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ALIBI, MINE by Rond-quinn DanforthFrig 20 Mai 2016 How To Save a White Australia?

by Rond-quinn Danforth
Frig 20 Mai 2016

How To Save a White Australia?
To Do: 
Ban ALP and Liberal parties and their traitorous allies – Greens, Nationals etc - from ever running for office again. 

Ban all foreigners from arriving as tourists or otherwise.

Return all so-called 'refugees' especially Africans

Import all the whites left in Africa.  Facilitate their rebuilding and renaissance here – cities like New Pretoria, New Cape Town, New Krugersdorf, etc. Build, breed, for your return in conquest. 

Allow free passage for all proven white Europeans and Americans. No mulattos – too many of them are here from Africa already.

Restore ownership of all Australia's ‘privatised’ State assets to white hands, now owned by the Chinese government – power, water, roads, ports, mines, etc. 

Ban all new building on the Coastal Fringe. All population growth is to restricted to a minimum of 500 miles inland from the Coast. Build the needed infrastructure using unwanted foreign offal who invaded our White Realm – Somalis, Turkoids, so-called Abos etc. 

End all debt-based financing. Buy what you can. Borrow nothing. Current banking system is ungodly and must cease. 

Our land, our People only. All others - hence! 

P O Box 635 Strathpine PS 4500 Australia phone 0448 187 582 

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