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                       STORM ALERT   #60 
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byIxul Dante     20th Mai  2015  
NO RE-CON-CILIATIONWhy We Oppose Abo* Reconciliation** & Constitutional ‘Reform’

FAKE CAUSES: In the lead-up to NAIDOC*** Week 2015 we have seen many TV ads promoting ‘reconciliation’ and pushing for ‘Constitutional Recognition’ for Abos. We are opposed to all these, including a Week to ‘celebrate’ the one percent who HATE White Australia and seek its destruction. 

WANTED FUNDS: In Mai 2015 it was revealed that each year Abos get AUD$30 billion from the taxpayer. Averages $45,000 per Abo across Australia, peaking in Northern Territory at $63,000 per head, per year. The same day the media informed us that an Australian Federal Police Commander would soon be appointed to ‘save’ AUD $1 billion currently being 'stolen' by white welfare cheats. We can think of a quick way to save $300 billion over ten years: deport all ‘Abos’ back to India (see* below). We could pay the Indians to accept them just as we now pay Nauru PNG and Cambodia to take our unwanted alien refos. Tp dump our refusees in these two countries costs $500 million and $55 million per year but is worth it. India may charge even less! 

ALIEN MASTERS: Since 1929 the Abo has been a pet project of Australia's atheist/alien Left. Nothing has changed. Abos amount to only 1% of our population yet were legally handed rule of Australia by the ALP in 1993 (Mabo Case) and 1995 (Wik Case). Was the most corrupt governments Australia had seen, till then. We've since exceeded them. Many of these aliens fled South Africa after 1994 when their 80 year-long campaign to topple white-rule there succeeded. Murder of 70,000 South African whites since is, for them, cause for celebration. They come to Australia not as refugees but hoping to replicate their South African ‘success’. As in South Africa they are supported by the wealth of the Wall Street elite plus their local minions. 

THEIR GOAL? Their goal remains unchanged: as in US, UK and NZ, it is to defraud whitey out of his wealth on behalf of their alien Masters. These same aliens funded South Africa's so-called ‘liberation movement’. Both founded and funded Abo ‘rights' groups from their origins till the present. As they did US ‘civl rights’ run by such notorious leaders as MLK and Malcolm X. Don’t be duped. We owe nobody nothin’; treat these thieves as you would any mendicant.  

*Abos: don’t exist. They came here 700 years ago during the last Mini Ice Age. Indian scienits have provedn from Abo  DNA, they originate in South India among tribes there. Same dreamtime myths, same languages, everything. Were not First People but second and even third. Slew those who were First, using killer dog packs, the Thai wolf or ‘dingo’.

** Reconciliation:a fake name for asserting their imagined racial superiority. How can they ‘reconcile’ with the Eurasian majority? Vietnamese, Chinese, Greeks and Italians who really built this land? By peddling race-hatred, implied difference and pretending ‘whitey’ owes them. The Recon con-job plays on white Christian guilt, when majority are no longer white or Christian.Is time whites wake up to themselves. They need to topple the corrupt elite who use ‘Abo’ issues to swindle them out of their legal rights and property.We ‘owe’ nothing to nobody. Whites were dragged here as convict-slaves but still built a continent. Send these Indians back to India! 

***National Abo and Islander Day of Concern. Now lasts a week. Staged annually to incite race-hate and white guilt. Send 'em to India! 

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