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Message to Amerika: Hateful Hillaristas 16th Janus 2017

16thJanus 2017      by Steve Godfrey (ANA Brisbane) 
Dear Kameraden, 
                                   News from the USA since Brother Trump is increasingly dark.  Threats to disturb the Inauguration by BLM, a ‘Million Woman March’ by femo-Nazis and other Hillaristas, a virtual boycott by the film, TV and music elite. 

All who supported H.Clinton’s radical bid for the Highest Office now reject the election winner but claim to do so on ‘democratic’ grounds. 

As Ron Paul has said: “all the world is watching.” The lessons America is preaching will be copied elsewhere.  What is the remedy? 

As someone who has been fighting Reds since 1975 let me suggest you mimic their tactics. 
1.  Make a list of all who reject Mr Trump’s offer to play at his Inauguration. Publish it. Encourage your millions of voters to boycott THEM. 
2.  Phone your local radio station demanding these anti-Americans be removed from playlists.
3.  Approach advertisers. Demand they withdraw ads on stations that play ‘anti-American’ artists. Money talks. They’ll listen. 

Honestly Volk, this is just the opening gambit in a battle that will last four years. Let the Reds know that as they refuse to accept the democratic result you will act as Guardians of Democracy. Many Congressmen like John McCain and Lindsay Gramm also rejected Mr Trump before during and since the election. Target these, too.

Remember it is not Mr Trump they are attacking. It is the Silent Majority – you .  Don’t leave Mr Trump ‘swinging in the wind’. Defend him now or in 2020 look forward to something even worse than Hillary. 

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