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STORM No. 143 Octobius-Novembis 2015

No. 143          Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action        Octobius-Novembis 2015
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only

STORM gets information from ‘insiders’, SCUTTLEBUTT. We can’t confirm stories. Here’s the latest:

‘The Golden Mile’ 9th December 2014: 30-ish Indian businessman: 
“My friend lives in Vancouver’s Golden Mile.  His house is worth ten million Canadian dollars. They have their own Bat-cave as a garage! The area is so exclusive, they ‘walled it up’: you can’t build there anymore. You can’t buy; they won’t sell”. STORM: “So what business is his family involved in?” “Err…the import/export business”.

Tribal Peoples - you're never gonna beat ‘em!’ 9th December 2014: 
A 60-year-old white female: “I travelled across Afghanistan in 1972 by bus. It was safe back then! There was a king, but there were still tribal fights. A bus-trip? Everyone was doing it back then. They call it ‘the Hippy Trail’ now. It went from Kathmandu to London. There were hashish cakes sold at every roadside stall. I remember, one time our driver ate so many he passed out for 24 hours and we had to wait for him to wake up before we could continue our journey”. 

Second white female white female listening in, chimes in. 89 years old, she says: “Tribal fights?! Let me tell you, you’ll never beat tribal people! I lived in Arnhem Land in Northern Territory [only area of Australia unconquered by whites] for a long time. The Aborigines love to fight! It fills up their dull, dreary days.  It really does give them an excuse to dress up and to dance around. That’s why you can’t beat tribal peoples. Fighting is their only fun!”

"Only Five Whites…" 1st Augustus 2015: An elderly white female donated: "I went to a Citizenship Ceremony yesterday. Of 78 there only five were whites, including my British husband". She seemed shocked but soon changed the conversation when it appeared to become 'racial'. Why is it whites only appear to see danger when it is too late, but even then shy away? Are they afraid to state the obvious? We are being invaded and our land stolen, while we wave and smile, slowly sinking beneath the waves of inrushing aliens. We blame the media, courts, parities, for creating a mind-set where treason seems is preferable to survival.

EDITORIAL: BBS World Service 4am Moonday 17th Augustus 2015: Interview with Justice Sacks(J):
“I was a member of the South African ANC and was desperate to be taken seriously by the Security Police but they just saw me as a naughty boy. They said: ‘we’re going to send you home to your mother!’ But when she arrived she signalled to me not to talk. She knew they were bugging us. She wasn’t going to let them use her to break me. Later they tortured me – they deprived me of sleep – and I broke down. Now I am a judge. I have seen those who arrested me since. They have all apologised!”   

‘Reptilians Rule…’ More nonsense from the Internet. Back in mid-2014, there was much talk of ‘reptilians’. Skilful photo-shoppers intercut real TV interviews to ‘prove’ certain famous folk were in fact reptiles. Went ‘viral’ (became popular) for a while, then interest subsided. We suspected, as usual, the Unseen Hand, as in much ‘Net activity. After this reptile episode we found when we tell young, media-savvy, prospective recruits: ‘did you know such and such is in fact an X?’ we got an odd reception. They would say: ‘Oh, you probably think they are reptiles, too?” Thereafter, they avoid us. No amount of facts or objective testimony can convince them to join us. They’ve been pre-conditioned to reject any argument based on Race. 

ENEMY OUTS SELF: In the same way, increasing numbers of Generation X group are ‘coming out’ publicly, as sexual deviants. When we point them out we do not get the reaction we anticipate. Instead, we get a shocked, then bemused, look: ‘Aha! These guys are fools!’ Then they smirk and slink away, chuckling to themselves. A friend told us: ‘the mental shutters come down; end of discussion’. How do we WN/NS groups overcome this mental conditioning? 

LONE WOLVES: The pre-conditioning is present throughout the media and education system. The few who refuse it are often also mentally unstable. WN/NS groups recruit them for their clear-sightedness but they can bring with them a high degree of social ineptitude and a tendency for violent outbursts. What makes them immune to Enemy social conditioning also renders them immune to correction by us. They remain loose cannons whether as members of WN/NS groups or as ‘Lone Wolves’. They won’t be corralled and could explain of high levels of disunity across the Rightist spectrum. 

REDOS: Many ex-South Africans now reside in Australia. They are on the rise through the media, arts, and literary circles especially in the government-funded, but Left-controlled, ABC and SBS Radio/TV Networks. These often boast of their role in the South Africa’s ‘anti-apartheid’ (i.e. anti-white) movement. May look white but aren’t; their hearts are black as pitch. Dig deeper and you’ll find their origins are often in ‘Eastern Europe’ as post-WWII refugees. Post-war the South African government, just like Australia’s, were desperate for white settlers. Took in any who looked white. Regrettable. A lesson to be learned.

EUROPEAN IMMIGRATION CRISIS: In 2015 the weak EU was unable to save itself from giving sanctuary to 300,000 Africans who forced their way ashore, aided by Enemy agents masquerading as ‘antifascist’/‘human rights’ groups. WN/NS activists must help the public see the truth behind the noble titles: these groups, often made up of the same people, are hateful anti-whites. South Africans were unwise to ‘clasp an asp to their buxom’. They fell and are now being slaughtered. Let us be the ones to stop the rot, HERE.  

DVD REVIEW: Kako Se MagaoIzbeci Rat: Bosni I & II (What you may have missed in the Bosnian Wars) 180 minutes TV documentary from Bosnian Serb TV Circa 1997. Subtitles but no captions of those interviewed. (Part Three. See Part Two on STORM 142). 

 “On 27 May 1992, 20 were killed and 70 wounded in the infamous ‘Sarajevo breadline’ massacre, three days prior to a UN vote on whether to impose sanctions on the Bosnian Serbs. Given the importance of the vote, the Serbs were desperate to avoid a negative vote so they ceased all shelling of Sarajevo for four days prior, i.e. at least 24 hours before the massacre. This temporary ceasefire was confirmed by UN troops on the ground. However,  BH government TV took footage of the massacre. Sent it directly to US TV networks immediately after the attack, these then blamed the Serbs. US government and media agreed:”the Serbs did it!” 

This despite UN confirmation that two previous such attacks had been initiated by the BH government forces against its own people. Canadian UN troops had witnessed these. Leonard Doyle, reporter for the London Independent newspaper, later detailed these cases in his article: ‘Muslims Slaughter Their Own People’. Eyewitnesses reported hearing at least five BH government radio station broadcasts of a “free bread distribution” planned for 27 May 1992. When a large enough crowd had assembled they found there was no bread but instead a TV crew was waiting as well as a group of ambulances. Then the mortars began falling. 

This was the first three staged attacks on the same Markala Market, all done just prior to key US, EU, UN meetings. Serbs were coerced into signing the EU’s Vance-Owen Peace Plan only to see it rejected by the US. LDO: “under Vance-Owen we left 38% of Bosnia-Herzegovina in government hands. But [after US intervention], the Muslim government started demanding 100%!” 

In 1993 Bill Clinton became US President. His Republican opponents, lead by Bob Dole, were strong advocates for separation of both Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina from the Serb-dominated Yugoslav Federation. . Using this overt support, during 1993 Croat and Muslim forces launched fierce attacks on poorly armed Serbs in West and Central Bosnia. These assaults went unreported by the US media. They did not fit in US view of the war as between ‘good’ Muslims and ‘bad’ Serbs. 

US opposition to Vance-Owen forced the EU to adopt a second approach, the Owen-Stoltenberg Plan. This September 1993 plan envisioned three equal republics in Bosnia-Herzegovina, with capital cities in Mostar and Sarajevo. Would be based on a Swiss model of ‘cantons’, with Mostar under UN control. LDO found out that, again, US officials sabotaged the talks, pressuring the Muslim government not to sign. 

The US State Department, following US Ambassador to the UN Madeline Albright(J), were entirely pro-Muslim. LDO found Albright and US Secretary of State Warren Christopher “sabotaged all EU peace attempts in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Frustrated, the EU finally invited the US to join its ‘peace process’. But, now with open US support, the Muslim government rejected every peace offer. Thanks to US support the Muslim government now received direct military aid from US allies Turkey, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia as well as Iran and Sudan. 

French/UN troops told LDO US 'aerial aid drops' into Western BH were in fact arms drops. WDR TV (Germany) reported EU monitors smuggling arms to Muslim forces. One accused was Christian von Bechold, BND agent running German ‘Special Operations’ throughout the Muslim Zone. U.S. Air Force C-130’s flew arms to Muslim units based in Tuzla airport, another UN ‘Safe Haven’. Was one of five in BH. 

US Assistant Secretary of State Richard Holbrook(J), former US ambassador to Germany, repeatedly denied these were arms shipments, despite evidence from French and UK intelligence agencies. Holbrook simply said: “we didn’t do it”. He was contradicted by two articles, in The New York Times on page A8, 5/22/1996 and a Los Angeles Times’ article by Tim Weiner: ‘US Turns Blind Eye To Iran Arms For Bosnia’

BOOK REVIEWAutopsy for an empire: Seven leaders who built the Soviet regime by Dr General D. Volkogonov (NYC: Free Press, 1998)

P.248: “The first attack on Khrushchev came 18-21 June 1957. Old Stalinists in the Presidium could not forgive him his attack on Stalin. They were all implicated in the bloody purges and had become used to the regime as it was. Khrushchev was rescued by KGB Chief General Serov who (P.249) alerted the Central Committee which then met 22-29 June 1957. 121 Central Committee members met; 60 spoke. They feared a return to the old Order of police rule”.

P 334: “Yuri Andropov was Ambassador to Hungary 1954-57. He was a firm advocate of ‘tough measures’. He assisted in the arrest of both Hungarian Prime Minister Imre Nagy and Hungarian Defence Minister Pal Malater. Andropov had persuaded Nagy to leave the Yugoslav Embassy. Despite assurances, he was then arrested and shot six months later. Yuri and Imre had been a friends from when both served in the Soviet NKVD”.

P.335: “10th November 1982, Leonid Brezhnev died. He was replaced by Yuri Andropov who, after 15 years as head of the KGB, had concluded the use of concentration camps was ineffectual. It had discredited both the CPSU and the USSR. It was his decision to shift policy away from physical terror to spiritual and ideological control over society”.

P 336: “Andropov believed the only way to preserve the stagnant system was by maintaining control of thought, public opinion and the people’s minds”.

P337: “On 12 Augustus 1952, 13 leaders of the Jewish Antifascist Committee were tried and executed. KGB maintained ‘permanent surveillance’ of ex -Prime Minister Alexander Kerensky till 1963. Was only halted due to his ‘advanced age and ill-health’ ”.

P.338: “White Russian, anti-Soviet generals Miller and Kutepov were kidnapped from Paris in the 1930s”.

P383: “Until 20th CPSU Congress in 1956 the Soviet people saw the future through the lens of official ideology. A promised Communist Utopia was threatened by ‘capitalist encirclement’. Following the 20th Congress, against a background of the unexpectedly ‘evil’ Stalin, the ‘good’ Lenin appeared even more of a genius and infallible prophet. People began to see Bolshevik ‘truths’ as expressions of a big lie within a whole system lies”.

P393: “Polish thinker Leszek Kolakowski said: “in totalitarian societies lies serve a special function. Versions are released for the people from above and can be altered the next day. There is no reliable criterion of truth apart from what is the declared truth at any moment. The lie becomes the truth. The distinction between lie and truth disappears. This was the greatest triumph of Socialism: it succeeded in demolishing the notion of truth so it could never be accused of lying”.

P.395: “Under Socialism society had no part in selecting of leaders. Even the Party was excluded. The top echelon appointed themselves, from a small clan of functionaries. When a leader died all people could do was wait by a radio to hear who would succeed him”.

P.424: “In 1984 the stagnation under Chernyenko threatened total collapse, prompting some into action. Numbers of artists and diplomats fleeing the country leapt. KGB chief Chebrikov reported: 
‘1,223 writers of the nationalist or politically-harmful material were apprehended. Of these, 89 were CPSU members. In Ukraine, the Baltic States and Transcaucasia 17 illegal nationalist groups were rendered harmless. 75 attempts by nationalists to commit extremist acts were prevented. 11 were in Tiblisi, Georgia. 13 nationalists were charged in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia’. This shows that long before bloody events occurred, signals arriving of nationalist unrest”.

P.432: “Russia’s misfortunes stem from the fact she never understood the concept of ‘liberty’ ”.

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