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22ndJuno 2017      by Arad Agnon 

Just viewed a promotional video by so-called ‘Antifas,’ an Ultra-Left hate group. Urged death and bloody violence against ‘Trump supporters’. Was most disturbing. Also showed Late Nitetalk show hosts, all non-Anglos, urging ridicule and ‘Opposition’ to Trump. What to do? 

ACTION: US Constitution is a ‘call to arms’ against all enemies ‘both foreign and domestic’. At the time it was aimed at the separatist South. But now the Left urge what can only be described as ‘guerrilla warfare’. Surely this legally constitutes a ‘domestic enemy’? 

WHO SHOULD PURSUE: When the separate Yugoslav States in 1968 witnessed Soviet tanks crush freedom in Czechoslovakia, they each set up their own State National Guards. When the Yugoslav Federal Army sought to suppress freedom in 1989-95 it was these NG units that formed the basis for the State’s frontline defences – in Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia. 

POLICE UNITS: Given the degraded state of the FBI under Comey & Co is doubtful any serious pursuit of Antifasterrorists could now be undertaken. You remember the 1960’s Weathermenterror group the FBI never caught? Why not entrust this task to an informal coalition of Republican State Police Intelligence/Counter-Terrorism Units? 

TRUMP ZOMBIES: A glance at the poster on the attached file shows a bayonet about to piece a Trump supporter, cornered and unarmed. Would AntifasReds really kill? You must realize this a generation without GOD, school prayer or any scruples. They have spent 10 years playing ‘killer’ video games day and night, some up to 15 hours per day, often killing such ‘zombies’. Look at Resident Evil1-4. 

One ‘hero’ boasted to us after a week: ‘Gee, I’ve already killed 2,700 people!’ Not soldiers but hapless civilians who ‘got in the way’. Also such popular games as Grand Theft Auto1-5 (GTA-5alone sold three billion dollars worth of games in seven days). 

WALKING TIME BOMBS: This is a generation primed to kill. Such media calls to ‘arms’ are designed to ‘trigger’ them into action. MKUltra, anyone? We are talking about millions of potential killers. We believe the media companies who have produced and continue to sell such ‘trigger-able’ material should be held accountable. If Pastor Butler could be arained??? for ‘inflammatory material’ planted in perpetrators homes and/or vehicles whenever a ‘race hate crime’ took place, then the Left media should be equally accountable. Think of the billions in lawsuits obtainable for Right activities if the controlled media – ABC, CBS, NBC, could be proven culpable for the incitement by Late Nitetalks show hosts. Free speech? Ask Matt Hale how that works or Edgar Steele, RIP. 

ANTIFASARE FASCIST: Many on the Right romanticize the rise of the NSDAPand Hitler. The forget he fought both moderate Rightists as well as Ultra-Leftists. Ultimately, the NSDAPPlatformwas a Leftist one. They used street gangs, like Antifas,to terrorise and discourage public action by rival groups, of all types. Let’s not expect these Red thugs to respect our ‘freedoms’ when they see us as mindless zombies, fit only to be killed. 

HOW TO PURSUE: Just as in some States it is illegal to wear a Klanmask in public, it must become an offence to go in public wearing a ski-masks or balaclava. Literally ‘unmasked’ these ’heroes’ will be less likely to enact violence. We then need Rightists to ‘tag’ them on Facebook, enabling anyone to track them down to an address, making them liable and therefore accountable and less likely to act. This is exactly what they already do to us. 

SAFE HAVENS: Universities have since the 1960’s become police-free zones where Ultra-Leftists often rule via Student Unions. This must end. Police must have equal access to these terrorist-havens. If University academics object, they must be seen as suspect. After all, many are ex-radicals from the anti-Vietnam War era, eager to ‘blood’ their young charges against the imagined ‘Trump Fascists’.

AUDITS: Recall how Elliott Ness caught Al Capone? Financial irregularities. Many Student Unions are rarely audited and seldom by professionals. Such audits may reveal the sources of funds which enable Antifasto operate its nation-wide network of terrorists. 

INFILTRATORS: For prosecutions we need solid evidence and for that we need people inside. Both inside Antifasand its Democratic Partyand Student Union parent bodies. This is a task for our more urbane, intelligent Rightists. Not the glorious street battles of old, but the dirty war of undercover work, breathing the same air as these vile beasts, the better to destroy them from within. Are you up for it?   

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