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STORM ALERT #62P Februa 2016 'Explaining the Current World Disorder - THE ‘MARCH THROUGH THE INSTITUTIONS’

          STORM ALERT #62 
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By Ixul Dante     6th Februa 2016 
Understanding the Current World Disorder - 
 - Gramsci's 'March through the Institution's

Past Makes Our Future: To understand today we must review the Past. Let us return to post-World War One Europe, a continent devastated by the loss of ten million able-bodied men in a pointless, five-year war. Those men would have borne on average 10-12 children, 60-80 grandchildren and 240 great-grandchildren. These would have added 650 million to Europe's white population*. The current ‘demographic crisis’ afflicting Europe would not exist if World War I had never occurred.

Or World War Two. The shattered survivors of WWI sought to prevent another war, hence its title 'The War to End All War’. They failed. Those who tried the hardest were the White-Nationalist Fascisti or Fascists. For this they have been permanently smeared by the worlds’ slave media. Yet these White visionaries foresaw today’s Europa and strove to avoid it. 

Fascist Origins: Mussolini was a one of Italian Socialist Party chosen elite, editor of their Party newspaper. In the era before Internet, radio, TV and cinema this was THE means of reaching people. He was disturbed. In 1919 he formed a new faction in the SP. At that year’s Party Conference he was expelled along with all members of the new faction for refusal to submit to Party discipline. The Fascist Party was born.

In Germany a young War veteran was watching, seeking a role model. A. H. saw Fascisti was a socialism untainted by Soviet Bolshevism, then destroying Russia and its former territories with anti-white/anti-Christian violence and debilitating ‘class warfare’ which sought to exterminate anyone who wanted to run a country efficiently.

Russian Bolshevism: Atheistic Bolshevism sought to replace the Family unit with total State control of every child, creating little automatons of Soviet* policy. A slave army to inflict on the World: amoral, soulless and devoid of any scruple, obedient to deceiving media propaganda. Sound familiar? Fascism opposed this. The Western Capitalist parties, as usual, tried to ‘cut a deal’ with the Soviets. W.Churchill fought them, and it, from 1917 till 1938 when he did a back-flip, turning on the Fascists. In 1939 WC undermined then British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain for opposing War. WC had NC deposed in a place coup, replaced him, then worked non-stop to ignite the War that all Europe opposed. 

Only The Worst Survive: World War II (1939-45) extinguished another 30 million White lives. Again, their three-fold offspring would have averted the current 'Demographic Crisis' sweeping the West. Such massive, irreplaceable loses made the ‘Crisis’ inevitable. In any war the weak survive; it is the fit young men who perish. No army  recruits the weak and worthless. These 'survivors' then breed.

A. H.'s final Plan, Operation Gotterdammerung, was a rejection of this illogic. To AH the systematic destruction of Germany’s remaining infrastructure made sense, as he put it: "any who survive this War will be unfit to do so".  AH foresaw the breeding of a race in Germany, that was not really Germanic but a stunted, servile, sub-Race. This occurred. Ironically, it is to this country that many WN/NS now look to as ‘guides’ for revival of the White Man. This cannot be: the best died in WWI and the brightest in WWII. Today’s 'Germans' are Untermensch husks, lice from the corpse of dying German manhood.   

Anton Gramsci's 'LONG MARCH': Mussolini detained all Bolshevik agents in Italy, he did not kill them. So humane was their treatment that enemies like Gramsci were allowed pen and paper to write while in prison***. Gramsci's 'prison writings' became the basis for all Western Bolshevik thought till today. A key question Gramsci answered: why didn’t Western, Christian Capitalist society collapse as Marx and Lenin predicted? Gramsci concluded "underlying foundations kept them safe" in the raging political storm. Family, Church, schools, courts and media. These became his primary targets. Gramsci's acolytes began his decades-long 'march' through those institutions. 

MARXIST INCENDIARISTS: Was these incendiary underminers California Governor Ronald Reagan and US President R. Nixon battled at Kent State and other universities in the 1960’s. They lost. Nixon was slandered and deposed by the Gramsci-ite US media. Higher learning facilities were captured. Current education malaise is traceable to the 1960’s ‘campus revolts’, less bloody than Kent State but no less decisive for Civilisation. 

Marxists captured our Universities and so all levers of power and organs of influence in Western society. Is why the media so rabidly applaud the Mudslide into the USA and EU, the world's whitest lands? Is the fulfilment of Gramsci’s 90 year-long Plan. Its goal? Demise of all whites.

REVERSING OUR DECLINE:  To ‘turn around’ our current desperate, situation we need to re-conquer, or at least silence, the ‘lost’ institutions. We on the Right/WN/NS lack the tact and subtly of our Red foes. Some of us are downright brutal. So we suggest just "shuttin' ‘em down" till we figure out how to p[urge then restart them, their Red taint extirpated, root 'n' branch. How then do we provide the needed teachers, doctors and nurses needed to run our highly technical society?

ON THE JOB TRAINING:  Return to the method used from Ancient times, before Marx invented ‘mass education’ in the 1860’s: on the job training. How does it work? A Master trains an Apprentice who then becomes a Journeyman till up-skilled enough to become a Master himself and so on. No institutions, or bureaucrats, with no opportunity for Red interference. Masters would be self-regulating through trade Guilds.

Such a system already exists in higher education, e.g. medicine. A senior Doctor has 4-6 trainees under him for three months who then move onto another facility where they learn other specialised skills, under another senior Doctor. 

RECOGNISE, EXPOSE, REPUDIATE: Let all of us recognise the existence and activities of these Long Marchers. Then we must actively, neutralise and oppose them wherever we find them - in our nationalist media, schools, churches and assemblies.  

*Question our maths? In 2008 we met a white female, a direct descendent of two convicts from the 1788 First Fleet. At her family's 2008 Reunion over 1,000 direct descendants arrived. From just two, over 1,000 in 220 years. 
**Soviets: Russian Socialism was based on soviets or collectives where all property was held in common. Individuals owned nothing. 
*** Compare: A. Solsenitzyn says the KGB (Soviet secret police) would pile an authors original manuscripts on the floor in front of them while they were being tortured, then burn them saying: 'when you die, all you ever did will die with you'.   

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