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MESSAGE TO AMERICA Compadores All by Ari Onigen 28th Juli 2018

Compadores All
by Ari Onigen 28th Juli 2018 
DUTCH OR BRITISH:Compradore(‘agent’) is a word from the early European settlements in South-East Asia. The Dutch came to trade with locals. They never colonised Australia because there was no trade, social or commercial infrastructure. So they went elsewhere. The British had a massive surplus rural population, forced into urban areas, who then turned to petty crime. So many were sentenced to death that the British, not wanting to waste such a commodity as human flesh, gave each the option: "death or 7-14 years transportation?" Those who settled Britain’s Caribbean and Australian colonies came from this latter group. White slaves opened up these 'virgin lands'.
DUTCH TRADERS:The first Whites to sight Australia were Dutch. Is why so many place names here are Dutch like the early name for Tasmania 'Van Diemen’s Land'. Or Tasmania after Abel Tasman who was a Dutchman blown off course from Java - heart of the Dutch East Indies Company trading empire. Spices for gold. The Dutch founded few colonies, but not having the Britain’s massive free labour, many Dutch colonies, like New Amsterdam/New York, fell into British hands. Today US and UK possessions fall into Indian and Chinese hands through the same weight of numbers. 
ENTREPOT:Dutch would set up an 'entrepot' (entry port) then hire a local ‘agent’ to collect whatever they sought - spices, tin, etc. He would put these in the Dutch owned warehouses - houses for their 'wares'. They would return on a regular basis to collect them and pay him. The beauty of the system was few locals knew of the foreign presence and fewer still ever saw them. Unlike the British, who came in with their army and imposed rule, the Dutch and Portuguese before them were coast-huggers, only there for the goods. Of course, the local rulers soon grew addicted to Dutch wares – swords, guns and alcohol in particular. These eased his rule and 'bought' him allies. All wanted what the 'White Devils' brought. 
JAPAN:In 1638 AD the Japanese heard from a Spanish sailor that Spain intended to colonised them. They reacted by killing the 250,000 Christian converts made so far by Spanish Jesuits. The Japanese expelled all Europeans, except the Dutch, who sent a ship once a year to Nagasaki. Was loaded with text books and trade journals from all over Europe. The Japanese were eager for this technical material. They knew the Dutch wanted not converts but cash. Traders. Is why in 1857, when the US Navy forced itself onto Japan, the Japanese so quickly 'came up to speed' technologically with the Western Powers. The Dutch had enabled them. 
TRADE TODAY:Today the European empires are dust. Even Europe is overrun by their former slaves and minions. So which type of Empire worked best and which will come next? The trade empires of Portugal and Holland made money but were easily overtaken by the British with their flood of surplus workers, soldiers and peasants. Abortion has turned off this flood so the West dies. But thecompradorespirit still exists in the entrepotof Australia. 
ENTREPOT NO MORE:When we found gold in 1851 we did not keep it for ourselves but allowed in any Whites who would mine it. The same for all our wealth till 1908 when we copied the US and imposed a ban on Asian migration, mainly from China but also from Japan. This was one factor that triggered the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbour. But today the compradoresstill reign in Australia. We find uranium - sell to China. Coal Seam Gas? All to China. North West Shelf oil and LNG? All to China. Nothing is kept back for our own needs or those of our children or their children. The short-term profit mentality still rules. The first thought of the compadoreis: "what will best serve my foreign masters?" This explains the readiness or both ALP and LNP to accept bribes from Chinese government companies and to give away our children’s future for peanuts. 
“OURS NOT YOURS”:That is all we have to tell our local criminals. This is not yours to sell or trade or give away. Keep doing that and we will finish you. Why does China need our God-given minerals? We have only had a government for 200 years. That’s why we are 'rich' and they appear poor. God gave these minerals to us, for us. Is not for some traitorous scumbag to trade away. That is treason and betrayal. In 2013 the WA Premier Colin Barnett warned of an impending 'gas and oil shortage' in his state. ALL their gas and oil had been presold to China. He asked for a Federal government-allocated 'reserve' i.e. 15% retained for local use. 
MURDOCH AND THE FUEL SHORTAGE:Dominant Murdoch media went into meltdown. Words like 'restraint of trade' and 'scare off foreign investment' were brandished. Barnett was sacked and a more compliant ALP puppet imposed. Then in 2015 the South Australian and Victorian power grids began to fail for lack of cheap fuel. Media ignored it all, blaming 'local mismanagement'. Is like so much of Australia till we get rid of the loathsome tit Rupes Moloch and his sycophantic minions. We remain slaves regardless of how many elections we hold or how many political parties we set up. Murdoch's third wife was Chinese and his two youngest children are. Is why so many talk of 'our Asian future'. Because that’s all the mongrelizing beast RM has. Such race-traitor mamzars deserve the worst. 
Anyone who reads this, pls pass it on.

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STORM ALERT# 65 'Something in the Water?'

STORM ALERT is published in the National Interest. No action should be implied or inferred. The opinions expressed remain those of the author entirely.
By Ixul Dante     12th Februa 2016 
‘SOMETHING IN THE WATER?’ Explaining non-reactions:   Tragic events unfold across the globe but the Western public do not blink an eye. Why & what ‘events’?
1. Beginning in late 2015, Europe was invaded by 1.3 million undesirable, hateful and often violent Muslims sent from Turkey. How did they react? Passively. EU de facto leader, German Chancellor A. Merkel meekly welcomed the hordes. 

2. On New Year’s Eve 2015, Koln Germany saw 100 white females raped by the unwelcome dross. Public reaction? Nil. 

3. At EU-Turkey talks on 8 Mars 2016 to discuss the invasion, the Turkish President ordered the EU to “accept another three million ‘Syrian refugees’ or else. EU agreed. The public reaction? Nil. 

4. 54,000 unaccompanied Central American minors, dubbed by the Left media ‘Dreamers’ or DACA, arrived at US borders. An invasion by children? US government meekly accepts them. Public reaction? Three civilians, one a female in a wheelchair with a crumpled US flag, were shown on network TV news ‘opposing’ them. 

5. In Aug 2014 Geo. Soros funded & US-trained agents toppled the democratically-elected Ukraine President in a coup. Replace him with a fascist dictatorship which then massacres 5,000 of its own citizens for opposing the coup. US blame all deaths on imaginary ‘Russian aggression’. Media agree. Public reaction? Nil. 

6. 2004-2017 US media and government run hate campaign against democratically-elected Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Blame him with everything from global warming to war in Syria. Western banks run up indecent profits and their peoples are de-housed in favour of foreign invaders. And on and on. What gives? 
ELDERLY INSPIRATION: This article was inspired by comments from an 87 year old White grandmother who stated: “People seem incapable of thinking for themselves”. She recalled for us witnessing countless instances of professional lapses. Is one thing to have a theory; is another to have objective evidence, as she did. 

7. In 2012 Campbell Newman was elected LNP Premier of Queensland. After almost 20 years of ALP Socialist rule we had a Centre Right government. One big issue was water fluoridation, introduced in 2008 by the Beattie Socialist government. Very unpopular, the LNP had campaigned to reverse it. Elected, they refused. Called it ‘the stuff of conspiracy buffs’. 
Yet these people had elected them! Media dropped the story. Has not been reported since. Murdoch’s local media controllers are ‘News Ltd’ or what we call ‘no news at all’. Is why BBC is so popular here, like Western Europe from 1940-1944, we tune into ‘the Beeb’ to hear news undistorted by our local services, especially government ones. 

A dulling of the population, road rage, incoherent conversations and endless, mindless TV from 26 channels. Radio waffle from 70 radio stations for Brisbane, a city of 2.4 million. Yet not one free voice. public reaction? Nil. Refusal to de-fluoridate was a major factor in CN’s Mars 2015 defeat yet his 2016 memoir made no mention, instead blaming defeat on Clive Palmer’s United Party. Murdoch media agreed. 
Great hopes were placed in CN for ‘change’ but every promise he made was quickly broken. Was elected in a 17% landslide then lost by the same amount only 2years and ten months later. Did he trust in fluoride to wipe our memories or just for dulling our thinking? 

8. As of 9th Mars 2016 the ALP also rely on it to control us. Their latest Premier in a clone of the previous femo-Nazi, another Leftist lawyer also named Anna. The Anna only rule after CN with the aid of two ALP ‘rebels’ one an abortionist in a wheelchair, the other an Abo drunk and convicted wife-beater. Scary. Public reaction? Nil. 
Contact us:
P O Box 635 Strathpine PS 4500 Australia phone 0448 187 582

Message to America
by Shofren Throssen 27th Mai 2017
Just spent five days at a Fiction Writers Conference. Glorious winter weather, five-star accommodation, surrounded by wimmin. Wimmin, not womb-men, my preferred type. Womb-men are designed by Yah-God as Man’s companion and ‘helpmate’ not as his usurper, a role is being assumed by Wimmin, a feminist title for ‘Women Without Men’. A more recent attempt is ‘Femen’, again deleting Men from their natural guidance role. More of writers later.  Five days surrounded by haters who saw event as a time to ‘vent’ their spleen, dumping their phobic anger on absent ‘Men’. Was ‘no holes barred’ or more literally, ALL ‘holes’ barred. Initially, most were openly hostile. Three were avowed ‘gays’ but they were anything but gay. 

FEMO-NAZIS: Gripe was simple: “this Conference is supposed to be a ‘safe space’ where we can feel ‘safe’ ”. So why no men? Oh, their were five: one was the key-note speaker, three hapless husbands of writers and one a cripple brought by his mother as ‘therapy’. Hubbies were relegated to running errands and serving endless cups of tea to their ‘masters’. Was there a ban on men? Yes and no. Like many workplaces, especially in the public sector like Health and Education but also most major private Banks, men are unwelcome. Why? 

INSECURE FEMOS: For all the femo-babble from government and interest lobbies, wimmin are totally insecure. They have left the ‘bedroom/kitchen’ dichotomy far behind but drag it with them wherever they venture. Make one Prime Minister? She has to be surrounded by femo-journalists who pad her ego 24/7 and any criticism is decried as ‘misogynist’. Silence reigns. All her fears are assuaged but the reality is men seeth with anger. 

ANGRY YOUNG MEN: This is especially true amongst young men, raised by these inadequates to hate themselves and their absent fathers, banished from their homes by bogus AVO/DVO laws and bigoted Father Law Court judges. A mountain of anti-male hate empowers wimmin to feel equal but presence of five men amongst these 30 fowl, uncouths was enough to ‘set the cat among the pigeons’.  Within two days, some had the sense to resort to more traditional approaches, such as civility, smiling and kind words, realising their open ‘hate’ was just provoking the men into equally hostile counter-hate. The mask had slipped, however. No ‘lippy and high heels’ as one of the more ugly Femen put it, was going to put it back on.  

LESBIAN BOMBAST: One, a lesbian only wrote “gay romance - it’s between boys”. Oddly, she couldn’t write lesbian romance. Maybe there isn’t any as these misanthropes are so narcissistic they can only love themselves?  She had been boasting, as they all had in the first hours of sensing ‘the enemy’ within the gates, about her ‘work’. “I’m a structural engineer” it said. “I love to have some man try to tell me what he thinks. Then I put him back in his place. I said to one: ‘d’you think I’m here just to find a man? D’you see any lippy or high heels?’ They’re all such fools!”  How illogical these bombasts were. Like a Sociopaths Convention, each out-doing the other with tales of ‘he done me wrong’. On show were the abundance of ‘angry divorcees’ each whining from “I can’t pay my debts” to “he’ll never see the children again If I can help it”. 

ANGRY YOUNG WIMMIN: In fact, every ‘angry femo’ stereotype was on display, including majority ranting they were “University educated” but the only jobs they could find were “working with children” (Education) or as menials trapped under some uber-bitch Public Service bureaucrat, usually a more ugly anti-male than they. No men to bitch about (one ‘writer’ claimed to write in a category called ‘Young Bitchie Fiction’ – “there’s a big market for it”) so instead they bitch about their oppressive, inadequate, femo-bosses. 

REVEALING MICRO-DRAMA: Major crisis occurred with accommodation. A micro-melodrama emblematic of all femo-fears. Attendees were in two- or three-bedroom apartments. A late arrival had to be placed in the only spare room remaining: with the sole male speaker. Precipitated an all-night  contra-tempe among Gruppe leaders.  “What if he does something?” “But he’s a pussycat (neutered male). “But how would she feel?” (her bogus imaginings more real than his non-desire. ‘Talk’ was about him but not to him. Pussycat was not trusted to talk with. His opinion was irrelevant to these ‘experts’. 

REVOLUTION ENDS: Signalled how retrograde supposed ‘Women’s Lib’ is.  Begun by 1960’s Reds and still lead by them, it will be betrayed by Femo-Nazi weakness. From J.Gillard to H. Clinton, T.May to A.Merkel, females’ one overriding emotion is FEAR. That’s all. No other emotion ever enters their tiny minds. FEAR is why CSI and Ms Marple-type material – ‘Crime Fiction’ as our girls call it - is perennially popular with wimmin. 

PHOBICs RULE: Is an attempt by these semi-humans to confront their ‘phobias’. Tolerable in a healthy economy, we could carry these burdens at some cost. But when men see dangerous, unstable ‘Others’ artificially elevated to the ‘heights’ of power in politics and the economy, with total control over decision-making – warning bells must sound. Oh, but that would be sexist vilification.  S18C bans such behavior. So the building burns and all of us with it mute and muzzled. 

BAN THE BIMBO-BRAINS: Australia gave short-shrift to Ju-liar, our homegrown femo-Nazi fuhrer. Germany has not. They now suffer depredations of two million hateful, hostile invaders allowed entry 2015-2017  by their non-man ruler, A, Merkel. Thanks to US wimmin researchers can now explain this. Men react with either ‘fight or flight’ responses when stressed. We  now know wimmin have a third reaction: to ‘flock’. 

Just like our weekend away. Wimmin love to huddle in groups, chirruping at each other. The larger the group, the lower the stress levels fall. Is documented! May explain Merkel’s passive submission to invasion. When there is no other femo to flock with their next reaction is: submission or ‘bend over, skirt up and take whatever comes’. 

BAILOUT: T. May was ‘dumped in it’ as British Prime Minister at a time of post-Brexit crisis. Her reaction after only one year in office is stereotypically female: to bail out. Studies show women only seek ‘power’ if it gives them ‘status and prestige’. They do not factor in the hard work, hence the puzzled whining of our conference goers. Their natural bent is to avoid hard work, leaving that to the few remaining males. Their role is to ‘bitch and battle’ each other. What about doing what is best for the economy or the Nation? Forget it, bitch!  

Message to Amerika: Hateful Hillaristas 16th Janus 2017

16thJanus 2017      by Steve Godfrey (ANA Brisbane) 
Dear Kameraden, 
                                   News from the USA since Brother Trump is increasingly dark.  Threats to disturb the Inauguration by BLM, a ‘Million Woman March’ by femo-Nazis and other Hillaristas, a virtual boycott by the film, TV and music elite. 

All who supported H.Clinton’s radical bid for the Highest Office now reject the election winner but claim to do so on ‘democratic’ grounds. 

As Ron Paul has said: “all the world is watching.” The lessons America is preaching will be copied elsewhere.  What is the remedy? 

As someone who has been fighting Reds since 1975 let me suggest you mimic their tactics. 
1.  Make a list of all who reject Mr Trump’s offer to play at his Inauguration. Publish it. Encourage your millions of voters to boycott THEM. 
2.  Phone your local radio station demanding these anti-Americans be removed from playlists.
3.  Approach advertisers. Demand they withdraw ads on stations that play ‘anti-American’ artists. Money talks. They’ll listen. 

Honestly Volk, this is just the opening gambit in a battle that will last four years. Let the Reds know that as they refuse to accept the democratic result you will act as Guardians of Democracy. Many Congressmen like John McCain and Lindsay Gramm also rejected Mr Trump before during and since the election. Target these, too.

Remember it is not Mr Trump they are attacking. It is the Silent Majority – you .  Don’t leave Mr Trump ‘swinging in the wind’. Defend him now or in 2020 look forward to something even worse than Hillary. 


22ndJuno 2017      by Arad Agnon 

Just viewed a promotional video by so-called ‘Antifas,’ an Ultra-Left hate group. Urged death and bloody violence against ‘Trump supporters’. Was most disturbing. Also showed Late Nitetalk show hosts, all non-Anglos, urging ridicule and ‘Opposition’ to Trump. What to do? 

ACTION: US Constitution is a ‘call to arms’ against all enemies ‘both foreign and domestic’. At the time it was aimed at the separatist South. But now the Left urge what can only be described as ‘guerrilla warfare’. Surely this legally constitutes a ‘domestic enemy’? 

WHO SHOULD PURSUE: When the separate Yugoslav States in 1968 witnessed Soviet tanks crush freedom in Czechoslovakia, they each set up their own State National Guards. When the Yugoslav Federal Army sought to suppress freedom in 1989-95 it was these NG units that formed the basis for the State’s frontline defences – in Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia. 

POLICE UNITS: Given the degraded state of the FBI under Comey & Co is doubtful any serious pursuit of Antifasterrorists could now be undertaken. You remember the 1960’s Weathermenterror group the FBI never caught? Why not entrust this task to an informal coalition of Republican State Police Intelligence/Counter-Terrorism Units? 

TRUMP ZOMBIES: A glance at the poster on the attached file shows a bayonet about to piece a Trump supporter, cornered and unarmed. Would AntifasReds really kill? You must realize this a generation without GOD, school prayer or any scruples. They have spent 10 years playing ‘killer’ video games day and night, some up to 15 hours per day, often killing such ‘zombies’. Look at Resident Evil1-4. 

One ‘hero’ boasted to us after a week: ‘Gee, I’ve already killed 2,700 people!’ Not soldiers but hapless civilians who ‘got in the way’. Also such popular games as Grand Theft Auto1-5 (GTA-5alone sold three billion dollars worth of games in seven days). 

WALKING TIME BOMBS: This is a generation primed to kill. Such media calls to ‘arms’ are designed to ‘trigger’ them into action. MKUltra, anyone? We are talking about millions of potential killers. We believe the media companies who have produced and continue to sell such ‘trigger-able’ material should be held accountable. If Pastor Butler could be arained??? for ‘inflammatory material’ planted in perpetrators homes and/or vehicles whenever a ‘race hate crime’ took place, then the Left media should be equally accountable. Think of the billions in lawsuits obtainable for Right activities if the controlled media – ABC, CBS, NBC, could be proven culpable for the incitement by Late Nitetalks show hosts. Free speech? Ask Matt Hale how that works or Edgar Steele, RIP. 

ANTIFASARE FASCIST: Many on the Right romanticize the rise of the NSDAPand Hitler. The forget he fought both moderate Rightists as well as Ultra-Leftists. Ultimately, the NSDAPPlatformwas a Leftist one. They used street gangs, like Antifas,to terrorise and discourage public action by rival groups, of all types. Let’s not expect these Red thugs to respect our ‘freedoms’ when they see us as mindless zombies, fit only to be killed. 

HOW TO PURSUE: Just as in some States it is illegal to wear a Klanmask in public, it must become an offence to go in public wearing a ski-masks or balaclava. Literally ‘unmasked’ these ’heroes’ will be less likely to enact violence. We then need Rightists to ‘tag’ them on Facebook, enabling anyone to track them down to an address, making them liable and therefore accountable and less likely to act. This is exactly what they already do to us. 

SAFE HAVENS: Universities have since the 1960’s become police-free zones where Ultra-Leftists often rule via Student Unions. This must end. Police must have equal access to these terrorist-havens. If University academics object, they must be seen as suspect. After all, many are ex-radicals from the anti-Vietnam War era, eager to ‘blood’ their young charges against the imagined ‘Trump Fascists’.

AUDITS: Recall how Elliott Ness caught Al Capone? Financial irregularities. Many Student Unions are rarely audited and seldom by professionals. Such audits may reveal the sources of funds which enable Antifasto operate its nation-wide network of terrorists. 

INFILTRATORS: For prosecutions we need solid evidence and for that we need people inside. Both inside Antifasand its Democratic Partyand Student Union parent bodies. This is a task for our more urbane, intelligent Rightists. Not the glorious street battles of old, but the dirty war of undercover work, breathing the same air as these vile beasts, the better to destroy them from within. Are you up for it?