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STORM 142 Aug-Sept 2015

No. 142         Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action         Augustus-Septembis 2015
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only

STORM gets information from ‘insiders’, SCUTTLEBUTT. We can’t confirm stories. Here’s the latest:

‘GREENIES, THE TROUBLE WITH…’ @ 21st Augustus 2014: "I’m a farmer with 155 acres at Kingaroy, 500 km North-East of Brisbane. I spent $10,000 on a new pump to irrigate my crops but I can’t use it. It’s solar-powered but trees cover the area so it’s always in shade.  Greenies reported me to the Environmental Protection Agency so now I can’t trim trees or cut 'em down. I’m near a road so local Greenie nuts watch my house. Local MP is LNP;  promised to help me but they can’t get anywhere. I’m overrun with snakes and fruit bats but I can’t do anything.  Both are ‘protected’ so Greenies watch me for that, too. Snakes ‘protected’? Greenies say they're an ‘endangered species’. Since when?! Where’s the proof? It’s crazy. Nothing has changed since we tossed the ALP out in 2012. The LNP don't seem much better”. 

Old Mr Sex @17 October 2014:  ”I’m 77 years old. I used to be a horse trainer in my younger days. And women? Well, I had 13 children from 11 women – only two of them was legitimate, the rest was bastards. But in them days, no one ever sued ya for child support or nothing. Despite that I got myself de-sexed when I turned 27 years old. I thought – that‘s enough!”

Italian Grandma From Uruguay @13 November 2014:  “My grandson ‘e say to me: ‘Nonna [grandma] I is Aussie, Okay?’ I say: ‘yeah, you is Ozzy! Is gut here, jah?” [Every alien claims to be ‘Aussie’ but us whites aren’t included. Go figure! RE]. 

EDITORIAL – DEATH OF THE WEST: Is this to be another ‘doom n gloom’ piece? No, but in any War we need to consider this simple fact: are we winning? In the current Race War the answer for whites everywhere is a most definite: NO. The next questions therefore are: ‘how did we get to this point? ’and ‘what actions could we render that may we alter the outcomes, i.e. save our Race?’ 

How did we get to this point? BBC World Service reported in Mai 2015:
"The International Organisation for Migration [a UN body] says: 'it is inconceivable the EU is not doing more to assist African migrants seeking to cross the Mediterranean seeking a better life'. So far this year 200,000 have made the dangerous journey”. 

Why should people assist their invaders? In the USA and Australia similar Left-wing demands force whites to aid those seeking to enter and replace them. We view this as national suicide but the Left and most women are not so wise. The controlled media and courts do their bit, whipping up ‘popular anger’ at required moments and passing Leftist laws to deafening applause from the dumbed-down masses.  

Abortion: In 1973 the infamous Roe vs Wade case was decided in the USA. This established the principle(sic) of a women’s ‘right’ to murder her own children even if her husband disagreed. Of course it did not say that but over time and many court cases that is what has occurred. Currently Australia murders, legally, 300,000 pre-born white babies per annum and the US 1.3 million. Over the 42 years since R v W that means four million fewer whites to defend our land and 40 million fewer US whites. Of course, blacks and Others are encouraged to breed, paid by our taxes to do so. The same media and courts that almost ban our lives fully protect and promote theirs. So ‘Quo Vadis’ as the ancient Romans said: ‘which way from here?’ 

Options: Do we burn down the courts and Parliaments that so doom us? Mow down the media? Go on an ISIL-style murder spree, beheading all who oppose us? The mantra 'keep it legal' wears thin when you remember Stalin & Co murdered 50 million Russians, legally. Unlike the ceaseless persecution of servants of the legitimate 1933-45 German government, no one from the Soviet era tyranny 1917-91 has EVER been prosecuted. We’d appreciate feedback. 

DVD REVIEW: Kako Se Magao Izbeci Rat: Bosni I & II (What you may have missed in the Bosnian Wars) 180 minutes TV documentary from Bosnian Serb TV Circa 1997. Subtitles but no captions of those interviewed. 

“Serb population of Mostar, capital of Herzegovina, was eliminated in June 1992 by Muslim/Croat attacks. These genocidal attacks went unreported by Western media, with the exception of the British Guardian newspaper. The first atrocities of the 1992-95 war in Bosnia-Herzegovina took place in East Bosnia. Were by Muslim terrorists attacking Serb villages e.g. Kamenica and Milici where 500 unarmed civilians were massacred when they gathered to celebrate Orthodox Christmas Eve, 1993. The Muslim terrorists were operating from nearby Srebrenica, stronghold of warlord Nasera Orica. Is why Bosnian-Serb forces attacked it in 1995. Western media reported the later attack but ignored Orica’s three-year reign of terror which provoked it. 

"The Serbs were too poor to afford proper propaganda, unlike Bosnia's Muslims who hired a major Public Relations firm in Washington, DC to put their case before the US public, media and polity. An added feature of the ‘p.r. war’ was most reporters preferred comfort and convenience of the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo, to reporting from ‘the battlefield’. Inevitable result: they became biased, captives to the Bosnian government viewpoint". 

"Roy Gutman was an early ‘victims’ of this unwitting bias. Encouraged by the Muslim government, he won the 1992 Pulitzer Prize for dubbing Serb-run prisoner-of-war camps ‘death camps’ alluding to alleged German WWII practices. Instantly got the interest of Holocaust polemicists like Simon Weisenthal. The main Serb POW/‘death camp’ Gutman targeted was Omarska.  Gutman’s sole source was Jadranka Cigelj, spokesman for Croatia's Ustasha and member of Germany's Neo-fascist NDP".  US ABC network reporter Peter Jennings repeated what Gutman said, without checking facts. He, too, relied solely on Jadranka Cigelj who accused many, mainly Omaska’s Commander Zelika Mijacica.

The International Criminal Court indicted ZM but could not proceed as they found Cigelj an ‘unreliable witness’. All charges against ZM were dropped for ‘lack of evidence’. Weeks after Peter Jennings articles appeared the US State Department’s war crime investigators were forced to agree with the ICC: ‘there was no evidence of Serb mass killings’. Was not reported by any major US media outlet. International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), who had looked into the case, reported: "mot just Serb but all three combatant forces have such POW camps". 

The worst-run POW camp was not Serb but by Muslims, at Konjica. Another Muslim-run ‘camp’ held Serb survivors of a massacre in a disused railway tunnel. A Croat-run POW camp at Dretelj killed Serb prisoners on a weekly basis; torture was the norm. Sarajevo's Muslims kept Serb POW's in a drainpipe; no Western media bothered to report this. Serbs were held as POW's across the country long after war’s end in 1995.  Lord David Owen said: “All parties in Bosnia stand accused: no one is innocent!” 

Alleged Serb 'death camp' Omarska was closed in 1992 after only four months, but not the Muslim-run death camp at Konjica. Who was LDO? In August 1992 he had replaced Lord Carrington as European Union Commissioner for Bosnia-Herzegovina. At first, thanks to a biased media, he was very anti-Serb but quickly found Bosnian forces routinely staged media ‘incidents’ to get international sympathy.

  LDO later gave an example: ‘UN military observers watched as a Bosnia-Herzegovina Army (BHA) unit mortared Serb positions from the grounds of the Kosovo Hospital, Sarajevo. They then fled as a BH-government TV crew arrived and set up, waiting for the Serb response - which wasn’t long in coming. Serb counter-fire hit the Kosovo Hospital. Only this appeared on the evening News.”

UN Commander for Bosnia-Herzegovina, French General Philip Morijon wrote at the time to the BH government, criticising such cynical behavior. It was not made public [Mi moramo da zivimo ovde – we have to live with this”]. BH forces later made three kill-attempts on General Morijon. LDO later said: “the US has Cowboys ‘n’ Indians, good versus bad approach in their media.  They had cast  Bosnia’s Moslems as goodies so the Serbs had always to be the baddies”. 

DVD REVIEW: 1612: Producer Nikita Mikhalkov; Tri Te Studio, Renova-Media; Studio Zolotoy Orel. Funded by the Federal Culture Agency of the Russian Federation. Director Vlad Khotinenko. (2012) (143 minutes).

When Tsar Gudonov died his young son Fedor took his place. The Polish king Sigismund chose to support a rival candidate for the throne, Dmitry the outcast son of another Tsar, Ivan the Terrible. Dmitry, was a convert to Romanism and puppet of the Polish king. He lead a Polish Army to Moscow where on June 1st 1605 his allies inside Moscow murdered young Tsar Fedor. along with his mother. 

Fedor’s older sister Xenia was seized, forcibly converted from Orthodox to Roman Christianity and married a Polish nobleman. The Russian people and nobles or Boyars refused to accept her. Russia’s Time of Troubles had begun. Over seven years over ten claimants to the throne of Moscow battled each other.  

Tsar Dmitry entered Moscow Juli 1605. The Polish Army persuaded the Russian Parliament or Duma to swear allegiance to Dmitry. Tsar Dimtry ruled for only one year. By then both Russians and Poles despised him. He was murdered, burned as a heretic and his crushed bones fired from a cannon ‘towards the West as that is whence he came’. For six years there was no Tsar. 

Finally, for three days, from 1st-3rd September 1612 Polish forces battled outside Moscow to relieve their besieged garrison in the Kremlin. They were defeated. On the 4th November 1612 the combined Polish-Lithuanian forces in the Kremlin were forced to surrender to their Russian besiegers. 
"On 28th Februa 1613 a new Tsar emerged victorious, Mikhail Romanov. Once crowned, his dynasty ruled for 300 years…"
This is one of many Russian films, all by government agencies, proclaiming the clear message: they wish to remain free of Western control. Their history is replete with foreign interventions and incursions, not just Napoleon and A. Hitler but many others before. Will the West listen? Will the EU and America? 

Must War come again due to Western desires for others goods and resources? Is this new Age of Imperialism our last? While whites from East and West battle again, the Turd Worlders crouch and watch, feed and breed, sustained by our ‘foreign aid’. They are the only possible winners. 

BOOK REVIEWAutopsy for an empire: Seven leaders who built the Soviet regime by Dr General D. Volkogonov (NYC: Free Press, 1998)

P200: “19th Februa 1954 USSR transferred Krim Oblast to Ukraine SSR from RSFSR to celebrate 300 anniversary of reunification of Ukraine and Russia”.

P201: “News of the reunification a week after, on 19thFebrua 1954, was greeted with indifference everywhere - including Ukraine itself”.

P.228: “whereas Lenin and Stalin were feared, Khrushchev was laughed at. As a reformer he was not understood”.

P247: “Following the Cuban Missile Crisis [Octobis 1962] there was a growing discontent with Khrushchev among the rest of the Presidium, in top military circles and among Orthodox Communists. He was removed as first secretary in October 1964. The 14 Octobis 1964 Report to the Central Committee Plenum stated: ‘Comrade Khrushchev declared in a speech that if the USA touched Cuba we would launch a strike on it. He insisted our Missile be sent to Cuba. This provoked the crisis. Having no way out we were forced to accept all the demands of the USA’. 

This report to the plenum ousting Khrushchev after ten years in power [1954-64] stated the USSR had during that time ‘undertaken 6,000 projects in Egypt, Iraq, Indonesia, India, Ethiopia and Guinea. Guinea got an airport, power station, cannery, sawmill, hospital and hotel. All these costly projects only became an issue when the leadership decided to oust Khrushchev. Khrushchev saw the need for reform but tried to change society using older, Bolshevik methods though his comrades saw him as departing from Marxism-Leninism. He became completely isolated”.

P.248: ”With the exception of Khrushchev and Gorbachev, all seven leaders of the USSR remained in office till death. Lenin, helpless and virtually infantile; Stalin his mind clouded; Brezhnev who came to resemble a stuffed dummy; Andropov wired up for months to an artificial kidney, and Chernyenko, who lost the capacity to speak”.

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