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STORM No. 141 Juno-Juli 2015


No. 141               Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action                   Juno-Juli 2015
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only

STORM gets information from ‘insiders’, SCUTTLEBUTT. We can’t confirm stories. Here’s the latest:

Overheard at a Dymocks Bookstore 23rd March 2015: Two pretty young female staff at the counter are discussing books. An older male customer intervenes: “Are you two talking about 50 shades of grey?” The prettier of the two girls: “ Oh no, but I have read all three books. I had to study them at University of Queensland where I did a degree in Women’s studies. I majored in Sexology. One of the subjects was Fetishism 101. Imagine - I was only 17 years old!” [Why do we send our young women to higher education? To become become whores? Close the Universities; re-open the Lebensborn centres. RE]

Rhodesian-Australian @16th March 2015: “Before my mother and I were forced to leave Rhodesia, I remember one day Mum went to the Central Public Library in Salisbury [Harare]. She went to use the female toilets but found an old Nanna [African female] putting fresh fruit in the toilet bowl. Mum asked: “what are you doing that for?” The Nanna replied: “whites want washed fruit at my market stall but I don’t have running water at home!” I later learned such unhygienic practices were the main way E. coli and Gardia infected the local white population”.

PBS Newshour c/- SBSTV Channel 3 two pm Frigasday 24 Apri 2015:
Reporter Caroline Ryan, New York Times: “The Clinton Foundation has admitted non-disclosure of millions of dollars in donations from foreign governments during the time Hillary was US Secretary of State. The CF now will resubmit five tax returns due to omissions”. 

Jonathan Allen, Reuters: “The Clinton Foundation, from 2010 onwards received at least US$10 million from Australia and Norway…”

PBS Newshour resident Democrat commentator:
“a lot of Democrats are asking themselves: ‘Clinton?! Is she the best we can do?’ 

Al Jazeera TV News hour c/- SBSTV Channel 3 three pm Frigasday 24 Apri 2015:
“General Petraeus has been fined US$100,000 for illegally ‘sharing government secrets’ ”. 

PETRAEUS FOR PRESIDENT: Who was General Petraeus? He ‘won’ the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. As a reward he was appointed CIA director. Under his ‘watch’ al Qaeda would be doomed. But then Hillary wanted to be President. She saw General Petraeus, a Republican, as a potential threat. To date 18 other hopefuls are seeking nomination as the Republican Party candidate for President, the elected monarchy into which the US has degenerated.

HILLARY FOR PRESIDENTE: Every honest person knows only Hillary can win as Wall Street, the main bribe-givers, decided for her as early as 2012. This was when she quit after one term as US Secretary of State to spend the next two years raising funds for her 2016 bid. HC now has a reported US$2 billion 'war chest'. All else - the Democratic and Republican Primaries, the opinion polls, the media coverage - are merely pantomime. The next 20 months will see the English-speaking world, via US media dominance, regaled as to the benefits of a female President. 2008 saw us deluged with tales as to the value of a Black President. Has America been made better, stronger or more respected? No. 

HOW PETRAEUS WAS FELLED: Who's better for America and the world, Hillary or Petraeus? We'll never know as he is now a convicted felon and barred from public office FOREVER. What ‘secrets’ did Petraeus share? During informal discussion groups of generals and senior commanders at his home, a female biographer was allowed to ‘sit in’. She later approached US Federal Authorities. Claimed not to be Petraeus’ biographer but a besotted admirer, then later his ‘mistress’. Pro-Left US media lapped it up. None asked: ‘how else does someone write a biography except by meeting with and speaking to your subject’s close associates and co-workers?’ Now appears ‘mistress’ was a deep-cover agent. One clue was the way Petraeus' legal wife has remained loyal throughout.

PRESIDENTIAL P.R.: So what really happened? GP was in fact persuaded by this ‘mistress/ admirer’ to write his biography – possibly as preliminary to running for President in 2016. Certainly not unusual. JFK did so back in 1960. The book, now long forgotten, won an instant Pulitzer Prize. Then Hollywood lauded JFK's WWII exploits in an adulatory film, PT106, starring Cliff Robertson. All this very effective PR built credibility for someone till then seen as a shallow ‘playboy’ Senator. The PR worked. JFK won. This set the pattern for wannabe Presidents ever since.

HONEY-TRAP: Petraeus allowed his biographer to sit in on talks with military brass at his home and to view relevant documents from his wars. She then reported this to the CIA. Is called a ‘honey-trap’ when an attractive female agent is used to lure some unsuspecting male to reveal secrets, then denounce him for it. John Le Carre spy novels are full of this. Petraeus was unsuspecting. As a military man he was unused to dealing with sleazy, female, double agents but as CIA director, he should have rapidly been brought 'up to speed'. Female characteristics lend themselves to this subterfuge as the USA, and the world, will soon discover after the Nov 2016 election. 

FEMALE CHARACTERISTICS: Australians know this well. We were ruled by a she-devil 2009 -2012. Ju-liar boasted of her public lies after they’d got her elected: “If I hadn’t lied you would not have voted for me!” Same thing happened to Queenslanders under the State ALP rule in 2009. We elected Anna Bligh as Ultra-Left ALP Premier. A friend of Ju-liar and from the same Socialist Left (Maoist) faction, Bligh lied to be elected then smirked: “if I hadn’t lied you never would have elected me!” In both cases the Big Lie involved sale of publicly-owned utilities to foreign, mainly Chinese State-owned, corporations. Neither lying bimbo had enough scruples to see anything wrong with giving away our assets to their Maoist fellow-travellers. 

FUTURE FOR U.S.A: Neither will Hillary. Females don’t think like men. Who else could preside over the wholesale slaughter of white babies across the West since 1962 when ‘the pill’ first became available or since ‘Roe vs Wade legalised child-murder in 1973? Their ‘fuzzy logic’ has enabled the destruction of four million Australian souls, 40 million in the US. This silent massacre has left all White lands open to Alien invasion. Yet atheist-humanists like Juliar, Bligh and Hillary proclaim this genocide of Whites ‘wimmin’s right’*. More a wimmins Rite, a blood offering to their god, Moloch. One of ISIL's goals is to enslave all wimmin. 
*Wimmin: A feminist term for 'women without men'. Is slowly being replaced by 'femen' which has the same meaning. 

WE CLUTCH AN ASP TO OUR BOSOM: Men in the West oppose ISIL, yet allow their own wimmin sufficient  autonomy to enable them to slay us all. There is no logic here and we must ask: 'who are the fools, ISIL or Western Man? A question none will ask: is Hillary the 'Whore of Babylon' from Book of Revelation who precedes rule by the anti-Christ (Revelation Ch.17v3-8)?    

RIGHT-WING WHINERS: We have had correspondence from overseas the past three months whining about our ‘negative’ attitudes towards the future of the white Race. Sorry for being honest! 

BOOK REVIEW: Enders Game by Orson Scott Card (London: 1977 Orbit Books) (326pp) 
The popular children’s book series was introduced to the big screen in 2014, starring Harrison Ford as Colonel Graff and Ben Kingsley as Mazer Rakham. The film is an accurate depiction of the original text. EG is the latest in a slew of films and TV shows - like the popular Hunger Games books and films - aimed at teens. They are shown as mini-adults, facing terrors and temptations, yet forced to face them alone. All are placed in the near future. In Hunger Games teens are trained in hand-to-hand combat, then let loose to rampage. Of every 24, 23 must die. We could only approve such dire concepts if they mentally equip White youth for the current Race War. However, if this mass ‘conditioning’ encourages them to simply defend the existing alien-dominated System, we oppose it.  

MORMON PROPAGANDA? Like the author of the Twilight series of books and films EG’s author is a Mormon. We ask: does adherence to this obscure non-Christian sect that produces off-beat thinking? Maybe it's the effect of being an ‘outsider’ in a Protestant-majority America. Mormons, i.e. members of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Saints, are not Christians as most assume. They follow a book of ‘found prophecy’ written by an American. In this way they are similar to Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists or the Church of Scientology. 

AMERICA, HOME OF HERESY: All found fertile grounds in American minds where people of other countries have quickly rejected them as foolish nonsense. “Is why,” said one contact, “the USA has so many such oddball groups and Australia has so few. We are not as gullible or credulous”. But is calling them 'non-Christian’ too harsh? No. All these groups emphasise rule keeping and Old Testament style ‘food laws’ i.e. actions save you. The Christian Gospel or New Testament rejects this approach as ‘works religion’. It posits the radical alternative or ‘grace’ or ‘election’ .Which means? Rather that reaching ‘up’ for GOD He reached ‘down’ to us. The only response required is to accept undeserved 'grace' as a free gift. Works religion negates this allowing you earn salvation. May be why such sects prosper in the USA, home to the ‘self-made man’ of capitalism. 

PLOT: EG's plot is similar to the film Independence Day and the book/film Starship Troopers. Earth is at war with an army of super-intelligent insects who appear to be planning an invasion. In Ender’s Game the switch is only little children (seven years old in the book, raised to 12 years old for the film) have sufficient ‘games skills’ to use high-tech military computers needed to defeat a third, possibly fatal, ‘invasion’. All schooling focuses on finding the best recruits for Battle School where they, at age eight, begin a ten-year training course to become Commanders. Ender Wiggin is so highly skilled he is selected for Battle School at age six (the film raised this to a more credible 12 years old). 

ANGER, MANAGED: This early raising leads to anger and resentment as all at Battle School seek to ‘pull down’ the child prodigy. Unfortunately for them the Wiggins’s family have a propensity for extreme violence and attacks on Ender can end in death. This however is all to plan as far as the teachers are concerned, like a Lord of the Flies situation but under controlled conditions. Hence the similarity to the Hunger Games series. What is it that Sollywood is conditioning our kids for?    

SCI-FI CONDITIONS YOUTH: We asked a sci-fi fan: “why hasn’t Ender’s Game been made into a film before given the rash of sci-fi films in the 1980’s with Star Wars, Star Trek lasting to the present?” “It wasn’t made for…err…technical reasons…” On reading the book we found one reason. Ender gets ‘traded’ at Battle School, i.e. as his skills improve he is swapped between teams. One team he is traded to is not mentioned in the film: Rat Army lead by ‘Rose the Nose’ a Jew. (p.100).
“The commander of Rat Army lay sprawled on a bunk wearing no clothes. There could not have been two more opposite armies than Salamander [his previous team] and Rat. Ender thought undiscipline (sic) would come as a relief. Instead, the rumpled, cluttered, noisy room-barracks made him uncomfortable. ‘I, Rose the Nose, Jewboy extraordinaire. You ain’t nothing but a pinheaded goy, an don’t you forget it’. 
Since the International Fleet [UN Armed Forces in space] had been formed, the Strategos [leader] of the military forces had always been a Jew. There was a myth that Jewish generals didn’t lose wars. And so far it was still true. It made any Jew in Battle School dream of being Strategos and conferred prestige on him from the start. It also caused resentment. Rat Army was often called Kike Force, in parody of Mazer Rackham’s Strike Force [which won the Second Invasion War].  
There were many who liked to remember that during the Second Invasion, even though an American Jew as President was Hegemon of the alliance an Israeli Jew was Strategos in overall command of IF defense and a Russian Jew was Polemarch of the fleet, it was Mazer Rackham a little-known half-Maori New Zealander whose Strike Force broke up and finally destroyed the bugger [insect] fleet around Saturn. If Mazer could save the world then it didn’t matter whether you were a Jew or not, people said.  
But it did matter and Rose the Nose knew it. He mocked himself to forestall mocking by anti-semites – everyone he defeated in the School’s mock ‘battles’ became at least for a time a Jew-hater. But he made sure everyone knew what he was. His army was in second place, bucking for first. ‘I took you on, goy, because I didn’t want people to think I only win because I got great soldiers. I want them to know I can still win with little pukes like you” (p.101)  [Emphasis throughout ours].       
LESSON – ISOLATION AND INNOCENCE LOST: What lesson can children learn from reading Ender's Game? The same they will from most ‘children’s programming’ on TV these days. Adults are absent, father’s are rarely mentioned. ‘Parent’ usually means a lone female who is always at work on her ‘career’ so is unable to help. Ender Wiggin finds this means: (p. 214) 
“after the fight the teachers would come. And the medical staff. To dress the wounds of Ender’s enemy. Where were they before the fight when there were no wounds at all? There was no doubt now in Ender’s mind. There was no help for him. Whatever he faced, now and forever, no one would save him from it. Peter was right [his hated, older brother expelled from Battle School for psychotic violence], always right. The power to cause pain is the only power that matter, the power to kill and destroy because if you can’t kill them you are always subject to those who can and no one will ever save you” (p.214). 
Wonder at the increasing levels of school bullying, street crime by youths and general lawlessness in society? School texts like Enders Game encourage a ‘kill or be killed’ mindset. ‘Popular culture’ is not ours and has not been since the 1960’s. This was when the alien Masters seized it in order to condition us to exterminate each other, saving them the trouble.
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