Saturday, 31 March 2018

Message to America
by Shofren Throssen 27th Mai 2017
Just spent five days at a Fiction Writers Conference. Glorious winter weather, five-star accommodation, surrounded by wimmin. Wimmin, not womb-men, my preferred type. Womb-men are designed by Yah-God as Man’s companion and ‘helpmate’ not as his usurper, a role is being assumed by Wimmin, a feminist title for ‘Women Without Men’. A more recent attempt is ‘Femen’, again deleting Men from their natural guidance role. More of writers later.  Five days surrounded by haters who saw event as a time to ‘vent’ their spleen, dumping their phobic anger on absent ‘Men’. Was ‘no holes barred’ or more literally, ALL ‘holes’ barred. Initially, most were openly hostile. Three were avowed ‘gays’ but they were anything but gay. 

FEMO-NAZIS: Gripe was simple: “this Conference is supposed to be a ‘safe space’ where we can feel ‘safe’ ”. So why no men? Oh, their were five: one was the key-note speaker, three hapless husbands of writers and one a cripple brought by his mother as ‘therapy’. Hubbies were relegated to running errands and serving endless cups of tea to their ‘masters’. Was there a ban on men? Yes and no. Like many workplaces, especially in the public sector like Health and Education but also most major private Banks, men are unwelcome. Why? 

INSECURE FEMOS: For all the femo-babble from government and interest lobbies, wimmin are totally insecure. They have left the ‘bedroom/kitchen’ dichotomy far behind but drag it with them wherever they venture. Make one Prime Minister? She has to be surrounded by femo-journalists who pad her ego 24/7 and any criticism is decried as ‘misogynist’. Silence reigns. All her fears are assuaged but the reality is men seeth with anger. 

ANGRY YOUNG MEN: This is especially true amongst young men, raised by these inadequates to hate themselves and their absent fathers, banished from their homes by bogus AVO/DVO laws and bigoted Father Law Court judges. A mountain of anti-male hate empowers wimmin to feel equal but presence of five men amongst these 30 fowl, uncouths was enough to ‘set the cat among the pigeons’.  Within two days, some had the sense to resort to more traditional approaches, such as civility, smiling and kind words, realising their open ‘hate’ was just provoking the men into equally hostile counter-hate. The mask had slipped, however. No ‘lippy and high heels’ as one of the more ugly Femen put it, was going to put it back on.  

LESBIAN BOMBAST: One, a lesbian only wrote “gay romance - it’s between boys”. Oddly, she couldn’t write lesbian romance. Maybe there isn’t any as these misanthropes are so narcissistic they can only love themselves?  She had been boasting, as they all had in the first hours of sensing ‘the enemy’ within the gates, about her ‘work’. “I’m a structural engineer” it said. “I love to have some man try to tell me what he thinks. Then I put him back in his place. I said to one: ‘d’you think I’m here just to find a man? D’you see any lippy or high heels?’ They’re all such fools!”  How illogical these bombasts were. Like a Sociopaths Convention, each out-doing the other with tales of ‘he done me wrong’. On show were the abundance of ‘angry divorcees’ each whining from “I can’t pay my debts” to “he’ll never see the children again If I can help it”. 

ANGRY YOUNG WIMMIN: In fact, every ‘angry femo’ stereotype was on display, including majority ranting they were “University educated” but the only jobs they could find were “working with children” (Education) or as menials trapped under some uber-bitch Public Service bureaucrat, usually a more ugly anti-male than they. No men to bitch about (one ‘writer’ claimed to write in a category called ‘Young Bitchie Fiction’ – “there’s a big market for it”) so instead they bitch about their oppressive, inadequate, femo-bosses. 

REVEALING MICRO-DRAMA: Major crisis occurred with accommodation. A micro-melodrama emblematic of all femo-fears. Attendees were in two- or three-bedroom apartments. A late arrival had to be placed in the only spare room remaining: with the sole male speaker. Precipitated an all-night  contra-tempe among Gruppe leaders.  “What if he does something?” “But he’s a pussycat (neutered male). “But how would she feel?” (her bogus imaginings more real than his non-desire. ‘Talk’ was about him but not to him. Pussycat was not trusted to talk with. His opinion was irrelevant to these ‘experts’. 

REVOLUTION ENDS: Signalled how retrograde supposed ‘Women’s Lib’ is.  Begun by 1960’s Reds and still lead by them, it will be betrayed by Femo-Nazi weakness. From J.Gillard to H. Clinton, T.May to A.Merkel, females’ one overriding emotion is FEAR. That’s all. No other emotion ever enters their tiny minds. FEAR is why CSI and Ms Marple-type material – ‘Crime Fiction’ as our girls call it - is perennially popular with wimmin. 

PHOBICs RULE: Is an attempt by these semi-humans to confront their ‘phobias’. Tolerable in a healthy economy, we could carry these burdens at some cost. But when men see dangerous, unstable ‘Others’ artificially elevated to the ‘heights’ of power in politics and the economy, with total control over decision-making – warning bells must sound. Oh, but that would be sexist vilification.  S18C bans such behavior. So the building burns and all of us with it mute and muzzled. 

BAN THE BIMBO-BRAINS: Australia gave short-shrift to Ju-liar, our homegrown femo-Nazi fuhrer. Germany has not. They now suffer depredations of two million hateful, hostile invaders allowed entry 2015-2017  by their non-man ruler, A, Merkel. Thanks to US wimmin researchers can now explain this. Men react with either ‘fight or flight’ responses when stressed. We  now know wimmin have a third reaction: to ‘flock’. 

Just like our weekend away. Wimmin love to huddle in groups, chirruping at each other. The larger the group, the lower the stress levels fall. Is documented! May explain Merkel’s passive submission to invasion. When there is no other femo to flock with their next reaction is: submission or ‘bend over, skirt up and take whatever comes’. 

BAILOUT: T. May was ‘dumped in it’ as British Prime Minister at a time of post-Brexit crisis. Her reaction after only one year in office is stereotypically female: to bail out. Studies show women only seek ‘power’ if it gives them ‘status and prestige’. They do not factor in the hard work, hence the puzzled whining of our conference goers. Their natural bent is to avoid hard work, leaving that to the few remaining males. Their role is to ‘bitch and battle’ each other. What about doing what is best for the economy or the Nation? Forget it, bitch!  

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