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Polish Misadventure 15 Mai 2017

Polish Misadventure 15 Mai 2017

Just returned from three weeks in Poland, mainly Warsaw Gdansk (Danzig) Lublin and Sopot. Holohoax is the only angle for their tourism industry. Is funny though. Poles loath the J's but are making money off them now. Is a good irony. Every single town has some 'J. memorial'. Cute. 70 years after they helped AH wipe them out, they get no blame but lots tourist cash. 

Oh yeah, don't go to Poland if you have a long beard like me. Assaulted in the street every day ! Spat on once a day. Record was three lots of verbal abuse in 15 minutes, around 730 am in Gdansk Old Town. Poles HATE anyone they suspect of being J. One day, I was abused and threatened SIX times. 

Bad for me personally but good to see a people so clear-eyed. No delusions there. Is no wonder Obama's mob want a war between Poles and Rus over Ukraine. Poles wisely toppled their pro-US Prime Minister in 2016 for one who seeks compromise with Russia's Putin.  Poles, Ukrainians and Rus all hate the globalist Wall Street gangsters. Obama wanted them to massacre each other? Poles were too wise to be drwan into that. 

While in Poland Facebook and Yahoo locked me 'out' so I had no communications with wife or kids, for three weeks. Then locked me out of all my blogs and email accounts. How? They just kept saying:   'this account doesn't exist' or 'invalid password'. For three whole weeks. Then locked my phone. 

So I had to buy a Polish phone that couldn't ring Australia. Access was blocked to all ANA sites as these 'don't exist'. Makes me wonder: why have I had no visits to my ANA blogs for the past three years except by me? Facebook and Yahoo probably have us trapped in some sort of info loop, where we think we are posting matierla 'out htere' but are not.

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