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STORM No. 146 Apri-Mai 2016

No. 146     Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action                   Apri-Mai 2016
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only

STORM gets information from ‘insiders’, SCUTTLEBUTT. We can’t confirm stories. Here’s the latest:

South China Sea Pirates @24 12.14: “In 1984 I was in the [Royal Australian] Navy, on a submarine in the South China Sea. We surfaced one night to see two speedboats proceeding very fast from a mother-ship. Our captain called me to the bridge. Said: ‘get a spotlight on 'em!’ We shone it directly at them but they continued their approach, very fast. Captain said to me: ‘use your SLR [FN/FAL]– put a few rounds across their bows’. I did, but to no effect. Then we took 'extreme action'. People get killed in that area all the time; Asians say nothing; nobody cares. They've bigger issues – like feeding their starving millions. Only our foolish media make a big deal about illegal immigrants”.

Upgrade: Overheard @20.1.2015: Indian professional: 
"My wife and I love to travel. We’ve been to New Zealand once and Canada twice”. [Why only visit White countries but never Third World? They’re looking to ‘upgrade’ from their current location. Is the key to understanding 'refugee' mentality. Is all about greed, not need. RE]

SOMALI CONTACT@Tuis 24 Septembis 2013:
Regarding three-day siege of the Westgate Mall, Nairobi: STORM: “why'd Al Shabaab attack Westgate Shopping Mall? “ Is owned and built by Jews! Explains everything”. [Westgate is overseas brand-name for Westfield, Australia’s largest Mall chain with 119 sites.]  

Pacific Island (P. I. ) Fishers @23 Juno 2014: 
“I went to Woody Point Jetty (popular fishing spot in Redcliffe, Qld). Was crowded. A dozen PI’s, huge fellas, had strung a dragnet along the entire length of the pier. From Sun-up till Sundown, daily. Illegal! They take all the fish. White fishermen say nothing. PI's pretend to divorce their wives, claim the dole, then spend all day fishing. Their wives can get the dole, too. Stay out all day, then return home after dark. Everyone knows about it. Welfare refuse to act as would be criticised as RACIST”. 

Overheard:  ‘Why Wait?’ @23 Juno 2014: 
 Male staff to a female: ‘Good to see ya! You seem so much happier’. ‘Yeah, I’m divorcing my husband of 24 years’. ‘Good! You’ll be like me. You’ll say to yourself: ‘why'd I wait so long?’ ”    [In our consumerist Kultur people are things to be discarded. OK for dumpers; not for their innocent victims. RE]

In place of EDITORIAL, here's a newest column. 
Dear A,             
             Thanks for sharing our WWSF flyers. New members are welcome. Once we have enough in the US and Canada we can set up some sort of structure.
Yes, the [WWSF] flyers are deliberately ‘cloudy’. Many Right/WN/NS outfits waste time on Manifestos and Programmes. We seek a loose association, open to the largest possible number of Whites, who then get ACTIVE.
 Is not the time for debates. As one NA activist said to us: ‘don’t send me your newsletter – I already know what I believe!’

Dear Ma,              
               Heard on the BBC of a new Twitter 'trend' called ‘#exMuslim because…’ So far, has 100,000 followers - just in Britain. Muslims are quitting! Is what Islamists fear most and what makes them so desperately violent. In their home countries, the Muslim masses have no freedom of choice. Are virtual prisoners: be Islamic or die. BBC mentioned ‘13 countries have laws banning apostasy’ (i.e. quit Islam and anyone can murder you).
 Once in the West, however they feel safe so quit ASAP. 

Is like the old Soviet Union: ‘loyal Communists’ only stayed that way from fear of the KGB. Remove fear and few stayed Commie for long. Remember during WWII one million Russians willingly fought for Hitler, seeing him as a Liberator. Antony Beevor’s books Berlin: Downfall and Stalingrad revealed this when, after 1997, he gained access to KGB Archives.
 Don’t worry about Islam 'overrunning' the West. They are coming here to escape Islam. Even ISIL's own ‘foot soldiers’ desert. BBS report IS executing hundreds of ‘deserters’ in Syria.

Dear A,            
             Thanks for ‘scattering our seeds’ in America. Just this week we received a new inquiry from a fellow resident of yours. Keep up the good work! We enclose four more WWSF.
  On Solday 17 Octobis 2015, 20,000+ Europeans rallied for Pagida in Dresden and in opposition to the 180,000 Muslim recent arrivals in Central and Western Europe. Hopefully, they too will go home, ‘spread the word’ in their local areas, recruit, train and prepare.

In 2008 I undertook a 28-day speaking tour of the USA. Covered LA, NV, AZ, TX, DC and Pittsburg. Can’t give further details. You will find we are rather ‘circumspect’ as to NA’s activities. Is on a ‘need-to-know’ basis. Why? As we all know, thanks to Australian Julian Assange of Wilileaks and the NSA's Ed Snowdon, all our communication is seen and heard by the secret police, both yours and ours. We got four visits from State and Federal secret police in 2000 and 2001. Back then NA had four rival, local WN/NS parties. Were more vocal and violent. Cops, media and Ultra-Left/Antifas combined to ‘close them down’. We alone survived. We now keep information to a minimum.

QUOTE: From popular TBV show Supernatural by writer/producer/director Eric Kripke (J) about two brothers who hunt demons and other ‘oddballs’ in US Mid-West.
Brother Dean Winchester to a small town's female sheriff:  “I didn’t peg you as the Church-ey type’. 
"Well, choking to death on the floor of the ladies room due to witchcraft makes a higher power seem relevant. Whacky-doo stuff keeps coming. The way I see it, more I know, the better armed I’ll be’ ". 
[Is our answer to WN/NS who question any faith in a Biblical GOD, whom we call YAH. We face a Foe who uses the same texts to justify their actions. Makes sense to use it, too. Don’t it?] 

SBSTV Channel 3 Himmler and the Holy Grail 5.30pm Solday 27 Septembis 2015 (55 minutes): 
“Otto Rahm was an archeologist in Germany in 1933. He came to the attention of Himmler’s SS. Rahm was inducted to the SS and granted the rank of Lt. while he searched the world for the mythical ‘holy grail’. He did not find it. A good scientist he was also homosexual and a half-JEW. These inconvenient facts were overlooked while he was ‘useful’. 

However, by 1939 Himmler had grown tired of Rahm’s failure to find any evidence of ‘the grail’. As punishment, Rahm was demoted and sent to KL Buchenwald to work as a guard. Now under pressure to produce the required forms proving he was Aryan for four generations, Rahm took whiskey and sleeping pills to the German-Austrian border on the night of 16th Mars 1939 and walked into the snow. He was later found, frozen. He’d chosen the anniversary of the mass-burning of the Cathar martyrs at Castle Montesequr, their stronghold in France, for his suicide. 

Story might have ended there but for a US Army MD, Col. Howard Buechner. First US doctor to enter KL Dachau, he wrote a book allegedly based on ‘the accounts of an SS guard’. Emerald Cup – Arch of gold, the Quest of SS Lt Otto Rahm. Claimed Rahm took the grail by U-boat to a secret Arctic base.

 "History teaches us that when a barbarian race confronts a sleeping culture, the barbarian always wins".                                                                                                           Arnold J. Toynbee

"Now civilisations, I believe, come to birth and proceed to grow by successfully responding to successive challenges. They break down and go to pieces if and when a challenge confronts them which they fail to meet".        Arnold J. Toynbee Civilisation on Trial (1948), chapter 4, p. 56.

"Of the twenty-two civilisations that have appeared in history, nineteen of them collapsed when they reached the moral state the United States is in now".                                                                                         Arnold J. Toynbee
"On this showing, the nature of the breakdowns of civilisations can be summed up in three points: a failure of creative power in the minority, an answering withdrawal of mimesis on the part of the majority, and a consequent loss of social unity in the society as a whole".                                                 Arnold J. Toynbee 
A Study of History Vol IV (1939)

"The last stage but one of every civilisation, is characterised by the forced political unification of its constituent parts, into a single greater whole".  Arnold J. Toynbee
"The only real Struggle in the history of the world … is between the vested interest and social justice".          Arnold J. Toynbee

Toynbee predicted: "At the close of this century, the world would be dominated by the West, but that in the 21st century 'India will conquer her conquerors.'" Swami PrabhavanandaThe Spiritual Heritage of India: A Clear Summary of Indian Philosophy and Religion (1979).

"All things that are truly great are at first thought impossible".                                                                                      Frederick Wilhelm Nietzsche 

DVD REVIEW: Kako Se MagaoIzbeci Rat: Bosni I & II (What you may have missed in the Bosnian Wars) 180 minutes TV documentary from Bosnian Serb TV Circa 1997. Subtitles but no captions of those interviewed. (Part Five; Part Four is on STORM 144).

PART FIVE: In June 1995, Defence Secretary William Perry told US Congress: “we’re not taking sides in the BH war” but they were. US military were secretly arming Croat and BH forces. U.S. Air Force drones flew from a secret Croat Air Base on the island of Brac. In May 1995 the Croatian Army attacked Serb-held Krajina, also known as UNSector West.  Croats expelled all these Serb into BH territory. Croatia claimed only 1,000 died in the assault; Krajina’s Serbs say 5,000 were killed including several UN troops. US government made no official comment as they were deeply involved. 

It had begun the year before. In November 1994 US DefSec Perry had signed a contract between the Croatian government and four retired, US Army, four-star generals. These became ‘advisers’ to either the Croatian or BH government armies.  These ‘high-level mercenaries’ belonged to a company, MPRI (Military Professional Resources International).  They included Lt Gen Ed Soyster, former head of the Defence Intelligence Agency; Major-General Richard Griffith, deputy commander for NATO, Central Europe; and General Karl Vuono. 

LDO wrote: “by allowing Croatia to attack UN Sector West (Krajina) SAfe Haven US had given a ‘green light’ to Bosnia’s Serbs to attack other ‘Safe Havens’ like Zepca and Srebrenica, then known as UN Sector North and UN Sector South. When the BH government-sponsored Muslim militia of Nasera Orica attacked nearby Serb village of Visnjica from Srebrenica Safe Haven, this time Serbs felt free to counter-attack. Orica retreated from Srebrenica, with 1,000 of his troops, to the Tuzla Safe Haven". 

Serb troops easily took Srebrenica. They captured 2,500 of Orica’s men and held them as POW’s. They loaded 2,000 unarmed civilians unto trucks for transport elsewhere. Then lies began: Croat with Bosnian Serb Army, captured by BH (Muslim) Army, told ICC interrogators: “I personally killed 1,200 men at Srebrenica”. How? Mass graves uncovered in the area only continued 200 bodies
Article in Wednesday 2 August 1995 London Times ‘Missing’ Enclave Troops Found’ alleged troops supposedly murdered by Bosnian Serb Army were now in Tuzla. Had rejoined Bosnian Herzegovina Army units there. Article said: “thousands of ‘missing’ Bosnian Muslim soldiers from Srebrenica, at the centre of reports of mass executions by Serbs, are now safe in the North East of Tuzla”. On 17 Juli 1995 a Washington Post article by John Pomfrett ‘Bosnian soldiers evade capture’ said:
“4,000 Bosnian Army troops, many in rags, some crazed by exhaustion or fear, trudged for five days through Serb-held territory from Srebrenica. Re-joined BH Army’s 2nd Corps in Tuzla, reporting Serb ambushes which 'killed hundreds’ of their comrades along the way. Up to 2,000 of Srebrenica’s 10,000 BH Army defenders were killed in the woods”.  
US State Dept claim 8,000-10,000 Bosnian Muslims were killed in Srebrenica; produce no evidence". 

BOOK REVIEW: Autopsy for an empire: Seven leaders who built the Soviet regime by Dr General D. Volkogonov (NYC: Free Press, 1998)

P463: “Gorbachev’s paradox was that, having come to a firm decision, he would procrastinate".   

P463:”In Nov. 1987 Gorbachev decided to quit Afghanistan but failed to inform Afghan President, Najibullah. On 1st April, 1988 the Soviet Politburo agreed to withdraw all 109,000 Soviet troops from Afghanistan by 15th Feb 1989. They began the withdrawal on 15 May 1989”. 

P.464: “On 24th Jan 1989 Soviet Foreign Minister Shevardnadze filed a report on his visit to Kabul:  'we are leaving this country in a lamentable state. Its cities and villages are destroyed, the capital is starving, the economy is paralysed and hundreds of thousands have perished. Gorbachev replied: 'we will not appear before the world in our underpants - or even without them! Defeat is not permissible' ”.  

P466: “After four years of Perestroika no radical breakthrough in the economy had occurred. Instead, stagnation continued even worse leading to universal shortages. Spiritual deconstruction began before material and organisational deconstruction. In 1988 of 13,000 CPSU members to quit, 9,000 were workers. Of 20 million CPSU members this may not seem many but it was unprecedented”. 

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