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MESSAGE TO AMERICA RDA Section 18C and rule by Gnomes

13thJuno 2017      by Arad Agnon 
Those following the near silent S18C‘debate’ know it goes not well for White Australia. S18C*, our local Censorship law, is used by the Human Rights Commission to delete RACE from our media. High profile convictions silence the few true journalists. 

Andrew Bolt, fined AUD$150,000 by the HRCand fake Abos in 2010. Cartoonist Bill Leak fined, then ‘murdered’* by the HRCand its fake Abos in 2017.  In 2010 PM Abbott, a personal friend of Bolt, promised repeal of S18C’. Federal Att Gen Geo. Brandis (J) was tasked with the job before media reports voiced ‘dissent’ from Melbourne’s ‘Gnomes’*. 

Soon after Abbott was sacked and replaced with a Gnome appointee, their own Mal Turnbull(J) QC (aka ‘Malstrom Turmoil’).  Following this, several Independents* were pressed, in the run-up to the Juli 2016 election, to make S18Can issue.  They vowed to, if elected , make ‘repeal ofS18C’their first priority. They were and they did. In early 2017, their attempt failed. In the words of one, Sen. Jacquie Lambie (Tas): “we argued for three days just to change three little words”. Another victory for the Gnomes. 

ROLE OF S18C: Section 18C of the Race Discrimination Actwas introduced in 1995 by ALP Socialist Prime Minister ‘PK’, a loathsome, uncouth lout, dubbed by English tabloids ‘The Lizard of Oz’ for his mauling of British monarch, QEII, during a brief UK trip. Hated by all, he attempted, in the dying days of the 1995 election campaign to win favour with Gnome femo-Nazi clones. He ‘strengthened’ key laws, like RDA.

Also ‘liberalised’ rape laws. Any attempt at ‘non-consensual sex’ counted as full, penetration intercourse. Punished male students for ‘sex harassment’ if they answered questions over girls. Six year-old boy was prosecuted for calling girl ‘teacher’s pet’. Teachers Union, 95% female, were ordered by PK to ‘in future ignore all boys in class as they only seek to impede female education’. How? ‘Their overactive behavior is part of a global Paternalist Plot’. 

MALES PUNISHED:Soon after the widespread use of ADHD drugs like Ritalinbegan in schools. Subsequent high levels of male suicide and long-term unemployment followed, up till today. Females now dominate higher education and the Public Service. Why? None were doped up with Ritalinby their femo-Nazi educators. PK then instructed his Education Minister, Kim Beazley Jr, to alter exam procedures to ‘favour females’. Also put in place Gender Quotas for Uni entry: ‘55% must be female’. 

ASHABAS GOY KILLS AUSTRALIA:PK’s bid for votes failed. He lost but so did we. Once enacted, S18Ctook on a life of its own. The Act and S18Cwas in fact crafted in Melbourne by an alien minority who arrived there only in 1949, following their deliberate importation by then Prime Minister, Robert ‘Bob’ Menzies QC. Boasted the 50,000 Gnomes would ‘bring prosperity’. To a sparsely populated continent awash with a God-given abundance of wealth – gold, silver platinum, coal, oil, gas –now long since looted and sold off by the Gnomes to their Asian allies. Yes, Bob ‘they have prosperity wherever they go’ . They loot it from their victims. 

1,000 DAY RULE OF FEMO-NAZI QUEEN:In 2009 another Gnome-clone was the insipid JG, who then became a Uni Law Lecturer, like all former ALP MP’s * (P Beattie; M Lavarach, the Federal Att Gen who introduced S18Cto Parliament for PK). JG began talk of ‘Big Australia’with ‘35 million by 2050’. Like all other major issues in post-Whitlam era Australia, e.g. 1997 nation-wide gun ban, this was called a ‘debate’ but never was. 

NON-DEBATES IN A NON-DEMOCRACY:Sides blasted each other through the media, pushing the Ultra-Left view written by the Gnomes. Usual process: Gnome-clones voice written opinions, media repeat it ad nauseumtill the Masses repeat, then enact laws to ‘match the people’s will’.  Masses struggle on, obvious to what they’ve done. Is called ’democracy’. The Few dissenters are assured: ‘don’t worry! Vote them out next election’ which is just as rigged as the last. Nothing changes. Doubters are dubbed ‘cynics’. 

INVADER VIOLENCE:Gnomes put S18Cin place; it will stay that way. The Big Australiameans importing 14 million Indians, Chinese and Africans to replace White Australia. Is largest peacetime invasion in history. Masses are told none of this: would breech S18C. The invasion brings in ‘refugees’ from all the world’s worst war-torn regions.  Illiterate, unemployable malingerers. They fill their worthless lives with crime against Whites. Is disguised by our supine, foreign-owned media. Eg. ‘Body of a man was found in a street today. Police are treating his death as suspicious’. Story then disappears. 

‘RANDOM MURDERS’ PART OF A PATTERN:Reports appear each week, in every large town and city. Modus operandi: on Frigasday and Saturnsday hard-working Whites get drunk. Feeling safe and happy, they elect to walk home, alone. Gangs of up to 14 young black men and women ambush these, beating them to death with their bare hands. No trace of weapons is found so police have no clues. Maybe an eyewitness report of ‘non-whites seen nearby’. Such ‘racist’ reports are ignored, as this author can attest. 

LEGAL BIAS:Police know Leftist judges won’t convict non-Whites so refuse to pursue. E.g in 2008 PB ordered his 20 new Leftist judges, all ex-HRCand ‘civil liberties’ lawyers, to ‘give gaol time only as ‘final option’ for non-whites. Few are arrested or prosecuted. If they go to trial free legal aid is available so most are acquitted. Police reluctance is understandable but permits an ‘open season’ on Whites, especially young males. 

MUFFLED MEDIA CAUSES PREVENTABLE DEATHS:Has been so for 10 years. Public are endangered but ignorant as media don’t inform. Why? S18C. A stealthy genocide, one at a time. Week in, week out. All now are aware of the Asian Inrush but few suspect a conspiracy as media routinely denounce ‘conspiracy theorists’ as akin to ‘racists’ and other lunatics. How will History explain our silent compliance in our own annihilation? 

HISTORY OF THE VICTORS:What ‘history’? Do you expect the coming ‘Black Planet’ to reflect on how they gained dominion? Do Africans today reason they only have cities, roads, etc because Whitey built them? To save people they subsequently terrorized, raped, murdered and expelled. No. When Gnomes have erased us, as they will, they will let the Savages starve, a Mad Maxworld without foolish Whitey or Gnomic HR lawyers to rescue them.        

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