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MESSAGE TO AMERICA Compadores All by Ari Onigen 28th Juli 2018

Compadores All
by Ari Onigen 28th Juli 2018 
DUTCH OR BRITISH:Compradore(‘agent’) is a word from the early European settlements in South-East Asia. The Dutch came to trade with locals. They never colonised Australia because there was no trade, social or commercial infrastructure. So they went elsewhere. The British had a massive surplus rural population, forced into urban areas, who then turned to petty crime. So many were sentenced to death that the British, not wanting to waste such a commodity as human flesh, gave each the option: "death or 7-14 years transportation?" Those who settled Britain’s Caribbean and Australian colonies came from this latter group. White slaves opened up these 'virgin lands'.
DUTCH TRADERS:The first Whites to sight Australia were Dutch. Is why so many place names here are Dutch like the early name for Tasmania 'Van Diemen’s Land'. Or Tasmania after Abel Tasman who was a Dutchman blown off course from Java - heart of the Dutch East Indies Company trading empire. Spices for gold. The Dutch founded few colonies, but not having the Britain’s massive free labour, many Dutch colonies, like New Amsterdam/New York, fell into British hands. Today US and UK possessions fall into Indian and Chinese hands through the same weight of numbers. 
ENTREPOT:Dutch would set up an 'entrepot' (entry port) then hire a local ‘agent’ to collect whatever they sought - spices, tin, etc. He would put these in the Dutch owned warehouses - houses for their 'wares'. They would return on a regular basis to collect them and pay him. The beauty of the system was few locals knew of the foreign presence and fewer still ever saw them. Unlike the British, who came in with their army and imposed rule, the Dutch and Portuguese before them were coast-huggers, only there for the goods. Of course, the local rulers soon grew addicted to Dutch wares – swords, guns and alcohol in particular. These eased his rule and 'bought' him allies. All wanted what the 'White Devils' brought. 
JAPAN:In 1638 AD the Japanese heard from a Spanish sailor that Spain intended to colonised them. They reacted by killing the 250,000 Christian converts made so far by Spanish Jesuits. The Japanese expelled all Europeans, except the Dutch, who sent a ship once a year to Nagasaki. Was loaded with text books and trade journals from all over Europe. The Japanese were eager for this technical material. They knew the Dutch wanted not converts but cash. Traders. Is why in 1857, when the US Navy forced itself onto Japan, the Japanese so quickly 'came up to speed' technologically with the Western Powers. The Dutch had enabled them. 
TRADE TODAY:Today the European empires are dust. Even Europe is overrun by their former slaves and minions. So which type of Empire worked best and which will come next? The trade empires of Portugal and Holland made money but were easily overtaken by the British with their flood of surplus workers, soldiers and peasants. Abortion has turned off this flood so the West dies. But thecompradorespirit still exists in the entrepotof Australia. 
ENTREPOT NO MORE:When we found gold in 1851 we did not keep it for ourselves but allowed in any Whites who would mine it. The same for all our wealth till 1908 when we copied the US and imposed a ban on Asian migration, mainly from China but also from Japan. This was one factor that triggered the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbour. But today the compradoresstill reign in Australia. We find uranium - sell to China. Coal Seam Gas? All to China. North West Shelf oil and LNG? All to China. Nothing is kept back for our own needs or those of our children or their children. The short-term profit mentality still rules. The first thought of the compadoreis: "what will best serve my foreign masters?" This explains the readiness or both ALP and LNP to accept bribes from Chinese government companies and to give away our children’s future for peanuts. 
“OURS NOT YOURS”:That is all we have to tell our local criminals. This is not yours to sell or trade or give away. Keep doing that and we will finish you. Why does China need our God-given minerals? We have only had a government for 200 years. That’s why we are 'rich' and they appear poor. God gave these minerals to us, for us. Is not for some traitorous scumbag to trade away. That is treason and betrayal. In 2013 the WA Premier Colin Barnett warned of an impending 'gas and oil shortage' in his state. ALL their gas and oil had been presold to China. He asked for a Federal government-allocated 'reserve' i.e. 15% retained for local use. 
MURDOCH AND THE FUEL SHORTAGE:Dominant Murdoch media went into meltdown. Words like 'restraint of trade' and 'scare off foreign investment' were brandished. Barnett was sacked and a more compliant ALP puppet imposed. Then in 2015 the South Australian and Victorian power grids began to fail for lack of cheap fuel. Media ignored it all, blaming 'local mismanagement'. Is like so much of Australia till we get rid of the loathsome tit Rupes Moloch and his sycophantic minions. We remain slaves regardless of how many elections we hold or how many political parties we set up. Murdoch's third wife was Chinese and his two youngest children are. Is why so many talk of 'our Asian future'. Because that’s all the mongrelizing beast RM has. Such race-traitor mamzars deserve the worst. 
Anyone who reads this, pls pass it on.

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