nie ce qui vous permet de gagner le salut. Peut-être pourquoi ces sectes prospèrent aux Etats-Unis, la maison à «l'homme de self-made» du capitalisme.

TERRAIN: le complot de EG est similaire au film Independence Day et le livre / film Starship Troopers. La Terre est en guerre avec une armée d'insectes super-intelligent qui semblent être la planification d'une invasion. Dans le jeu d'Ender l'interrupteur est seulement petits enfants (sept ans dans le livre, porté à 12 ans pour le film) ont «compétences de jeux» à utiliser de haute technologie ordinateurs militaires nécessaires pour vaincre un tiers peut-être fatal, 'invasion, suffisantes ». Toutes les études se concentre sur la recherche des meilleures recrues pour l'école de combat où ils, à huit ans, commençant un cours de formation de dix ans pour devenir commandants. Ender Wiggin est si hautement qualifiée, il est sélectionné pour l'école de combat à six ans (le film a soulevé ce à un plus crédible 12 ans).

ANGER, géré: Cette levée tôt mène à la colère et le ressentiment que tout à l'École de combat cherchent à «tirer vers le bas" l'enfant prodige. Malheureusement pour eux la famille de l'Wiggins ont une propension à la violence et les attaques extrême sur Ender peut aboutir à la mort. Ceci est cependant tout à planifier en ce qui concerne les enseignants, comme un Seigneur de la situation des mouches, mais dans des conditions contrôlées. D'où la ressemblance avec la série The Hunger Games. Qu'est-ce qui est conditionné Sollywood nos enfants pour?

SCI-FI CONDITIONS JEUNESSE: Nous avons demandé un fan de science-fiction: "pourquoi pas un jeu d'Ender été faite dans un film avant étant donné la vague de films de science-fiction dans les années 1980 avec Star Wars, Star Trek durable au présent?" "Il n'a pas été fait pour ... euh ... des raisons techniques ...» En lisant le livre, nous avons trouvé une raison. Ender se «échangé» à l'École de combat, à savoir que ses compétences à améliorer, il est échangé entre les équipes. Une équipe, il est échangé à ne figure pas dans le film: Armée Rat entraîner par "Rose le nez 'un Juif. (P.100).

"Le commandant de l'Armée Rat gisait sur une couchette ne porte pas de vêtements. Il pourrait ne pas avoir été plus de deux armées opposées que Salamander [son équipe précédente] et Rat. Ender pensait indiscipline (sic) viendrait comme un soulagement. Au lieu de cela, les, encombrées, bruyantes salle casernes froissés lui faisaient mal à l'aise. «Moi, Rose le nez, Jewboy extraordinaire. Vous est pas rien, mais un goy pinheaded, un ne vous oublie pas ».

Depuis la flotte internationale [Forces armées de l'ONU dans l'espace] avait été formé, le stratège [leader] des forces militaires a toujours été un Juif. Il y avait un mythe que les généraux juifs ne perdent pas les guerres. Et jusqu'à présent, il était encore vrai. Il a fait tout Juif dans le rêve École de combat d'être stratège et prestige conféré sur lui depuis le début. Elle a également causé le ressentiment. Armée Rat a été souvent appelé Kike vigueur, parodie de Strike Force de Mazer Rackham [qui a gagné la Seconde Guerre Invasion].

Nombreux étaient ceux qui se plaisait à rappeler que lors de la seconde invasion, même si un Juif américain en tant que président était Hegemon de l'alliance d'un Juif israélien était stratège en commande globale du SI défense et un Juif russe était Polemarch de la flotte, il était Mazer Rackham un peu connu demi-Maoris néo-zélandais dont la Strike Force rompu et finalement détruit le bougre [insectes] flotte autour de Saturne. Si Mazer pourrait sauver le monde alors il n'a pas d'importance si vous étiez un Juif ou non, les gens disaient.

Mais il l'a fait la matière et Rose le nez savait. Il se moquait de prévenir moqueur par les antisémites - tout le monde il a vaincu dans les «batailles» simulacres de l'école est devenue au moins pour un temps un Juif-ennemi. Mais il fait en sorte que tout le monde savait ce qu'il était. Son armée était en deuxième place, pour la première tronçonnage. «Je vous ai pris sur, goy, parce que je ne voulais pas que les gens pensent que je ne gagne parce que je suis de grands soldats. Je veux qu'ils sachent que je peux encore gagner avec petits puces comme vous "(p.101) [Emphasis long nôtre].

LEÇON - ISOLEMENT ET innocence perdue: Quelle leçon les enfants peuvent apprendre à la lecture de jeu d'Ender? La même ils seront de plus «émissions pour enfants» à la télévision ces jours-ci. Les adultes sont absents, père sont rarement mentionnés. «Parent» signifie généralement une femme solitaire qui est toujours au travail sur sa «carrière» est donc incapable de l'aider. Ender Wiggin trouve cela signifie: (. P 214)
"Après le combat des enseignants viendraient. Et le personnel médical. Pour panser les plaies de l'ennemi de Ender. Où étaient-ils avant le combat quand il n'y avait pas de blessures à tous? Il ne fait aucun doute maintenant dans l'esprit d'Ender. Il n'y avait aucune aide pour lui. Quel que soit il a fait face, maintenant et pour toujours, personne ne le sauver de lui. Peter avait raison [de son haï, le frère aîné expulsé de l'école de combat de la violence psychotique], toujours raison. Le pouvoir de causer de la douleur est la seule puissance qui importe, le pouvoir de tuer et de détruire, parce que si vous ne pouvez pas les tuer, vous êtes toujours sous réserve de ceux qui peut et ne pourra jamais vous sauver "(p.214).
Admirez les niveaux croissants de brimades à l'école, la criminalité de rue par des jeunes et l'anarchie générale dans la société? textes scolaires comme Enders Jeu encouragent une mentalité «tuer ou être tué». «Culture populaire» ne nous appartient pas et n'a pas été depuis les années 1960. Ce fut quand les maîtres étrangers saisit pour nous conditionner pour exterminer l'autre, leur permettant d'économiser la peine.
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Saturday, 11 July 2015

STORM No. 141 Juno-Juli 2015


No. 141               Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action                   Juno-Juli 2015
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only

STORM gets information from ‘insiders’, SCUTTLEBUTT. We can’t confirm stories. Here’s the latest:

Overheard at a Dymocks Bookstore 23rd March 2015: Two pretty young female staff at the counter are discussing books. An older male customer intervenes: “Are you two talking about 50 shades of grey?” The prettier of the two girls: “ Oh no, but I have read all three books. I had to study them at University of Queensland where I did a degree in Women’s studies. I majored in Sexology. One of the subjects was Fetishism 101. Imagine - I was only 17 years old!” [Why do we send our young women to higher education? To become become whores? Close the Universities; re-open the Lebensborn centres. RE]

Rhodesian-Australian @16th March 2015: “Before my mother and I were forced to leave Rhodesia, I remember one day Mum went to the Central Public Library in Salisbury [Harare]. She went to use the female toilets but found an old Nanna [African female] putting fresh fruit in the toilet bowl. Mum asked: “what are you doing that for?” The Nanna replied: “whites want washed fruit at my market stall but I don’t have running water at home!” I later learned such unhygienic practices were the main way E. coli and Gardia infected the local white population”.

PBS Newshour c/- SBSTV Channel 3 two pm Frigasday 24 Apri 2015:
Reporter Caroline Ryan, New York Times: “The Clinton Foundation has admitted non-disclosure of millions of dollars in donations from foreign governments during the time Hillary was US Secretary of State. The CF now will resubmit five tax returns due to omissions”. 

Jonathan Allen, Reuters: “The Clinton Foundation, from 2010 onwards received at least US$10 million from Australia and Norway…”

PBS Newshour resident Democrat commentator:
“a lot of Democrats are asking themselves: ‘Clinton?! Is she the best we can do?’ 

Al Jazeera TV News hour c/- SBSTV Channel 3 three pm Frigasday 24 Apri 2015:
“General Petraeus has been fined US$100,000 for illegally ‘sharing government secrets’ ”. 

PETRAEUS FOR PRESIDENT: Who was General Petraeus? He ‘won’ the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. As a reward he was appointed CIA director. Under his ‘watch’ al Qaeda would be doomed. But then Hillary wanted to be President. She saw General Petraeus, a Republican, as a potential threat. To date 18 other hopefuls are seeking nomination as the Republican Party candidate for President, the elected monarchy into which the US has degenerated.

HILLARY FOR PRESIDENTE: Every honest person knows only Hillary can win as Wall Street, the main bribe-givers, decided for her as early as 2012. This was when she quit after one term as US Secretary of State to spend the next two years raising funds for her 2016 bid. HC now has a reported US$2 billion 'war chest'. All else - the Democratic and Republican Primaries, the opinion polls, the media coverage - are merely pantomime. The next 20 months will see the English-speaking world, via US media dominance, regaled as to the benefits of a female President. 2008 saw us deluged with tales as to the value of a Black President. Has America been made better, stronger or more respected? No. 

HOW PETRAEUS WAS FELLED: Who's better for America and the world, Hillary or Petraeus? We'll never know as he is now a convicted felon and barred from public office FOREVER. What ‘secrets’ did Petraeus share? During informal discussion groups of generals and senior commanders at his home, a female biographer was allowed to ‘sit in’. She later approached US Federal Authorities. Claimed not to be Petraeus’ biographer but a besotted admirer, then later his ‘mistress’. Pro-Left US media lapped it up. None asked: ‘how else does someone write a biography except by meeting with and speaking to your subject’s close associates and co-workers?’ Now appears ‘mistress’ was a deep-cover agent. One clue was the way Petraeus' legal wife has remained loyal throughout.

PRESIDENTIAL P.R.: So what really happened? GP was in fact persuaded by this ‘mistress/ admirer’ to write his biography – possibly as preliminary to running for President in 2016. Certainly not unusual. JFK did so back in 1960. The book, now long forgotten, won an instant Pulitzer Prize. Then Hollywood lauded JFK's WWII exploits in an adulatory film, PT106, starring Cliff Robertson. All this very effective PR built credibility for someone till then seen as a shallow ‘playboy’ Senator. The PR worked. JFK won. This set the pattern for wannabe Presidents ever since.

HONEY-TRAP: Petraeus allowed his biographer to sit in on talks with military brass at his home and to view relevant documents from his wars. She then reported this to the CIA. Is called a ‘honey-trap’ when an attractive female agent is used to lure some unsuspecting male to reveal secrets, then denounce him for it. John Le Carre spy novels are full of this. Petraeus was unsuspecting. As a military man he was unused to dealing with sleazy, female, double agents but as CIA director, he should have rapidly been brought 'up to speed'. Female characteristics lend themselves to this subterfuge as the USA, and the world, will soon discover after the Nov 2016 election. 

FEMALE CHARACTERISTICS: Australians know this well. We were ruled by a she-devil 2009 -2012. Ju-liar boasted of her public lies after they’d got her elected: “If I hadn’t lied you would not have voted for me!” Same thing happened to Queenslanders under the State ALP rule in 2009. We elected Anna Bligh as Ultra-Left ALP Premier. A friend of Ju-liar and from the same Socialist Left (Maoist) faction, Bligh lied to be elected then smirked: “if I hadn’t lied you never would have elected me!” In both cases the Big Lie involved sale of publicly-owned utilities to foreign, mainly Chinese State-owned, corporations. Neither lying bimbo had enough scruples to see anything wrong with giving away our assets to their Maoist fellow-travellers. 

FUTURE FOR U.S.A: Neither will Hillary. Females don’t think like men. Who else could preside over the wholesale slaughter of white babies across the West since 1962 when ‘the pill’ first became available or since ‘Roe vs Wade legalised child-murder in 1973? Their ‘fuzzy logic’ has enabled the destruction of four million Australian souls, 40 million in the US. This silent massacre has left all White lands open to Alien invasion. Yet atheist-humanists like Juliar, Bligh and Hillary proclaim this genocide of Whites ‘wimmin’s right’*. More a wimmins Rite, a blood offering to their god, Moloch. One of ISIL's goals is to enslave all wimmin. 
*Wimmin: A feminist term for 'women without men'. Is slowly being replaced by 'femen' which has the same meaning. 

WE CLUTCH AN ASP TO OUR BOSOM: Men in the West oppose ISIL, yet allow their own wimmin sufficient  autonomy to enable them to slay us all. There is no logic here and we must ask: 'who are the fools, ISIL or Western Man? A question none will ask: is Hillary the 'Whore of Babylon' from Book of Revelation who precedes rule by the anti-Christ (Revelation Ch.17v3-8)?    

RIGHT-WING WHINERS: We have had correspondence from overseas the past three months whining about our ‘negative’ attitudes towards the future of the white Race. Sorry for being honest! 

BOOK REVIEW: Enders Game by Orson Scott Card (London: 1977 Orbit Books) (326pp) 
The popular children’s book series was introduced to the big screen in 2014, starring Harrison Ford as Colonel Graff and Ben Kingsley as Mazer Rakham. The film is an accurate depiction of the original text. EG is the latest in a slew of films and TV shows - like the popular Hunger Games books and films - aimed at teens. They are shown as mini-adults, facing terrors and temptations, yet forced to face them alone. All are placed in the near future. In Hunger Games teens are trained in hand-to-hand combat, then let loose to rampage. Of every 24, 23 must die. We could only approve such dire concepts if they mentally equip White youth for the current Race War. However, if this mass ‘conditioning’ encourages them to simply defend the existing alien-dominated System, we oppose it.  

MORMON PROPAGANDA? Like the author of the Twilight series of books and films EG’s author is a Mormon. We ask: does adherence to this obscure non-Christian sect that produces off-beat thinking? Maybe it's the effect of being an ‘outsider’ in a Protestant-majority America. Mormons, i.e. members of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Saints, are not Christians as most assume. They follow a book of ‘found prophecy’ written by an American. In this way they are similar to Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists or the Church of Scientology. 

AMERICA, HOME OF HERESY: All found fertile grounds in American minds where people of other countries have quickly rejected them as foolish nonsense. “Is why,” said one contact, “the USA has so many such oddball groups and Australia has so few. We are not as gullible or credulous”. But is calling them 'non-Christian’ too harsh? No. All these groups emphasise rule keeping and Old Testament style ‘food laws’ i.e. actions save you. The Christian Gospel or New Testament rejects this approach as ‘works religion’. It posits the radical alternative or ‘grace’ or ‘election’ .Which means? Rather that reaching ‘up’ for GOD He reached ‘down’ to us. The only response required is to accept undeserved 'grace' as a free gift. Works religion negates this allowing you earn salvation. May be why such sects prosper in the USA, home to the ‘self-made man’ of capitalism. 

PLOT: EG's plot is similar to the film Independence Day and the book/film Starship Troopers. Earth is at war with an army of super-intelligent insects who appear to be planning an invasion. In Ender’s Game the switch is only little children (seven years old in the book, raised to 12 years old for the film) have sufficient ‘games skills’ to use high-tech military computers needed to defeat a third, possibly fatal, ‘invasion’. All schooling focuses on finding the best recruits for Battle School where they, at age eight, begin a ten-year training course to become Commanders. Ender Wiggin is so highly skilled he is selected for Battle School at age six (the film raised this to a more credible 12 years old). 

ANGER, MANAGED: This early raising leads to anger and resentment as all at Battle School seek to ‘pull down’ the child prodigy. Unfortunately for them the Wiggins’s family have a propensity for extreme violence and attacks on Ender can end in death. This however is all to plan as far as the teachers are concerned, like a Lord of the Flies situation but under controlled conditions. Hence the similarity to the Hunger Games series. What is it that Sollywood is conditioning our kids for?    

SCI-FI CONDITIONS YOUTH: We asked a sci-fi fan: “why hasn’t Ender’s Game been made into a film before given the rash of sci-fi films in the 1980’s with Star Wars, Star Trek lasting to the present?” “It wasn’t made for…err…technical reasons…” On reading the book we found one reason. Ender gets ‘traded’ at Battle School, i.e. as his skills improve he is swapped between teams. One team he is traded to is not mentioned in the film: Rat Army lead by ‘Rose the Nose’ a Jew. (p.100).
“The commander of Rat Army lay sprawled on a bunk wearing no clothes. There could not have been two more opposite armies than Salamander [his previous team] and Rat. Ender thought undiscipline (sic) would come as a relief. Instead, the rumpled, cluttered, noisy room-barracks made him uncomfortable. ‘I, Rose the Nose, Jewboy extraordinaire. You ain’t nothing but a pinheaded goy, an don’t you forget it’. 
Since the International Fleet [UN Armed Forces in space] had been formed, the Strategos [leader] of the military forces had always been a Jew. There was a myth that Jewish generals didn’t lose wars. And so far it was still true. It made any Jew in Battle School dream of being Strategos and conferred prestige on him from the start. It also caused resentment. Rat Army was often called Kike Force, in parody of Mazer Rackham’s Strike Force [which won the Second Invasion War].  
There were many who liked to remember that during the Second Invasion, even though an American Jew as President was Hegemon of the alliance an Israeli Jew was Strategos in overall command of IF defense and a Russian Jew was Polemarch of the fleet, it was Mazer Rackham a little-known half-Maori New Zealander whose Strike Force broke up and finally destroyed the bugger [insect] fleet around Saturn. If Mazer could save the world then it didn’t matter whether you were a Jew or not, people said.  
But it did matter and Rose the Nose knew it. He mocked himself to forestall mocking by anti-semites – everyone he defeated in the School’s mock ‘battles’ became at least for a time a Jew-hater. But he made sure everyone knew what he was. His army was in second place, bucking for first. ‘I took you on, goy, because I didn’t want people to think I only win because I got great soldiers. I want them to know I can still win with little pukes like you” (p.101)  [Emphasis throughout ours].       
LESSON – ISOLATION AND INNOCENCE LOST: What lesson can children learn from reading Ender's Game? The same they will from most ‘children’s programming’ on TV these days. Adults are absent, father’s are rarely mentioned. ‘Parent’ usually means a lone female who is always at work on her ‘career’ so is unable to help. Ender Wiggin finds this means: (p. 214) 
“after the fight the teachers would come. And the medical staff. To dress the wounds of Ender’s enemy. Where were they before the fight when there were no wounds at all? There was no doubt now in Ender’s mind. There was no help for him. Whatever he faced, now and forever, no one would save him from it. Peter was right [his hated, older brother expelled from Battle School for psychotic violence], always right. The power to cause pain is the only power that matter, the power to kill and destroy because if you can’t kill them you are always subject to those who can and no one will ever save you” (p.214). 
Wonder at the increasing levels of school bullying, street crime by youths and general lawlessness in society? School texts like Enders Game encourage a ‘kill or be killed’ mindset. ‘Popular culture’ is not ours and has not been since the 1960’s. This was when the alien Masters seized it in order to condition us to exterminate each other, saving them the trouble.
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