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They came to Australia under false pretences.
That’s fraud.
Entering as ’students’ they now admit working as ’taxi drivers, 7-11 cashiers & service station attendants’. All jobs Aussies could do but now can’t due to these low-cost alien imports.

On Saturnsday 30 Mai 2009 a thousand Indian ‘students’ rioted in Melbourne, Victoria demanding ‘Race Hatred’ laws be passed to protect them from violent assaults. Three days later Victoria's Ultra-Left ALP government gave in to their blackmail.

Incredibly, spurred on by their ‘success’ in Victoria the following weekend in Sydney, NSW the same ‘students’ tried an identical stunt. The NSW ALP government refused to comply for the simple reason that by then the Victorian Police had revealed the attackers of Indians there were not white 'racists'. They were in fact other foreigners. mainly Muslims from Kashmir and Pakistan. What’s going on?

Left politics involves ‘street theatre’: pickets, protests, marches, etc. Is ALP way to claim they “obey the will of the masses” i.e. ALP organise a demonstration then soon after pass a law to show they “obey the expressed will of the masses”. This is exactly what happened in Victoria. The Federal ALP imported these aliens for just that reason - to justify passing of laws which weaken, erode and undermine what exists of White Australia.

The pay-off for the fake Indian 'students' is they get citizenship then accelerated promotions purely for being ‘black'. This is a ‘disadvantaged group‘ under ALP ‘Equal Opportunity’ laws. Is why Heads of all government departments are now aliens including - you guessed it - the Immigration Department.

Let the ALP & their Greens flunkeys know you’re aware of their exterminationist plans for White Australia. What can YOU do?
1. Write, phone, email your local MP.
2. Copy and distribute this flyer.

When EOE laws ban whites from Uni places & government jobs(as in South Africa since 1994) & ‘hate’ laws silence all Opposition don’t say you weren’t warned.

  Don’t believe capitalist lies: there is no ’cheap labour’. The only choice is between white workers or cheap foreign coolies.

P O Box 635 Strathpine PS 4500 Australia Phone 07 3205 8543 


Tuesday, 12 March 2013

STORM ALERT 2 12/09 Are We Fighting On the Wrong Side (in the War on Terror)?

              STORM ALERT 2
    Decembis 2009         
STORM ALERT is published in the Public Interest only. ANA accepts no liability for opinions expressed. These remain entirely those of the author. No action should be inferred or implied. 

                                           ARE WE ON THE WRONG SIDE?                          By Frangwin Ashen-Oak

OSMA BIN LADEN - OUR FRIEND? ObL is hated in the West. Why? He is a nationalist, our natural ally. Our foreign-owned, foreign orientated media are so good at twisting our minds they have us fighting a war against our own allies on behalf of our deadly Enemy. Are we mental?! Since WWII the massive growth in psychiatry across the West has been due to one factor. The Enemy was expelled form its power positions across West Europe 1933-45. They returned with a vengeance but also a puzzle. They asked: ‘how was it Hitler could so control the German people that they would obey him and attempt super-human efforts on his behalf?” The search began for the ‘Geobbels factor‘ I.e. Hitler‘s Propaganda Minister who they hold chiefly responsible for the Hitlerite reign. Why are they so curious? Because they want to replicate it. The Enemy runs most media but also most advertising agencies. If they can decode what controls Goebbels used they can use them on us - to make us obey. Buy this! Do this! Kills these! Worship this! Mind control is their goal. The current War on Terror is a good example.

GULF WAR I: In 1990 the US encouraged Iraq’s President Saddam Hussein to attack Kuwait. US Ambassador to Iraq April Glassby(J) met with Saddam to give him the ‘OK’. Saddam had complained for six months to the Arab League, the Organisation of African Unity and the UN about Kuwait. Kuwait had run out of oil. To make up for this they had begun drilling sideways using US technology into Iraq’s oilfields. This was theft but no one cared. At the meeting with Glassby(J) over this ‘border dispute’ she told Saddam “the US has no interest in your dispute. I’m going on holidays for two weeks. You settle it”. Saddam took this as code for ’attack Kuwait’. Till 1923 it had been a province of Iraq but the British then colonial ruler of Iraq, carved it our as a separate state run by British Petroleum. Iraqi nationalists had always resented this and called Kuwait their ’lost 23rd province’. which it was. Given the ’green light’ by the US Saddam moved on Kuwait. Within days the entire country was subdued. The era of ’oil sheiks’ seemed to drawing to an end. But then the US turned on Saddam. Geo Bush I called him ’Hitler revisited’ and the media began to crank out lies and threats till we had a public baying for Saddam’s blood.

SAUDI FACTOR: The US took six months to pre-position 500,000 troops in Saudi Arabia. This offended a Saudi nationalist, ObL. He pointed out to the ruling Saudi monarchy that their flag proudly proclaimed them as ‘defender of the holy places’ I.e. Mecca and Medina the two holiest sites in Islam. ObL asked: “how can you ask Crusaders to defend Islam?” I.e. an American, Christian Army to protect Saudis against their Muslim co-religionist Iraqis. No one could answer him so instead they expelled him from the country and took away his passport. The US easily defeated Saddam. As he had been a US ally 1980-88 they knew all the ’flaws’ in his defensive hardware. He never stood a chance.

OSAMA BIN LADEN: Much is made of the wealth of ObL’s family. Little is known that his family’s billion-dollar construction business built most of the deep-level bunkers used in Afghanistan by the Islamic Mujahedin to escape Soviet bombing in their war against the Russian Occupation 1979-89. That is why ObL was in Afghanistan. He was the company rep for ObL constructions a company working for the US CIA. These same ’caves’ were used by ObL in 2001 when he attempted to hide from US bombers during their invasion. Again as a US ally his flaws were known to them so his forces were easily defeated and him killed during the six week war. This fact was ignored by the controlled media so ObL could be made into a figure of fear across the West, the archetypal ‘terrorist‘. In fact he was just a nationalist who asked the right questions of the wrong people.

The WHERE’S HITLER Myth? Those old enough will remember a similar campaign of lies & disinformation existed from the late 1960s till 1990. The perpetual question of the yellow press was “Where is Hitler?” Millions of words of speculation were written in books & magazines & dozens of TV documentaries. In 1976 Hollywood made a film about Dr Mengele, Boys of Brazil, starring Ultra-Leftist Gregory Peck. In 1980 BBCTV produced an entire TV series Kessler about a fictional former Belgian-based SS colonel who in 1945 fled to South America. There he met up with Hitler, Himmler, Martin Bormann, etc.

RUSSIAN SECRET POLICE ROLE: Once the Berlin Wall fell in 9 Nov 1989 all the lies began to unravel. The Russian archives were soon open. These revealed the NKVD/OGPU/KGB had known all along where ‘the bodies were buried’ - as they’d buried them! From 1945-1990 they’d deliberately kept the West guessing. All the major ’Nazis ’were long gone. So why maintain the ’where is Hitler?’  nonsense? For several reasons: 1. To justify attacks on nationalists world-wide. 2. To provide nationalist youth with false role models & false ideology. False? AH said “National Socialism cannot be exported“. Why?

NATIONALISTS NEED TO BE LOCAL-FOCUSED: Nationalism by its very nature is a localised response to provocations by the International Enemy. That means any response by Germans 1923-33  must obviously differ from to the response of Italians in the same era. Hence National Socialism was called 'Fascism' in the one State but 'National Socialism' in the other. An error common now is youth being guided by Sollyoood into Swastikas and Brown Shirts when they should be looking for home-grown motifs more akin to local tastes.

CAMOUFLAGE: A French nationalist, Brassilach, who survived WWII and lived to write about it said: “the Enemy and the terrain should dictate the cut and the weave of your cloth”. E.g. US NATO forces looked foolish in the Saudi desert when they first appeared in 1990. They had just arrived from the forests of Central Europe where they been confronting the USSR for 40 years. They soon changed into desert cammies but the initial impact was: 'these boobs are out of place, out of time'. This is the effect when a normal member of the public meets someone under the spell of Sollywood, someone in   'lets-play-Nazi' get-up.

COPY THE REDS: Do the local Commies wear Mao suits to demo or dress up as Stalin? No! It would be laughable and mark them out as foreign fantasists, which is what they in fact are. No. They wear local gear. They may appear as a Greenie today, as your School teacher the next day or your local pastor the day after. In this way we accept them as 'us' rather than 'them'. Too many youth, poisoned by Sollywood's agents of mind-control - TV, radio, film, Internet - are seduced into aping the past. Get over it! Make your own reality TODAY. Ditch the foreign gear. Look locally for causes and influences. Don’t be dictated to by the Enemy.

LOCALISATION: In Iraq and Afghanistan the locals rightly opposed the US invasion as 'foreign'. We are brain-washed by Sollywood's agents into calling them 'terrorists’ when they are nationalists, just like us, defending their soil, just as we should be. Sure, Al Qaeda and others crept into their ranks, dressed like them, but over time they went too far and have been ejected from Somalia, North Mali, NW Pakistan, Central Iraq. Don’t be a fool. These people are our allies, not our enemies. When enemies creep in, whether Sollywood 'play-Nazis' or Commies dressing and talking like us smoke them out. Expose and expel them. Learn to recognise allies and enemies, Be wise. Don't obey the Enemy of us all. The Enemy tells us we are foes. Start thinking.  

P O Box 635 Strathpine PS 4500 Australia phone 07 3205 8543 email:

Saturday, 9 March 2013

USA's internal POW

Pls write to the following. All are serving time for opposing the current mess the controlled media calls 'the US government'. Not a government 'by the people and for the people' but by the elites, for the elites. It's the most despotic dictatorship this planet has seen. 

Don't agree? Try actively opposing it instead of passively submitting to it. Hmmm, feel fear? So you should. These men did NOT. They knew what they were fighting against but launched into battle none the less. 

Honour them; write to them. Copy this list - send it to others. Let the System know they are not forgotten. That way you will delay the time before they lock you up, too. 

Matthew Hale #15177-424
USP Florence ADMAX
US Penitentiary
P O Box 8500
Florence CO 81226 U S A

Dennis Mahon #30289-424
P O Box 6300
Florence AZ 85132 U S A 

Eric Robert Rudolph #18282-058
USP Florence ADMAX 
US Penitentiary
P O Box 8500
Florence CO 81226 U S A

Randolph Duey #09884-016
FCI Oxford
Federal Correctional Institution
P O Box 1000
Oxford WI 53952 U S A 

George D Loeb Jr #292124
Martin Correctional Institution
1150 SW Allapattah Road
Indiantown FL 34956-4397 U S A

Joseph P Franklin #990133
Potosi Correctional Center
11593 State Highway O
Mineral Point MO 63660 U S A

Yori Kahl #04565-059
USP Terre Haute
U S Penitentiary
P O Box 33
Terre Haute IN 47808 U S A

Scott Faul #04564-059
FCI Sandstone
Federal Correctional Institution
P O Box 1000
Sandstone MN 55072 U S A

Edgar Killen #112906
Central Mississippi Correctional Facility
P O Box 88550
Pearl MS 39208 U S A

Let us know if your mail gets through or not.