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Nationalist and Inter-National News Service: Juno 2014, Feb 2015 & Mai 2015

 Nationalist and Inter-Nationalist News Service     Juno 2014 & Feb 2015
N&INS accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. N&INS is an information source only. 
Channel 7 News 11:30 am Monday 30th Juno 2014:
"1,400 refugees have been saved by the Italian Navy over the weekend. That brings a total of 60,000 African and Arab refugees saved from the Mediterranean so far this year”.
“Nine tourists have been wounded In a shooting in Bourbon Street, New Orleans”.
“The Australian Foreign Minister is to travel to Burma”.
“A woman’s body was found in Melbourne’s Botanic Gardens, yesterday”.
“A Pakistani teenage girl has been burnt life after rejecting a marriage proposal”.

Channel 7 News Today 8 am Tuisday 9th Decembis 2014:
“Federal Attorney General George Brandis said today ‘one quarter of the 150 Australians jihadis currently fighting with ISIL have been killed. They were ‘used as cannon fodder’ ”.

Channel 7 News 8 am Wednesday, 24.12.2014: “A 62-year-old man has been beaten to death in Western Sydney” [a white killed by non-whites. RE]

“A man has now assaulted five women across West Brisbane/Bulimba area. He pretends to need help using his own mobile phone” [an African assaults foolish whites. RE]

Channel 7 News 11:45 am Monday 29.12. 2014: "13,000 foreign troops are to remain in Afghanistan. A secret ceremony was held today in Kabul to commemorate the 2,500 foreign troops killed there in the last 13 years. 2,000 of those were Americans and 13 Australians”.

BBC World Service ‘World Have Your Say’ Saturnsday 5am 7 Februa 2015:
Houthi rebels in Yemen have dissolved the Parliament and established rule by a Presidential Council via Revolutionary Committees. We’re asking for comments from our world-wide audience”. “It will fail! Houthi are Shiites and Shiites are a minority in Yemen. The Sunni majority will never accept them”.  “Houthi have a conspiracy theory. The Yemeni government has launched six wars in the past ten years against them but done nothing about growing Al Qaeda influence in Yemen’s South, Sunni majority areas. Many Shiites in the North ask: ‘why?’ ”  “Yemen’s neighbours and ‘allies’ will not allow Houthi rule”. [i.e. Sunni Saudi Arabia & stooge, US].  “US has spent one billion dollars in Yemen on counter-terrorism recently. Where’s it gone? Vanished”. 

SUNNI VERSUS SHIA: Saudis are Sunni, Iran are Shia or Shiite. There is a regional war going on, Sunni versus Shia. US has foolishly sided with the Sunni despots*, against the progressive Shia. Both are now vying to rule the Middle East in the face of imminent US imperial collapse. All but the US public realise that America is financially ruined. It cannot ‘recover’. America has been broken by imperial overreach due to the many wars they’ve fought, and continue to fight, to keep MOTS ‘safe’. 
These wars have not only cost in material and manpower but have cost the USA almost every friend it had in the region. Their only ‘friends’ now are the despotic Saudis accompanied by their fellow travellers from the Medieval past, Kuwait, UAE and Bahrain. All are hated by those they govern but are kept in power purely by US arms and thousands of mercenaries. The populist Shiite uprisings are destined to succeed but if only the US steps aside and allows the despots to be toppled. The true rulers of the USA know this. They help the despots cling to power by creating AQ and ISIL. 

AL QAEDA and ISLAMIC STATE: Both are Sunni creations. Both are heavily funded, as are the Sunni Taliban, by the Saudis and their fellow despots. Iran is a democracy, unlike Saudi Arabia and its fellow travellers. So why doesn’t ‘democratic’ America allow its ascendency? The US elite gain funds from Saudi bankers and lobbyists. US oil companies gain huge, excessive, profits from oil holdings in the land of Saud and their allies. But Iran long ago nationalised its oil. Its oil profits are for local gain, not foreign multinationals. So the US oil companies hate them. This is the same reason the US oil companies ordered the attack on Iraq in 2003. The Iraqi State Oil Co served the interests of Iraq’s people. One of US Occupations first acts was to ‘privatise’ it, i.e. hand it over to US oil giants. Will be the fate of Iran if and when MOTS and the Saudis order the US to attack. Oil means power, literally. Wars are now for oil and other strategic resources. From this leads dominance and regional power. 

POST-COLD WAR WORLD: In 1989 the Berlin Wall came down and the 40-year long Cold War ended. The democratic rulers Russia suggested the, till then, bipolar** world become ‘multi-polar, i.e. regional powers like Nigeria in Africa and Australia in Oceania be allowed to informally ‘rule’ their region. Would be a return to a 19th century idea of ‘Spheres of Influence’. USA refused. Began wars of conquest one year later against ex-USSR allies like Iraq and Somalia. Continued till 9-11 2001 when all in the world realised anyone could become a target at the whim of the world’s new despot, the American President. But back to the Houthis

REGIONAL WARS: The war between the pro-Iranian Houthis and the pro-US Yemeni government is part of this Saudi-Iran battle for regional dominance which should have been decided in 18989 but was deferred .US should not take sides but stand aside. US and EU should support Iran’s version of modified ‘democracy’ which is not unlike the US’ own. Where few are allowed the chance to run for office, money ‘talks’, the masses dumbed down and kept docile. On one hand by strict state/religious controls and censorship on the other by legalised drugs, TV soaps and sports. Iranians suffer under controls but US citizens are enslaved to delusions.’Anyone can be rich’; ‘anyone can be President’. 'All are free and equal’. As Iran’s President said in 2006, remove MOTS from the equation and all becomes clear: the US free of alien culture and control; Iran is a natural hegemon, ruling from North Africa to Russia. Stable and benign as opposed to unstable and chaotic as now under failing US suzerainty. Certainly we see no Iranian sects beheading people on Youtube, unlike these Saudi clones.RE]    

National Indigenous TV Mugu Kids 8am Saturnsday 7th Februa 2015: 
Story-time for preschoolers. Shows a dozen whites and one Abo in a semicircle listening to a white female teacher read them the book Fair Skinned Black Fella. A tale of two black girls who reject a blonde blue eyed girl fro being ‘too white to be black’ till tribal elder Old Ned tells them ‘colour isn’t about skin but whats in your heart’. Teacher concludes” ‘people of all colours can be friends!’ Kids applaud, while looking a t camera. NITV in fully government funded agit-prop network. Makes nonsense for Reds and 1/16 ‘blacks’ who activise ALP/Greens etc. Ban it and save billions of dollars! 
*Despotism: rule by tiny, corrupt elites over the majority. No elections, no Parliament, no freedom. No laws beyond the whim of the current ruler. 

** Bipolar: Ideas that all nations 1945-1989 must adhere to one of two ‘poles’ or Blocs, i.e. pro-US democracies or pro-USSR Socialist dictatorships. Pressure to conform to this ‘two Bloc’ world lead many to choose a third option, the Group of 77 AKA the Non-Aligned Movement or Third World. These refused to make a choice for either side in the Cold War. As neutrals they received funding or bribes from both sides. After 1989 all bribes ceased. The alleged ‘Third World poverty’ we see today occurs solely in countries that relied for 40 years on bribes, never developing their own sources of income. Foreign Aid today is a means of continuing bribes to these same crooks. We oppose it. 

BBC World Service ‘More or Less – a Show About Numbers’ 430am Saturnsday 23rd Mai 2015:
Prof Thomas Kibelfield(J), geneticist:
“My parents are from Estonia but I have traced our DNA back to Siberia and China. By tracing DNA from out of Africa we see a small gene pool left there to move to Europe. We see sever al ‘bottlenecks’ along to he way. One of these occurred 4-8,000 years ago. In Europe it appears there were 17 females for every male. This is now seen to be a world-wide phenomena. We don’t know what could have caused it. We rechecked the figures and found them to be accurate. We suspect it could have come from the trend 10,000 years ago to move from a hunter-gatherer lifestyle to a more sedentary, crop-farming lifestyle but why we do not know”.
[Maybe a worldwide flood? Maybe Noah took 17 wives on board the Ark? Why not! What woman wouldn’t sell herself to survive The Flood? Could also explain the high levels of genetic variations in i.e. the diverse races . What if the three sons of Noah are lonely the three main sons and he had dozens more? Women are generally ignored in the Bible women had their place – as feeders and breeders. RE]
Prof Frank R. Baumgartner(J), political scientist:
“Since the US reintroduced the death penalty in 1976 1,400 people have been executed. Since cases were reviewed 152 were found to be innocent. Execution rates also tend to vary. The highest rate of sentencing to executions is in Virginia where there are strict limits on appeals, only within the first 12 months. So their execution rate is 75%. California has the lowest. Of 1,000 people on death row only 13 have been executed. A judge there recently ruled the death penalty as ‘cruel and inhumane’ as death in fact meant life without parole and so constituted torture. 
World-wide only 39 countries still execute. Another 52 have the death penalty but do not use it. The number of executions has dropped worldwide since 1996*. In China some high profile ceases have shown innocents were executed. In one case a man was killed for killing his neighbour who disappeared. The man later returned ten years later. He had fled as he owed money he could not repay. He was fine but his neighbour has been executed for his murder. Why are so few freed after receiving the death penalty? They usually involve heinous crimes and prosecutors feel they must ’get’ someone. Juries usually conclude the prosecutor must know something or else he wouldn’t seek the death penalty. 
Why so few executions in California? Lawyers delay all proceedings hoping the Supreme Court may outlaw it. So are in not hurry. The System is in no hurry as once on death row the criminals aren’t a ‘danger to the public’. So they see no hurry either. In other countries, where torture is used to gain confessions, such as Algeria, Iran and Afghanistan. Many death penalties there are falsely based". *DNA gene-code was broken allowing scientists to review evidence more accurately. DNA samples were able to exonerate many suspects gaoled purely on wrong ‘eyewitness’ or circumstantial evidence.
BBC World Service News 4am Saturnsday 23 Mai 2015:
"26 FARC rebels were killed in Colombia after an Army attack on one of their bases. Follows a FARC ambush which killed 10 soldiers. Rebels say they will not withdraw from ‘peace talks’".

"Suicide bomber kill 20 Shiites at mosque in Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province. IS claim responsibility". 

(Reporter Hugh Scofield):
"Eiffel Tower worker call a two day strike to protest high level of pickpocket gangs operating there. Say the gangs threaten them then offered to ‘cut’ the take with workers if they cooperate".
[Reporter almost choked on his words as obviously did not want to report this story. Why? They're gypsies, who else. He'd get dubbed as a racist! Rather tell lies in favour of the multi-cult myth! RE]

"Two people were killed in Burundi's capital during protests against the President running for a third term, in defiance of the Constitutional two-term limits. 70,000 fled the country, many to Tanzania".

"Tanzania has announced a cholera outbreak on the shores of a lake neighbouring Burundi after thousands fled to there. Inadequate sanitation is blamed. 29 Burundi refugees and two locals died".
(Reporter Dur Solomon):
"Egypt has passed a Draft Law to establish a regulatory authority to control all broadcasting not just TV and radio but online. The Law is not yet official as the authority has not been created because Egypt has no Parliament to pass laws nor even a timetable to have elections for such a Parliament but the State has already begun closing non-government radio stations. The majority outside of Cairo rely on radio for news and entertainment. Youth have no outlet. They are being silenced. So Radio Gramophone started four years ago from a young man who inherited  a vast library of music from his Dad. Many are Arab jazz and traditional Arab music recordings". 
Reporter Mike Lamchin: "Milagro Granados was a female reporter for El Salvador’s only Leftist newspaper. One of her jobs was to attend church at Archbishop Romero's Cathedral in San Salvador. She would record his sermons, transcribing them for printing in her newspaper the next day. She said: ‘I heard a sound and thought it was an explosion. Then I saw him fall. I thought he'd tripped. I heard later they had shot him through a side door (sic). I thought they would kill us all, but they didn’t”. 
Leftists present in the Cathedral produced their lone handgun and went outside to a low wall where they began opening firing*.

MG: “I saw shapes on rooftops, fleeing. That must be where the attackers struck from”.

"El Salvador’s Civil War began later that day. 35 years afterwards the Pope canonised Romero a saint”.

ANA Comment: Finally, confirmation that armed Red terrorists attended Romero's Masses. He was pro-Communist;  they were armed. 'Other assailants?' No, as the Left did it. Why? Would not be first time Reds killed one of their own. Aim is to create a martyr. Christopher Isherwood, a queer, Leftist minor English poet, was murdered by his own friends during the Spanish Civil War. Why?  To popularise the War in England. It worked. Lorca was a queer Leftist minor poet killed at the start of the Spanish Civil War by his Red allies. Achieved the same ends. JFK, MLK, Malcolm X in the US. All Reds killed by Reds to further their cause.

Did they all agree to be killed, literally 'to do anything' to advance the Cause? How are these Reds, like Romero, any different to Taliban or IS suicide bombers today? Remember it was not Islamists who first began the use of suicide-soldiers but two Leftist groups the Tamil LTTE in Sri Lanka and Kurdish PKK in Turkey. Both widely used female-bombers knowing authorities were less likely to body-search these. Is why Boko Harum in Nigeria and Taliban in Pakistan now use females bombers. When thousands die from US drones attacks and US aerial bombings is logic to use a single bomber, not a whole combat squad. Same logic drove Japanese WWII kamikaze pilots motto: ‘one plane, one ship’. It worked!

But El Salvador? Remember just before Romero's very convenient 'death' in 1980 the fate of Nicaragua was sealed in 1979 by the murder, on air, of a US TV reporter by National Guardsmen. US government under closet Leftist Jimmy Carter reacted immediately, cutting off all arms to Nicaraguan's Somoza regime. Doomed them to a Leftist takeover. A year later, in 1980, the Leftists tried the same stunt in El Salvador using Romero. By then Ron Reagan, a good Presbyterian and clear-sighted, anti-Communist, was now US President. Was not so easily fooled as the starry-eyed Baptist, Carter. RE].
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