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STORM 145 Februa-Mars 2016


No. 145              Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action                   Februa-Mars 2016
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only

STORM gets information from ‘insiders’, SCUTTLEBUTT. We can’t confirm stories. Here’s the latest:

South China Sea Pirates @24 12.14:
“I was in the Royal Australian Navy in 1984. We were on a submarine in the South China Sea. We surfaced one night only to be met by two speedboats proceeding very fast from a mother-ship. The captain called me up to the bridge. He said:  ‘get a spotlight up here!’ We shone it directly at them but they continued to approach, very fast. Then the captain turned to me: ‘use your SLR [FN/FAL]– put a few rounds across their bows’. I did but to no effect. Then we took more extreme action. People get killed in that area all the time; the Asians said nothing; nobody cared. They have bigger issues – like feeding their starving millions. Only our foolish media make a big deal about illegal immigrants”.

Post election Qld @20.1.2015: Soon after Campbell Newman’s LNP lost election to the ALP we got the following rumour:
“Campbell Newman bought a 570,000 acres of land in Far West Queensland, cheap. He then sold it to British Gas for Coal Seam Gas extraction. Queensland Crimes and Misconduct Commission tried to investigate but their chief was sacked. An LNP stooge took his place. The media said nothing. Will they now?”

Upgrade: Overheard @20.1.2015: Indian professional: "My wife and I love to travel. We’ve been to New Zealand once and Canada twice”
[Why only visit White countries but never the Third World? They’re always looking to ‘upgrade’ from their current location. Is the key to understanding refo’s. Are all about greed, not need. RE]

DVD REVIEW: Kako Se Magao Izbeci Rat: Bosni I & II (What you may have missed in the Bosnian Wars) 180 minutes TV documentary from Bosnian Serb TV Circa 1997. Subtitles but no captions of those interviewed. (Part Four; Part Three is on STORM 144).

PART THREE: In June 1995, Defense Secretary William Perry told US Congress: “we’re not taking sides in the BH war” but they were. The US military were secretly arming Croat and BH forces. U.S. Air Force drones flew from the secret Croat Air Base on the island of Brac. In May 1995 the Croatian Army attacked Serb-held Krajina, also known as UNSector West.  The Croats expelled all these Serb into BH territory. Croatia claimed only 1,000 died in the assault; Krajina’s Serbs say 5,000 were killed including several UN troops. US government made no official comment as they were deeply involved. 

It had begun the year before. In November 1994 US DefSec Perry had signed a contract between the Croatian government and four retired, US Army, four-star generals. These became ‘advisers’ to either the Croatian or BH government armies.  These ‘high-level mercenaries’ belonged to a company, MPRI (Military Professional Resources International).  They included Lt Gen Ed Soyster, former head of the Defence Intelligence Agency; Major-General Richard Griffith, deputy commander for NATO, Central Europe; and General Karl Vuono. 

LDO later wrote: “by allowing Croatia to attack this Safe Haven, UN Sector West(Krajina), the US had given a ‘green light’ to Bosnia’s Serbs to attack other ‘Safe Havens’ like Zepca and Srebrenica, also known as UN Sector North and UN Sector South. When the BH government-sponsored Muslim militia of Nasera Orica attacked the nearby Serb village of Visnjica from Srebrenica Safe Haven, this time the Bosnian Serbs felt free to counter-attack. Orica retreated from Srebrenica, with 1,000 of his troops, to the Tuzla SH. 

Serb troops easily took Srebrenica. They captured 2,500 of Orica’s men and held them as POW’s. They loaded 2,000 unarmed civilians unto trucks for transport elsewhere. Very soon the lies began: a Croat serving with the Bosnian Serb Army, when later captured by the BH (Muslim) Army told ICC interrogators: “I personally killed 1,200 men at Srebrenica”. How? Mass graves uncovered in the area only continued 200 bodies. 

An article appeared in the Wednesday 2 August 1995 London Times ‘Missing’ Enclave Troops Found’ alleging that troops supposedly murdered by the Bosnian Serb Army were now in Tuzla where they had rejoined Bosnian Herzegovina Army units there. The article said: “thousands of ‘missing’ Bosnian Muslim soldiers from Srebrenica, at the centre of reports of mass executions by Serbs, are now safe in the North East of Tuzla”. On 17 Juli 1995 a Washington Post article by John Pomfrett ‘Bosnian soldiers evade capture’ said: 
“4,000 Bosnian Army troops,  many in rags, some crazed by exhaustion or fear, trudged for five days through Serb-held territory from Srebrenica. They have re-joined the BH Army’s 2nd Corps in Tuzla. They reported Serbs had ‘ambushed and killed hundreds’ of their comrades along the way. Means that up to 2,000 of Srebrenica’s 10,000 BH Army defenders may be lost or killed in the woods”. 
US State Department have consistently claimed 8,000-10,000 Bosnian Muslims having been killed in Srebrenica itself but have never produced any evidence for this. 

In Krajina, a Serbian enclave in Croatia, on 1st August 1995 100,000 US-trained Croatian Army troops attacked Serb positions in UN Sector North and UN Sector South. Dubbed ‘Operation Storm’, it was an all-arms assault, involving tanks, planes and artillery. US military equipment was used to jam Serbian military communications, severing the defenders from their overall Command and Control in Krajina. U.S. Navy aircraft, flying from Aviano AFB in Italy openly attacked Serb sites, completely destroying radar facilities and Communication sites in Krajina. The US aided Croatia in the largest ethnic cleansing operation of the War to date, which saw  200,000 Serbs driven from Croatia. 

Retired US Gen Charles Boyd, deputy Commander of NATO, later boasted: “the US both planned and implemented Croatia’s Operation Storm”. New York Times reporter Roger Choen(J) later discovered MPRI’s General Vuono “met repeatedly with Croatian generals before Operation Storm. It was a direct copy of US tactics used in  against Iraq in 1990’s Operation Desert Storm, that is, lightning strikes on multiple fronts. 

Reporter Tim Judah quoted EU Human Rights and Refugee Commissioner Emma Bonino as stating “10,000Serbs are now ‘missing’ as a direct result of Operation Storm”. Their whereabouts unknown, it is believed many ended up in mass graves.  Three US State Department sources told New York Times reporter David Binder: “the “green light’ for Operation Storm came from Richard Holbrook who flew into Zagreb to inform Croatian President Tudjman personally. RH later admitted as much admits this in his biography To End A War

After Operation Storm the US vigorously blocked all UN and EU peace initiatives for Bosnia, whilst encouraging Muslim and Croat forces there to carry out ethnic cleansing of Serbs from West Bosnia. These combined attacks left 10,000 killed and forced 200,000 to flee as refugees. Was identical to Serb loses in Krajina. RH was proud of his role, even later admitting in To End A War: “I advised the Muslim-Croat hierarchy on which Serb cities to target”. In Summer-Fall 1995 Muslim and Croat forces were open in their aggression in Bosnia, with the U.S. Air Force acting as their ‘air force’ against any Serb towns or villages which tried to resist them. 

All the excuse the US needed for this aggression was yet another staged ‘incident’. This occurred on 25 August 1995, once again at the Markala Markets, Sarajevo so very conveniently nearby the hotels where the US and EU media were based. One paper refused to ‘take the bait’. A London Times article soon after headlined: "Serbs Not Guilty of Massacre: Experts Warn US Mortar Was Bosnian’. The article went on to detail how British and French observers believed the Moslems had fired the mortar at their own people. They were overruled by a US NATO official. Hours after, NATO forces began its rolling attacks on Serb positions across Bosnia. 
Bill Clinton saw a role for NATO in Bosnia as justifying continued US domination of Europe. NATO had become hostage to an American Power concept: keep Europe Down and America Up. It was not till 1996, one year later, when Bill Clinton forced Serbia to sign the unjust Dayton Peace Accords that Serbs were allowed to open the first of many mass graves in West Bosnia, near Mrkonjic Grad.

BOOK REVIEW: Autopsy for an empire: Seven leaders who built the Soviet regime by Dr General D. Volkogonov (NYC: Free Press, 1998)

P463: “Gorbachev’s paradox was that, having come to a firm decision, he dragged his feet over implementation”.  

P463:”In Nov. 1987 Gorbachev decided to quit Afghanistan but failed to inform Afghan President, Najibullah. On 1st April, 1988 the Soviet Politburo agreed to withdraw all 109,000 Soviet troops from Afghanistan by 15thFeb 1989. They began the withdrawal on 15 May 1989”. 

P.464: “On 24th Jan 1989 Soviet Foreign Minister Shevardnadze filed a report on his visit to Kabul: 
“we are leaving this country in a lamentable state. Its cities and villages are destroyed, the capital is starving, the economy is paralysed and hundreds of thousands have perished…”

P464: “Gorbachev replied: ’but we will not appear before the world in our underpants - or even without them! Defeat is not permissible”.  

P466: “After four years of Perestroika it was clear no radical breakthrough in the economy had occurred. Instead, stagnation continued even worse leading to universal shortages. Spiritual deconstruction began before material and organisational deconstruction. In 1988 13,000 CPSU members quit, 9,000 were workers. Of 20 million CPSU members this was not many but it was unprecedented”. 

P468: “This Leninist system Gorbachev wished to preserve was built on lies, secrecy, control of information and tight management both public and private consciousness. As soon as the general public learned the truth about the regime’s myths the foundations began to crack. The system was powerless against truth”. 

P477: "the 26th of April 1986 Chernobyl catastrophe, like the Afghan War, exacerbated the economic and political aspects of the crisis facing the Soviet Union”. 

P488-489: “The self-destruction of the Soviet system was determined by a number of factors: 1. The arms race in which the USSR, at fantastic cost, achieved parity with the USA but overstrained itself. 2. Economic stagnation had become a permanent feature exposing economy is extremely low efficiency. 
3. Bureaucratic ossification of society, and dogmatic meets residing in the public mind, turned individuals into one-dimensional beings. 4. The militaristic nature of the Soviet Union had contained nationalism but it was bound to break out. 5.Monopoly of a single, political power had become hand-brake on development.6. The system which ruled in the name of the ‘collective’ had deprived individuals of their rights and liberties. 7 The Afghan War dealt the System’s deathblow with the authorities unable to justify the high human and material losses toa sceptical and disgruntled public”.

p 489: “While overseas Gorbachev was deified, at home he was reviled”. 

P490: “Anatoly Chernyayev, Gorbachev's International Affairs Adviser, said: “it took years for us to realise this society could not be renewed; it was doomed and needed to be completely replaced”.
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