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STORM ALERT# 65 'Something in the Water?'

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By Ixul Dante     12th Februa 2016 
‘SOMETHING IN THE WATER?’ Explaining non-reactions:   Tragic events unfold across the globe but the Western public do not blink an eye. Why & what ‘events’?
1. Beginning in late 2015, Europe was invaded by 1.3 million undesirable, hateful and often violent Muslims sent from Turkey. How did they react? Passively. EU de facto leader, German Chancellor A. Merkel meekly welcomed the hordes. 

2. On New Year’s Eve 2015, Koln Germany saw 100 white females raped by the unwelcome dross. Public reaction? Nil. 

3. At EU-Turkey talks on 8 Mars 2016 to discuss the invasion, the Turkish President ordered the EU to “accept another three million ‘Syrian refugees’ or else. EU agreed. The public reaction? Nil. 

4. 54,000 unaccompanied Central American minors, dubbed by the Left media ‘Dreamers’ or DACA, arrived at US borders. An invasion by children? US government meekly accepts them. Public reaction? Three civilians, one a female in a wheelchair with a crumpled US flag, were shown on network TV news ‘opposing’ them. 

5. In Aug 2014 Geo. Soros funded & US-trained agents toppled the democratically-elected Ukraine President in a coup. Replace him with a fascist dictatorship which then massacres 5,000 of its own citizens for opposing the coup. US blame all deaths on imaginary ‘Russian aggression’. Media agree. Public reaction? Nil. 

6. 2004-2017 US media and government run hate campaign against democratically-elected Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Blame him with everything from global warming to war in Syria. Western banks run up indecent profits and their peoples are de-housed in favour of foreign invaders. And on and on. What gives? 
ELDERLY INSPIRATION: This article was inspired by comments from an 87 year old White grandmother who stated: “People seem incapable of thinking for themselves”. She recalled for us witnessing countless instances of professional lapses. Is one thing to have a theory; is another to have objective evidence, as she did. 

7. In 2012 Campbell Newman was elected LNP Premier of Queensland. After almost 20 years of ALP Socialist rule we had a Centre Right government. One big issue was water fluoridation, introduced in 2008 by the Beattie Socialist government. Very unpopular, the LNP had campaigned to reverse it. Elected, they refused. Called it ‘the stuff of conspiracy buffs’. 
Yet these people had elected them! Media dropped the story. Has not been reported since. Murdoch’s local media controllers are ‘News Ltd’ or what we call ‘no news at all’. Is why BBC is so popular here, like Western Europe from 1940-1944, we tune into ‘the Beeb’ to hear news undistorted by our local services, especially government ones. 

A dulling of the population, road rage, incoherent conversations and endless, mindless TV from 26 channels. Radio waffle from 70 radio stations for Brisbane, a city of 2.4 million. Yet not one free voice. public reaction? Nil. Refusal to de-fluoridate was a major factor in CN’s Mars 2015 defeat yet his 2016 memoir made no mention, instead blaming defeat on Clive Palmer’s United Party. Murdoch media agreed. 
Great hopes were placed in CN for ‘change’ but every promise he made was quickly broken. Was elected in a 17% landslide then lost by the same amount only 2years and ten months later. Did he trust in fluoride to wipe our memories or just for dulling our thinking? 

8. As of 9th Mars 2016 the ALP also rely on it to control us. Their latest Premier in a clone of the previous femo-Nazi, another Leftist lawyer also named Anna. The Anna only rule after CN with the aid of two ALP ‘rebels’ one an abortionist in a wheelchair, the other an Abo drunk and convicted wife-beater. Scary. Public reaction? Nil. 
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