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National and Inter-Nationalist News Juno 2015

Juno 2015
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Arabs and International Sports: ABC 936AM 10am Solday 7th Juno 2015:
Reporter Tim Vetry: “Ten years ago no Arab money was going into world sport. Now it is very high. They fund the Melbourne Cup and own Collingswood AFL Club, Melbourne. The funds from the three Arab airlines Qatar Air, Emirates and Etihad spend $160 million in EU football clubs and $20 million in Australia sports sponsorships”.

Professor Amin Cirkar of the University of Vienna and Australian National University: “What do they want back? They have no local sports teams so why fund ours? It is for foreign policy difficulties. They want a place at the ‘top table’. This is why Qatar sponsored the 2022 Football World Cup”.

Vetry: “Qatar uses the Kapala System(?). All labour employed in Qatar are employed under the former East European system of internal passports. You cannot travel without one. They make no difference between Indians and Westerners”.

Guy Ford: “The Mid-East take a 'long view' on investments as they are in the same time-zone as Europe for, for example, Grand Prix racing”.

Qatari Charge D’Affaire, Canberra, Mohamed Al Jabir: “We're the first country in the Mid-East to host a FIFA World Cup. It's important to us” [are competing with other Arab countries for status. RE].

“FIFA may be a multinational corporation but it doesn’t play by those rules. There were allegations of corruption at the World Cup in France 1998 and in South Africa, 2010. In fact, every World Cup since 1998 has smelt of corruption”.

“The Palestinian FIFA representative wanted a vote to have Israel expelled for discrimination against Palestine players. He was forced to drop it under pressure from African and 'Other' representatives”.

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