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SNIPPETS #53P 'Catholics have no opinion about refugees'

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by Benn Yogarni 
P. 1 Brisbane Catholic Leader Dec 2014:
“A survey found 50% of Catholics have no opinion about government refugee policy. We must inform these people so they have an opinion’ ”. 
In other words docile pew-warmers are to be force-fed pro-refugee propaganda till they toe the ‘Party-line’ of the Vatican's Leftist ruling junta. 

1. What is the ‘current governments refugee policy’? Immigration is at a record high in this worst recession the world has seen since 1914. Yes that’s right, worse than 1929. Yet radical groups which have seized the media’s attention demand we flood our country with unwanted dross, the world’s flotsam. Who are these radical groups? Many pose as ‘do-gooders' and control the various welfare agencies and other rorts such as the many ‘churches', few of whom preach the Gospel but push a form of Social Gospel more akin to orthodox Socialism than to Biblical Christianity. 

CATHOLIC CHURCH: One such group is the Catholic Church. It abandoned its basic principles in the 1960’s, embracing radical chic and trendy thinking. Since then its numbers have been in decline. Like many mainstream churches, it rushes from one ‘cause’ to another seeking relevance. A more pathetic example is the Uniting Church of Australia, always at the forefront of every flakey ideas or movement from queer rights (sic) to so called 'Native Title' (sic), anything that will dispossess Australia's real Owners - its majority whites. 

2. Who are these so-called 'refugees'? Little known to the the public, 75% of the world's refugees are fleeing Islam. Either Muslims, fleeing poverty and oppression, or non-Muslims fleeing murder and forced conversion. The logical cure for these 35 million refugees would be to dethrone Muslim influence. The two wealthiest and most powerful Muslims countries are Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. These were almost overthrown in 1990 by Saddam Hussein's secular nationalist regime when US/UK forces intervened. 

SAUDI RADICALISM: Since the 2003 overthrow of Saddam's regime, radical Islam, funded entirely by the Saudis and their ‘Gulf State’ flunkeys, has swept the world. In a dozen states rebel groups now seize and behead any they see as a threat, imitating the Sharia policies of Saudi Arabia itself. To end radical Islam we must topple the Saudi elite regime and enforce Western secularism. How, when the UK/US ruling elite are in bed with Saudi money? 

Saudi and Gulf petrodollars fund the world's stock exchanges and many governments. This fatal embrace has caused the current malaise in the West, including the current European Union's 'Refugee Crisis'. We protect the Saudis who hate us. They fund IS who kill our fellow Christians and manipulate our own allegedly 'democratic' governments. 

OUR REAL RULERS: These force our nominal rulers to accept millions of Muslims as ‘migrants’, then demand Shari'a law for our countries and ban our culture lest it offend these alien invaders. Our traditions and freedoms are lost. To break free we need to shatter the nexus between corrupt elites and foreign Masters. Easier said than done but the key to removing a problem is recognising that one exists. Few Westerners see themselves as 'Occupied' or ‘refugees’ as 'Occupiers'. This must change. 

3. Who are the Do-gooders? Many are taxpayer-funded, semi-government agencies. Our tax dollars pay to import deadly foes, then defend them from deportations via endless court challenges to our own laws. No wonder the Enemy see us as fools. Such government funding must be exposed and the public encouraged to demand its end. No money = no refugee advocacy = no invasion. Simple. 

THIRD WORLD LIBERATION: The origins of the refugee problem lies with other 'do-gooders', foreign-funded groups, who in the 1960's pushed the First World* to ‘liberate’ the Third World from Western tutelage in the first place. 
*Mao Zedong, Communist ruler of China 1949-76 invented the idea of 'Three Worlds': First or Capitalist World; Second or Communist World; Third World - the battleground for the First and Second. 

In 1960, all of Africa's 54 states, bar four, were white-ruled. Rich, prosperous, well ordered - they were happy, till an obscure minority, funded by Western Leftists and lead by Soviet agents, demanded ‘independence’. Majority had no idea what this entailed. After a three-decade struggle the West relinquished its care of Africa to local tyrants and despots, to the applause of Leftist media and academia. The massacres and looting soon began and continue till today. 

MAJORITY RUINED: Majority of Africans, desolate and despoiled, now seek simply to eat and find shelter. They flee to 'the West' (white lands) from do-gooder imposed regimes. One solution would be to return them home to topple the corrupt dictators there, then reimpose White, Western control. We fund these cesspits already through billions in ‘foreign aid’ per year. Is time to enforce some control instead of lavishing tax-payer dollars where the Western interests are not served. You don't buy shares in a company run by criminals. Demand the same logic from Third World governments. 

4. Cut do-gooder access to governments. Media and academia are major sources of ‘influence’ on Western governments, fooling them that ‘the public’ desire such waste and excess. We must wake up governments to this lie. The media do NOT represent us, nor do ivory tower eggheads. 

5. Hold To Account every despot. Each year Australians send out four billion dollars in foreign aid. We must say to the recipients: 'fund your own refugees’. We'll deduct cost of housing their citizens in our Detention Centres - whether Manus Island, Nauru or the Mainland from their foreign aid budget. Why send $4 billion per annum overseas when detaining foreign refugees cost us $5 billion per year? Pretty soon the West will pay no foreign aid and the despots will be toppled. It is only our foreign aid that keeps them in power. A win-win situation. Current 'bag-men' for despots - such Non-Government Agencies (NGOs) as Oxfam, Save the Children, etc must cease operations here. They don’t ameliorate social evils but perpetuate these for cynical ends. 

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