Friday, 19 June 2015


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In Defence of the SS                                   

'Hall Security': That is all SS means. Any intelligent individual should ask: ‘security against what?’ In the early days of the German Party’s launch it was ceaselessly attacked by Reds. These claim to believe in ‘freedom of speech’ but do not.

Like much Left lying it is purely for propaganda. It is not just today we find ourselves being ‘hunted ‘ by the Reds. It has always been this way. They alone see themselves as having a monopoly on violence. The question we must ask is: ‘do we surrender our rights and go aback to sleep or do we fight for our rights?’ 

This same issue faced others in 1923, in Germany. They choose to fight. Immediately they were slandered for this. ‘How dare you stand up for yourselves!’ would be too obvious do when Reds could not silence speakers they denounced the ‘hall security’ staff as the real ‘problem’. 

'Life-Guards': Would be obvious to any bright spark that if you were not seeking to prevent a speaker from speaking you would not run afoul of the speakers bodyguards. Even today the US President has a bodyguard unit, called the Secret Service (SS). 

The English Queen has five regiments of ’Household Cavalry’ including the ’Life guards’. So a ruler of Germany had a similar unit called ‘Liebstandarte’. Does anyone demonise the US’s SS? No, they accept that rulers are often in danger from deranged elements.