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          STORM ALERT# 61 
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By Ixul Dante    5th Septembis 2015 
A BURNING RAGE: Australia’s Descent, from White to Darkness
BRIGHT FUTURE: Australia was founded in 1788 as a White colony of White Britain. No African slaves were imported, no local so-called ‘Abo’ labour was available. Instead, 160,000 White slaves, convicts were used. ¼ were Irish rebels and paupers. Others were drawn from SW London petty criminals and pioneer English trade union activists. The presence of so many ‘activists’ later lead to two revolts – 1804’s Vinegar Hill and 1854’s Eureka (Ballarat). Both were lead by Irishmen. The 1854 saw a large number of Americans take part, former California ‘49ers’. If an outpost of White civilization is to survive, we is a logical location. An entire continent, self-sufficient in food and fuel. 

FUTURE DERAILED: In 2007 John Howard’s anti-immigrant Liberal-National Coalition government was defeated over a minor labour ‘reform’ bill by the pro-migrant ALP/Greens alliance over ‘Work Choices’, a minor ‘labour reform’ bill. The newly installed Kevin Rudd ALP government rapidly raised immigration from 140,000 per year with zero tolerance for illegals to 300,000 per year, all non-whites, and ‘open borders’. This was followed by the Julia Gillard ALP government 2009-2012. 8,500 refos arrived on our Northern shores. White public outrage saw the LN returned to power. Tony Abbott’s ‘Turn Back the Boats’ policy is widely popular, so illegals ended but the 300, 000 p.a. non-white continue to arrive, a spreading stain of Indians, Chinese and Africans.

Z.P.G. FOR WHITES: Australia achieved dubious status of Zero Population Growth* in the 1970’s following Whitlam ALP government ‘reforms’ to marriage and birth laws. Abortion and divorce were thereafter freely available.  By 2015 100,000 White children are murdered p.a. and 54% of marriages end in separation. Worse, 56% do not even marry living ‘de facto’ as ALP reforms give de facto and married the same status. As a result half of White children born here lack one parent and/or legitimacy.  

ALP MEDIA MONOPOLY: One result of the 1972-75 radical ALP Whitlam government was a total takeover of the media and education sectors by Leftists, mainly pro-Chinese Maoists. No one works in education or the media here who is not a Communist. No other views are tolerated. It is a minor miracle the LNP ever win or retain office. It is solely due to rampant ALP corruption and incompetence, rivalling the last days of the Soviet era. ALP appartchiks literally, in the local parlance, ‘can’t run a bath’. It is only their total media control that gets them regularly re-elected. Of course, dozens of minor parties exist but fail to win seats due to the ALP-controlled media’s blackout. This same Censorate even use the term ‘two party-preferred’ to emphasis they only acknowledge the two ‘Major’ parties as existing. These two obey the dictat and agenda of Asian ‘investors’ and globalists like R. Murdoch, infamous for his News of the World (UK) FOX News (US). 

LITTLE AUSTRALIA versus BIG AUSTRALIA: When Rudd was foisted on us by Murdoch and Co in 2007 one of his first pronouncements was of a ‘Bigger Australia’. Australia since the Whitlam takeover in 1972 had been regaled with Greenie radicals in our schools and media demanding we ‘protect the environment’ by having fewer children and reducing our ‘footprint’ on our ‘fragile continent’. Modern women were only too happy to comply, forgoing childbearing for ‘careers’. Any accidental conceptions were rapidly deleted via free abortions and ‘morning after pills’. This ‘scorched womb’ policy left the continent empty – till 2007.  

‘BIG AUSTRALIA’ TO BE NON-WHITE: The fewer of us - 21 million in an area only slightly smaller than the USA – was then reversed. This 40-years hiatus was now disparaged as the era of  ‘Little Australia’. Via Asian and African immigration we were now to become ‘Big Australia’. All the previously raucous  Greenie experts fell silent. ALP hacks to the core, they had done their job: prevent the emergence of a White Continent in the South Pacific. They had encouraged and aided the deletion of an entire generation of white reproduction. Three million babies killed 1973-2013. These same Greens now became ‘Big Australia’ advocates and boasted we would be 35 million by 2050 AD. An increase of 14 million over 35 years, all non-white, leaving us with a non-white majority. 

NO DEBATE: No debate was encouraged or even allowed. The ALP-controlled media closed ranks. By 2013 we had risen to 24 millions, the newer three million entirely non-white. What shocked many older Whites was how angry and hateful the new migrants were, whether poor Africans or rich Indians. They collectively show only contempt for us and our country. Their attitude appears to be: ‘what the Hell are you still doing here, Whitey?!” Instances of ‘racism’ soon spiralled, most famously the ironically named 2014 Adam Goode case where a 6’4” Australian Football League player had a 13 year old White girl arrested for calling him an ‘ape’ at a footy match. Two weeks later, after non-stop media adulation, weak Liberal PM Tony Abbott named Goode 2014’s ‘Australian of the Year’.

AGITATE, EDUCATE, ORGANISE: Despite this, or maybe because of it, at every subsequent match Goode was booed off the field for the next six months. By 2015, with the ALP media chiding the public, fans deserting the highly politicised AFL code and AFL clubs threatening fans with life bans and suspensions for ‘racism’, ‘racism’ was worse than ever. Was clear AFL had become an Abo ‘job creation scheme’ and was no longer a sport. White masses smelled a rat and stayed away, choosing NRL and soccer instead. More irony here, as NRL is owned by Murdoch and Soccer Australia/FFA by Lowy, a friend of Silverstein of the WTC 9-11 ilk.

SMOULDERING RAGE: What will it take to ignite this smouldering rage, this inchoate sense that ‘something is not right’? The role of all White Right groups, and the many ‘lone wolves’, must be to:
1.   Educate the public; 2. Motivate the public; 3. Make them aware of solutions.
2.   To summarise Lenin: “Agit-Prop is our method. Agitate the masses, awakening them to their oppression then Propagandise them into becoming political activists”.  Or as US Black activists have been saying since the 1960’s: ‘Agitate, Educate, Organise’.   
*ZPG: A term coined by Malthusian ‘Population Bomb’ terrorists to describe when population growth by births falls below natural death rates. Since 1970’s Australia’s population increase has been solely via immigration.

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