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By Maritza Botang 15th Octobis 2017

‘RACIST’NIGHTMARE: We propose bringing out the remaining White population of 
Africa, estimated at four million and mainly based in the former South Africa, to 
countries with a similar European culture – Australia especially. Why? Before 1960
 Africa was rich, peaceful and prosperous. European governments under pressure
 from Communist parties at home and abroad, many under direction of the Alien 
Death Cult (ADC), began ‘decolonisation’. 

DECOLONISATION: This was presented then, and now, as ‘liberation’ from some 
imagined White Oppression’, almost like a freeing of slaves. What this meant, in 
fact,  was handing over the entire continent, piece by piece to a European-trained 
Communist elite. Many were members of the alien death cult or under their 
direction. This same group later took power in Cambodia. The infamous Killing 
Fields were a direct result. Same situation occurred in EVERY African country as 
each fell under rule of this Satanist clique. 2015- 2016 European Refugee Crisis 
saw two million illegals enter the EU. 50% were black Africans and 30% South 
Asians. Controlled media lied. Only 20% were ‘Syrians’. 

WESTERN FUNDED: Each year US sends US$1.4 trillion dollars overseas as ‘foreign
 aid’. Even little Australia sends AUD$4 billion. This money never reaches the 
Masses of poor and starving. The politicians, media and academics all know this 
but the taxpayers do not. It goes to fund the alien death cult’s corrupt and 
Communist rule of the Third World, mainly in Africa’s failed states. A lot goes 
into the pockets of ‘aid agencies’ who flog the lie that ‘aid helps’. It only helps 
to keep corrupt dictatorships in power. 

FRENCH RIVIERA: Studies by Interpol have shown much of the ‘aid’ does not get 
to Africa but ends up buying valuable real estate in London, Pairs and even the 
highly prized Cote D’Azur on the French Riviera. Again, the media and elite know 
this but say nothing. Why? They are all busy ‘milking’ the foolish Masses here 
using convenient lies. They are also members of the alien death cult. In despair, 
Africans flee their lands for ours. Each year Australia’s government lets in 
100,000 Africans as ‘refugee’ or ‘family reunions’. Nearly all are black. Why? 
These are the poorest and least trained but moving them here serves the 
purposes of the ADC. A more economically inspiring group would be the White 
Remnant of Africa, based in the South. Where they are currently facing genocide. 

WHITE GENOCIDE: Too strong a word? What about Holocaust! Before 1994 a 
system existed in South Africa to forestall majority-rule purely because South 
Africans, of all colours, could see what was happening in the rest of ‘de-colon
ised’ Africa. They sought to prevent it happening there as well. South Africa 
found itself under attack by the ADC. From 1948 the attack took the usual 
forms: media lies, academic lies and international political trickery. By 1994 the 
country had been convinced that ‘they were wrong’ and ‘it won’t be so bad’. They 
surrendered their independence to the ADC. Not long after, the genocide began. 
As in 1933 Hitler’s Germany, at first it began slowly. Whites were excluded from 
University and certain professions, particularly the media. 

WHITE PRIVILEGE: Before long calls came to ‘end white privilege’ i.e. their owner
ship of rural lands they’d held, in some cases, for 300 years. Sacked from jobs 
and dispossessed of their lands, what did they do? South Africa has no ‘dole’. 
Did you know there are now Whites living in Soweto squatter camp? Don’t stay 
ignorant: Google it on Youtube!

GENOCIDE: Then began a system of attacks on White family farms. The now 
ADC- controlled police derided these as ‘robberies gone wrong’ but often the 
only thing stolen were the lives of whole white families, butchered. ‘Butchered’? 
Horrible, cultic ritual murders took place on a routine basis. None of this was 
reported there or here. The number ran into the hundreds, then thousands now 
the ten of thousands. From our media and academics who so vociferously decried 
the ‘Old System’? Nothing but the silence of the grave. 

BIRTH OF CARIZBTOA#1: Hence BTOA. We aim to end the racist silence. We 
began work in 1997 as Campaign Against Racism in Zimbabwe(CARIZ) when 
a similar pattern of attacks began North of South Africa in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. 
The then media took notice as many blacks were being killed, not just Whites, 
by a Western-installed and Western-educated Marxist dictator. Robert Mugabe 
Ph.D. still rules the country, 37 years later. 

STALLING BY ADC STOOGES: To counter our activities two rival groups arose. 
While allegedly working for ‘BTOA’ from Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, both were 
‘political’. One was staffed by Liberal Party activists, the other by ALP/ACTU 
activists. Their joint aim was to divert us from achieving our goal of rescuing 
the threatened or maybe even preventing the genocide. They ‘played for time’, 
using our relatives as bargaining chips while the country literally burned. We 
hear very little from Rhodesia or its neighbour South-West Africa/Namibia these 
days. All the news, for Whites and blacks, is bad.

END MIGRATION DISCRIMINATION: You ask: ‘why rescue racists? Surely they 
deserve what they’re getting?’ Interesting logic and the prevalent attitude 
amongst ADC media types. To accept this ‘logic’ then all Black Africa ‘deserves 
what they got’ because they fought for decades to topple European rule and 
install ADC puppets. These blacks are now welcomed with open arms in every 
European country, Canada, NZ, the USA and Australia. Yet Africa’s Whites are 
not. Does this not prove a racist plot by the ADC against Whites? 

ASSETS versus LIABILITIES: If all Africans are ‘equal’ then why discriminate 
against Whites? That is all we ask. Bring out those who will be assets in your 
countries not welfare dependents and criminals such as compose Melbourne’s 
APEX Gang and similar groups in Toronto, London and Minneapolis. Put YOUR 
interest first, not theirs. Who will make better settlers? Who assimilates quicker? 
Which brings wealth and skills and which a begging bowl? Not just now but – 
look at Britain and France - for generations to come. 

YOUR COUNTRY: Put you country FIRST. Then you put White Africans First as 
refugees. Future generations of your countrymen will thank you. South Africa 
itself was founded by refugees. Hardworking Huguenots, French Protestants, 
fleeing Catholic persecution. Without them the French regime collapsed into 
Revolution, war and bloodshed. Without White labour and Western ‘foreign aid’ 
propping up the current African regimes, all these would soon collapse. A New 
Era can begin soon but only if YOU make the future happen, today. 


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