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STORM #145 Februa-Mars 2016

No. 145            Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action            Februa-Mars 2016
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only

STORM gets information from ‘insiders’, SCUTTLEBUTT. Can’t confirm stories. Here’s the latest:

Overheard @15 April 2014: Asian female professional talking to 2 Indian customers:
Indians: “where are you from? Malaysia?”
She: “No! Everyone says that. I’m from Nepal. Things there are … not good…”
They: “We know. We’re from South Africa. Politics there, they’re… not good…”
[Wake up, Australia! How long before these pollute us, too. ‘Welcome’ aliens? No way! RE]

Older White Female@ 15th April 2015: "I worked in the kitchen of a Jewish nursing home in Sydney [New South Wales]. We had to follow all the ‘kosher’ food laws but… the nursing home had no Jews. Residents were Roman Catholics. Jews refused to stay there: they hate kosher food!”

Australia’s Three Flags @ 16th April 2015:
White, English migrant applying for Australian Citizenship: “A question on the Compulsory Australian Citizenship Test is: ‘what are Australia’s three official flags?’ Can you name them?” We didn’t know Australia HAD three ‘official’ flags. “What are they?” we asked.
He: “The Aboriginal flag, the Federation flag and the Torres Straits Islander flag. That is why all three are flown at all Australian schools, hospitals and government buildings. It began when Julia Gillard became Prime Minister in 2009”.

We at NA prefer the Eureka flag to the old Federal rag. But for the second and third ‘official’ flags - why not the Irish, Greek or Yugoslav flags? Are many times more of them here than the A/TSI mob, plus it was they who actually built the country.

EDITORIAL – EXPECTATION AND ANTICIPATION: In Mars 2015 South African suffered a wave of xenophobic riots. Local Blacks assaulted, robbed and murdered ‘foreign’ Blacks after a speech by the Zulu King alleging ‘foreign’ Blacks were behind a crime wave and were a major cause of unemployment. Police Army were deployed, as in the 2008 ‘xenophobic’ riots.

SEEDS OF EXPECTATION: In 1994 N. Mandela was crowned unofficial ‘king’ of South Africa by the dominant Western Powers following an ‘election’ in which he was only real candidate. He promised many things – free health, education, housing for one million per year, etc. All impossible goals but few questioned them. Like all Third World demagogues, Mandela created an expectation among his followers that they would be rewarded simply for voting, not for hard work. Therein lay the seeds of the 2008 and 2015 riots.  

LIMITED DEMOCRACY REPLACED BY TRIBALISM: At the same time, all pretense at ‘democracy’ disappeared. Under white rule there existed limited franchise suffrage, as in Australia in the early days. In Classical Greece, Athens was no a ‘democracy’ but operated a limited franchise, limits such as having to own so much land, or be a Freeman, etc had, till the early 20th century, been used. South Africa’s ‘limit’ was simply to deny access to hostile races, those with no Western traditions or values.

TRIBALISM AND ALIEN-RULE: Now, under the Mandela-ista African National Congress, power is limited to the one dominant tribe. Tribalism. Same ‘principle’ applies in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and Kenya where the major tribe has 50-70% of the population. Talk of ‘free and fair elections’ and ‘democracy’ are just window-dressing for the Western media to disguise one party/one tribe rule. Makes one wonder: what was it they so disliked about White-ruled South Africa? Oh, of course it was their Whiteness. Racism? Yes. Alien-ruled West also hates Whites. Is why we tell White Aussies seeking direction from the US or EU: ‘stop fooling yourselves!’ Those places are lost to us - for now.

WORLD-WIDE BATTLEFIELD: Face this fact: every White land is now a battlefield; each white home is a bastion. What path to follow, then? In 1964 the UK government planned to hand white Southern Rhodesia over to Black majority rule, just as they had Northern Rhodesia, from which Whites quickly disappeared. The South Rhodies refused. They demanded white rule as in South Africa and got it. For 15 years white Rhodesia held out, 1964-79, till betrayed by South Africa’s white regime in return for a promised easing of UN sanctions. 27,000 Rhodesians died fighting two Marxist armies lead by Robert Mugabe and Joshua Nkomo.

AFRICA SOLD OUT BY WESTERN LIBERALS: Many of those killed fighting for a White Rhodesia were loyal Blacks. Anti-Communists, they sought the prosperity offered by continued White rule. They knew what awaited them under Marxist rule, having seen the failure of African States to their North since the ‘Independence Struggle’ began in 1960. Same situation applied in South West Africa, now Namibia, a German colony seized in 1914 by British-ruled South Africa. On 21st Mars 1990 the UN forced South Africa to hand SWA over to Marxist rule. Namibia was stillborn, a state run by SWAPO’s Marxist terrorists. The majority tribe took power, oppressing all others, without a pretense of democracy. Yet the liberal West dictated. When it came for South Africa’s turn to relinquish limited-franchise democracy for tribal dictatorship they chose surrender rather than a fight. South Africa’s leaders calculated it would lead to less bloodshed, post-handover.

MARXIST BLOODBATHS: Marxist is a Satanic blood-cult, like today’s Islamic State. Satan hates Man; seeks any opportunity to murder us. 1994-2015, at least 70,000 White South Africans were butchered by Blacks. Up to 5,000 of these victims were farmers, often entire families. ANC are Marxist. Look at other Marxist takeovers, like Cambodia/Kampuchea. From 1970-75, Cambodians Nationalists fought the Maoist Khmer Rouge, losing 500,000 people. In 1975 they were deserted by the USA, so the Nationalists surrendered. The victorious Marxists slaughtered two million, 1975-79. Do the math. As in South Africa, more opponents of Marxist rule die in the ‘peace’ than do in resisting it. Russians opposed to the Marxist takeover fought a Civil War, 1917-22. Eight million died in the War, including seven million civilians. Deserted by the West, they surrendered in 1922. Marxists proceeded to kill a further 43 million, 1922-54. Lesson is clear: resistance costs less than surrender.

EXPECTATION IN AMERICA: In Nov 2008, B.H. Obama was elected US President. This reporter was in line at the LAX McDonalds restaurant waiting to place an order. CNN’s Wolf Blitzner was telling the public: ‘Obama has won!’ The crowded restaurant, filled with Africans, froze. All beamed. The air of expectation was palpable. Over the next 28 days of my stay I crisscrossed the continent from LA to TX, DC to NYC. The attitude of Blacks in general could be called ‘buoyant’ and ‘exultant’. They seemed to expect, just by voting for their Black messiah, that they’d all be immediately ‘better off’. After eight years they appear disillusioned, not wiser for they have not awoken from their fantasies of ‘rights’ and ‘equality’. Instead, they are angry and feel cheated. BO was their one chance at being treated as real ‘folks’. It failed.  

SOURED HOPES:  South Africa’s Mandela-istas were similarly delusional. Soured hopes lead directly to the 2008 and 2015 ‘xenophobia’ riots as they did to the 2013-2015 crop of US race violence. White police are not responsible for Black criminals who resist arrest and suffer the consequences. What is killing Blacks are their false expectations, raised by demagogues like Rev Al Sharpton and Rev Jesse Jackson. What were US Blacks anticipating in 2008? That their falling school grades would improve, low IQ’s rise and collapsed families reform? That their drug and alcohol addictions would vanish? Maybe that they’d turn White.

MLK Jr’s ‘DREAM’, A WAKING NIGHTMARE: Let’s be honest: across the world the pattern has been the same since 1960. The EU is now under siege from African illegals flooding across the Mediterranean, 200,000 in 2014, one million in 2015. What are they fleeing? Failed states invented by dreamers who thought a vote, not hard work or honest government, would lead to prosperity. Now these same deluded flee to Europe seeking what the Leftist media love to call “a Better Life”. Here’s how you achieve ‘a Better Life’. Start by giving up your unrealistic  expectation; stop expecting a miracle; wake up from your dream.  You’ll still be Black, living on handouts from naturally wealthy Whites: richer in ideas, talents and skills. You beggars need to learn to accept second place is the best you can expect. Till then race riots will continue and the flood of dimwits only increase.       

DVD REVIEW: The Winter War (2009) 195 minutes. 
Producer Marko Rohr. Director PekkaParikka. Won ‘best actor’ Rouen Nordic Film Festival.  
A friend loaned us his copy purchased ‘online’ from Korea. Said to be ‘the best war movie ever’. Why? On 17th Septembis 1939 Russia invaded Poland, which it quickly defeated. This was how WWII began. Then came the turn of the Finns. Russia invaded on 13th Octobis 1939. Russia then invaded and conquered the three Baltic States – Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, deporting many to their deaths in Siberian wastes and the Kazakh desert. Then Russia annexed parts of Romania. Why this aggression? The treaty to end WW1 took place in 1919 at Versailles. It was overseen by Leftist academic and American President, Prof. Woodrow Wilson. He awarded much of the formerly Tsarist-held land, lost to Germany 1917-18, to its occupants. Soviet Russia was determined to reclaim these.

Unlike Rumania and the Baltic's, the Finns refused to surrender their territory without a fight. This film focuses on the war’s effect on the inhabitants of one small village. Is done much like the 1990’s German TV series How Far is East Prussia From Germany? which launched Armin Muller-Stahl’s Hollywood career. These battle scenes are the best we’ve seen: not a messy tumultuous overkill of a Platoon, Blackhawk Down or Hamburger Hill. Have a vapid, randomness to the way men die. Is mostly due to carelessness or ineptitude. No one is shown as a ‘hero’. All are victims, forced to fight a war they are doomed to lose. 

Bonus: all the Finns wear Wehrmacht gear and use German weapons. So has the feel of a German film about 1945 but none of the schmaltzy anti-Nazi hype we cringe from, like 2013’s Generation War. The Finns are proud anti-Communists and die saying so. Highly recommended: 10/10.    

BOOK REVIEW: The Cage: last days of the Tamil Tigers by Gordon Weiss (Sydney: Picador, 2011). (352 pp). 
Records the history of human right abuses within Sri Lanka since Independence in 1956 from Britain. Written by a former UN worker the book is biased towards the minority Tamils. Still has many facts ignored by Western media. Human rights did not just become an issue in 2009, since the 29-year long Civil War ended, but were a major contributor to the start of the war in 1980. Weiss shows torture, murder and widespread oppression have always been the preferred methods of rule for Sri Lanka’s government since 1956, not just against the minority Tamils (15%) but also against dissidents amongst the majority Singala.

BOOK REVIEW:Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life by Jon Lee Anderson (London: Bantam Press, 1997).  

Page 3: “Che’s mother was three months pregnant when his parents got married so his birth-date was 14th May 1928, not 14th July 1928 as officially stated”. 

Page 4: “ Che’s father’s family were descended to the Spanish Viceroy.”

Pages 4-13: A summary of Che Guevara’s family background: all were rich, upper middle-class. Che went to university to become an engineer but after he became ill with chronic asthma, he switched to medicine, then medical research. He hoped to find a cure for himself. 

Pages 30-31: “The Fourth of June 1943 military coup in Argentina against the pro-German President Castillo was led by El Duce admirer, Col Juan Domingo Peron” [i.e. one fascist toppled another. RE].

Pages 175-179: A summary of Fidel Castro’s family: were all  rich, upper middle-class. Fidel’s father sent him to university to become a lawyer. 

Page 234: A summary of the July 26th Movement leaders: all were rich, upper middle class, the children of professionals. 

Page 246: “National Directorate urban terrorists were university-based opponents of the pro-US Batista dictatorship. Became bitter rivals of Castro’s insurgents. Castro’s July 26th Movement were based in rural Cuba with the National Directorate operating in urban areas”.

Page 262: Good summary of the real Che versus the revolutionary ‘myth’. 

Page 253: ”H. Matthews’ New York Times article on Fidel Castro turned the tide for the revolution in Cuba. All US media thereafter followed the NYT ‘party line.’ ” 

P.258: “27 men, a combined force from the Ortodoxo Party and the National Directorate, all anti-Communists, landed in Cuba via Miami on the M.V. Corynthia. Was an attempt to copy Castro’s famous Granma raid. Fidel and Che’s nearest rivals now had ‘boots on the ground’ ”. 

Page 291: “Che faced insubordination. Armando Hart, Oriente Coordinator of the 26th July movement, Civil Front, disapproved of Che’s radical Marxism. Hart, an ardent anti-Communist, was allied to Primo’s Authenticos. Hart held ‘ongoing talks’ with the US Embassy. US officials told Hart they wanted ‘Batista out’ but would only allow ‘acceptable groups’ to take his place”.

Page 292: “Desperate for proof of his ‘revolutionary credentials’ and to show he ‘meant business’ Fidel burnt down the sugarcane plantation in Biran belonging to his family”. 

Page 304:”The National Directorate were Fidel’s main armed, urban rivals. They were effectively wiped out in March 1957 during a suicidal assault on the Presidential Palace, Havana. [Someone had 'tipped off' the police.] The few survivors regrouped in the Central Escambray Mountains around February 1958. Their new leader was a USMC veteran, Will Morgan. He had arrived from Miami on 2nd February 1958 with fresh reinforcements, a trained, 15-men team. Grossly outnumbered, Morgan offered to join Fidel in ‘an alliance’ which he grandly titled the ‘BolĂ­varian Confederation of American republics’. Fidel enthusiastically agreed”.

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