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STORM 106 Juli 2012


No. 106 Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action Juli 2012
 ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only

STORM this month is a mixed bag. We include several stories on the cannibalism plague - yes that's right - now occurring world-wide. Readers will find a small red card inserted in this issue. It tells heroin addicts 'how to maintain your veins so you can remain a junkie longer' to paraphrase. This came from a source in the Queensland Health department. After the 24 Mars 20l2 election of a conservative Liberal-National Party government many expected the evils of Ultra-Leftist Australian Labor Party rule to cease. Four months later nothing has changed. 

Is a sick comment on the failed 'democratic ideal'. We're attempting to foist onto the Arabs the same hollow mirage now fading in the West. This only serves our Cause, of course. As more here & abroad view the feeble Capitalist 'democracy' as doomed more will seek the so-called 'extremes' - just where we are eagerly awaiting them. Unfortunately Capital has its own paid 'radicals'. The supposed 'Left' like the Trotskyite ISO, DSP, Greens, etc are all paid hirelings at the disposal of our large corporations: Sidney Meyers/Myers & David Jonah's/David Jones, Cohens/ Coles & the Lowy Group [Westfield Corporation. Why 'Wester-feld' as a name for shopping malls? As an Easterling Lowy loves to see Goy/Cattle graze in his 'field']. Westfield are the world's largest mall operator with l19 properties.

REVIEWS & INDOCTRINATION: Some ask: 'why do reviews? And why films, TV shows & DVD but so few books?' First question last. We perceive a fall-off in readers of all types for media, books, etc. Is why our No.2 newspaper chain, the Fairfax Group, is failing as did Tribune Group in US in 2011, their third largest newspaper chain. Our future lies in the youth. They are not readers but viewers of TV, Internet, etc. To reach them we need to see what they see & give it the correct spin, not leave this up to our foes. Was observed not long ago that many Rightists 'don't seem to agree on much but think they all do'. This is caused by the Enemy setting our agenda for us.

HOLLYWOOD NAZIS: The Hollywood'Nazi' stereotype is a good example. Hitler himself said: 'National Socialist is not for export'. What hg meant was each nation has its own goals that arise from its unique circumstances, climate, geography, etc. No two nations can share the same goals. Is therefore absurd to ape another's stance or costume. When US troops arrived in Kuwait to defeat Iraq in 1990 all wore European Woodland-pattern camo. How foolish & out of place they looked! As silly as British Redcoats on the Transvaal in 1879. Yet how many Rightists dress in a similar fashion, aping former types thoughtlessly, just as Hollywood tells them to. We need our Youth to think.

lnterpol has joined the hunt for a washed-up Canadian porn star suspected of the grisly murder and dismemberment of a man. lnterpol has posted the picture and profile oI Luka Rocco Magnotta, 29, who is being hunted across Canada over the killing, first brought to light when a human fool was sent to the headquarters of Canada's ruling Conservative party. A hand was later found in the mail at an Ottawa post office, and a torso was discovered in Montreal. Police believe the remains belong to the same victim - and that Mr Magnotta, who once dated a convicted serial killer, is to blame. Authorities say they believe the suspect, also known as Eric Clinton Newman and Vladimir Romanov, may have fled the country.
The daily Globe and Mail newspaper reported footage that showed acts of cannibalism. An investigation was launched on Tuesday when a package sent from Montreal was partly opened by the receptionist at the Conservative Party office in Ottawa, who called police after seeing blood stains and being overwhelmed by the smell. Hours later, a second suspicious package was intercepted by Canada Post at a nearby mail sorting facility. lt "contained a human hand" said police.
the suspect knew each other.

FOUR-PART INSERT: We did a review of an amazing 12-hour DVD series that ran to eight pages. We'll insert a section over the next four issues of STORM. Nazi Collaborators (2011), Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment. Executive Producer Matthew Barrett & Richard Wise. Produced & directed by Martin J O Hughes. WMR & IMG co-production. Each46 minute episode deals with a different country, party & leader from amongst the countries of United Europe (1939-45). UE was freed from the yokes of alien-controlled Kapital & alien-inspired Bolshevism.

JEWS WHO FOUGHT FOR HITLER: [episode was unlike the other eleven. Those condemn all Allies of Germany & accept no excuses for 'collaboration'. This episode reverses all that. In this all & any excuse is accepted. Why? The writer, producer & director are Chosen. Therefore whatever other Chosen say is kosher. Similar hypocrisy is seen in 'human rights' arena. These 'rights' are endorsed in all countries by Chosen experts - except for one. Their own, in regard to Palestinians. To the unbiased observer such hypocrisy reveals their stance as empty posturing. We hear in this episode 'it's OK that the Chosen collaborated'. Why then reject the same arguments from others? Racial bias? RE].

Dr Bryan Rigg, US holocaust historian: "Imagine your country went mad. The place w-here you have lived for decades declares you an Enemy of the State. It strips you of all your rights. Deports you. This is what happened to Jews in Germany in 1933. This situation was not only faced by Germany's practicing Jews but by Germans who didn't know they were Jewish. Most were Christians who had distant Jewish relatives. These were referred to as Mischlinger or 'half-breeds'. Many part-Jews, even full Jews, fought for & supported Hitler. Were these traitors to their own people or just hying to survive in an impossible situation?'
[Rigg then parades the identical reasons used by every all other Axis 'collaborators'. In every episode they are ridiculed & rejected, except this one where they're applauded & accepted. Bigotry? RE].

Dr Rigg: "Adolf Hitler used extermination-ist vocabulary in his speeches but no one thought he meant it - he did. As soon as he took office he began removing Germany's 500,000 Jews from public life. It began slowly. Jewish shops were boycotted. Then Nazi militia barred entry to them. Then laws separated Jews from non-Jews. They set in separate rows in the cinemas & sections of buses. They were banned from the Civil Services after April 1933. Rolf Von Sydow had a Jewish grandfather, a doctor. The Nazis had trouble identifying just who was a Jew. The Ost-Jews, recent immigrants from Eastern Europe were easy. They wore the traditional garb &, spoke Yiddish. They practiced Judaism. But few German Jews did. They had lived in Germany for centuries. They were firmly integrated into society. For centuries they'd assimilated. Many were Christians. By the 1930s 80% of German Jews had converted to Christianity.

Like RVS's grandfather, Fritz Steinwasser's grandfather was a Jew. FS: "He converted to Catholicism after marrying one. I never knew I was a Jew till 1933 when the Nazis told me". In September 1935 at the annual Nurmberg NSDAP Conference Hitler promulgated the new Racial Laws. Dr. Rigg: "These set out four races - Aryans, Jews, half-Jews & Quarter Jews". This Reichsgesetzblatt Law No.125 of 24 November 1935 defined as 'fully Jewish any with three or more Jewish grandparents'. One or two Jewish grandparents left one labeled 'half-breed' or 'quarter-breed', First or Second Degree Mishlinger, The 1935 Reich Census showed Germany had 500,000 full Jews 72,000 1st Degrees & 39,000 2nd Degrees Mishlingers. Under the Race Laws lst Degrees could only marry other lst Degrees; 2nd Degrees could marry Gentiles but only with written permission. Sexual relations with non-Jews could lead to charges of Racial Defilement. 2,000 were charged with this crime between 1935-45".

Rigg: "One full Jew who opted to remain in Germany in 1939 was Edgar Jacobi. He won an Iron Cross in WWI then moved to Hollywood to work as a film director. In 1939 he returned to Germany to join the Army Reserves. 1st & 2nd Degrees were still allowed into the Army in 1939. When Germany entered Poland in 1939 over 100,000 Mischlinger were members of the German Army. Many hoped to show, by their war service, that they too were patriots. A good example of this was Wemer Goldberg. His picture appeared in Army propaganda for three months after the Polish campaign as the 'exemplary German warrior' - he was blonde - but then they found out he had a Jewish father".

Three of Goring's top Luftwaffe generals were Mischlinger, including Field Marshal Milch who built the modern Luftwaffe then ran its personnel, planning & production divisions. Adolf Hitler even said: 'the two men responsible for the Luftwaffe's early successes were Goring & Milch'. When the Gestapo uncovered his Jewish father Goring said: 'I'll decide who's a Jew'. Milch's mother was sent to Gestapo HQ to explain: 'the father of my six children is not my Jew husband but my uncle, an Aryan, now dead'. After she signed a affidavit to that effect, Hitler had Milch officially 'Aryanised'.

To ensure more men, valuable to the war effort, weren't exposed Hitler created new categories of 'exemptions' to allow these to remain in the military. Bescheinigung ('Special Exemptions') allowed them to be promoted. Others were simply given a Deutschblutig ('German Blood') declaration. Using this method 22 Army generals & seven Navy admirals were'Aryanised'. These included Admiral Gerhardt Roeder a 2nd Degree who received a Deutschblutig. Dr Rigg: 'Roeder lost his wife & mother to suicide. He was devoutly religious but also very patriotic'. Roeder captained the Atlantis, an armed merchantman which sank or captured two dozen Allied ships, a total of 150,000 tons of shipping. He was awarded the Knights Cross with Oak Leaves.

When Germany entered France in May 1940 l st & 2nd Degrees were still permitted to fight in the German Army. Fritz Steinwasser was one, as was full Jew Edgar Jacobi, drafted to the Regular Arrny just before the war in France. Jacobi led a Company of Army Combat Cameramen. Mischlinger hoped their combat record would gain them acceptance in German society but after the French Campaign, on return to Germany, all lst Degrees were forcibly demobilised. Amongst these was Werner Goldberg. However, 2nd Degrees were still permitted to serve.

When Germany entered Russia in 1941 there were still tens of thousands of 2nd Degrees in the German Army, like Fritz Steinwasser & Rolf von Sydow. RvS fought in Russia as a Panzer gunner. He never admitted he was 2nd Degree but when he came up for a promotion his CO found out. RvS was imprisoned for 2l days & demoted one rank for 'lying' to his CO, i.e. not telling him beforehand. Edgar Jacobi was also discovered but he was sent back to Germany & imprisoned there. In 1941 all of Germany's full Jews were deported to Eastern European ghettoes. 20,000 went to Lodz in Poland & 25,000 to Riga, Latvia.

"Surprisingly, (sic) none of Hitler's 2nd Degree Jews knew anything about the Holocaust". [Oh, and you believe them?! But when other German soldiers say the same thing they are all 'lying Nazis'? RE].
"When asked why he continued to fight for Germany even after his grandfather was 'deported to the East', FS explained: "no one can stop a run-away train by standing in front of it. I would've been killed & then what?!" [Identical excuses used by every SS soldier in this series, all rejected out of hand. But when the Chosen say it, it's OK. RE].

"Hitler wanted to gas(sic) all 1st Degree Jews but instead he set them to work for Organisation Todt. OT built whatever AH wanted - from arms factories to the Atlantic Wall. After 1943 over 20,000 lst Degrees were drafted into OT's one million-man structure. Ironically, being expelled from the German Army now spared many 1st Degrees from joining the staggering loses on the Eastern Front, even saving their lives".

"The SS were Hitler's political soldiers. With a reputation for murdering prisoners & civilians(sic), some even guarded death camps. Karl-Heinz Lowy was a full Jew. After 1935 he changed his name to Werner Grunaker(?) & invented an Aryan ancestry for himself, but in 1939 he fled to Paris, France. In 1940 German troops arrived. Dr. Rigg says: "Lowy decided to be proactive. He approached a German Army Office in Paris & offered to join the German Army. They refused him saying: 'we can't recruit foreigners but the SS do. Try next door!' So he joined the SS instead. When he faced 'the medical' the SS doctor asked why he was circumcised. Lowy quickly lied, saying it was a result of a 'childhood infection'. Forever afterwards his SS comrades nicknamed him: 'Werner the Jew'.

His SS unit fought on the Finnish Front where he won the Iron Cross lst Class & Close Combat Clasp. Lowy defends his SS kameraden of any charges of being involved in the Holocaust: "my SS friends were too busy fighting the Russians to be involved in the holocaust. I counted them as my friends". Dr Rigg explains this as: 'Lowy acclimated into an elite unit of anti-semites(sic) but he revealed to me privately: 'it was crazy, Brian. These were elite warriors. They'd have done anything for me but...had they known I was a Jew, I'm sure they'd have hung me from the nearest tree' ". [Sad. Even Jews feel pressured by the Jew Elite to lie about WWII Germans. RE].

When the War ended FS had survived the Russian Front where he was taken prisoner and spent years in a Siberian work camp. K-H Lowy defected to the French at Normandy, RVS fought the Allies in Normandy but at the earliest opportunity defected to the Canadians. EJ was still in prison in Germany. After the War Milch was tried at Nurmberg, sentenced to life imprisonment but released after only seven years. Dr Rigg: "Milch was a horrible individual. He knew of Auschwitz(sic) & experiments on prisoners'(sic)". Werner Goldberg got his father released from prison just by appearing outside the camp in his Army uniform with all his medals(sic). WG lived in Berlin after the War. Admiral Roeder rose in ranks of the post-war West German Navy". FS returned from Russia with a large dose of survivor guilt: 'I'm a war criminal; I share the blame; I'm guilty by association'.

Dr Rigg: 'These men now struggle with issues of collaboration & identity..."

Maryland Man Charged With Killing, Eating Man's Brain, Heart
Man 21, charged with first-degree murder
By Kayla Bawroski and Kevin Rector, Baltimore Sun Media Group      8:34 PM EDT, May 31, 2012
"The 21-year-old college student allegedly told detectives that he hadn't just killed the man who'd lived with his family for months,!ul&d "uten his@9 ions of his brain. The victim's severed head and were found in the men's Hartford County home; more remains were left in AIB's container outside a church.
Authorities outlined the macabre circumstances Thursday in charges against Alexander Kinyua, an electrical engineering major at Morgan State University and member of his school's ROTC program, of first-degree murder in the death of 37 -year-old Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei- Kodie, a Ghanaian national and a former Master's degree student.

Police in Papua New Guinea have arrested dozens of people who allegedly murdered and then ate their victims.
In the Bogia district of Madang province last week. On Wednesday this week police, raided four camps and arrested 29 people'. Twelve of them are the suspected murderers.and are accused of cannibalising their victims. The provincial police commander, Anthony Wagambie junior, says the group believed their victims were sorcerers.

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