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No. 113      Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action      Februa 2013
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only

STORM gets insider information, SCUTTLEBUTT. We can’t confirm their stories:

“I’ve got a child in Year 12 at a private school. It costs us AUD$6,000 per year. This school plays basketball against the local State High School. Well! The three girl teams played yesterday. Here’s what our girl told us afterwards: ‘The SHS girl’s teams were all BLACK [Maoris, Islanders, Sudanese, Somalis]. Our teams were all white. We lost; they won. Afterwards our coach came back to abuse us for losing. He shouted at us: ‘what’s the difference between their teams & ours?!’ Dead silence from our girls. After a long pause he yelled: ‘their team called out to each other & their supporters were really vocal’. Our girls gave a collective sigh of relief. Then one small, South African voice whispered: ‘they were BLACK!’ Thankfully the coach didn’t hear her”.

FEDERAL POLICE OFFICER @ 2.8.2012: He told us he’d had three overseas tours with the Australian Federal Police (AFP)two to neighbouring failed state, Timor Leste [East Timor] and one to another failed state, Afghanistan.
“It’s great pay – AUD$230,000 per year, tax free. I’ve already paid off my first home so I’m buying a second house. I’ll quit in two years when I turn 55 years old. I can afford to retire. My second house is on Qld’s Sunshine Coast, where I’ll retire. It’ll be fully paid for. Service in Afghanistan is a three months tour with three weeks R’n’R in Australia, then three months there and so on for a year. We’re training the Afghan National Police (ANP). Where I was last we didn’t get any sleep at night. [Taliban] bombed us all night, every night. I got two direct hits on my bunker but no injuries”.

“I completed my Apprenticeship as a plumber then got sacked. Bosses do this to avoid paying us Tradesman wages. I got a trade job in the mines our in Far Western Qld. I run a service that keep miners houses functional. Y’know, changing washers on bathroom taps, that sorta thing. Nuthin’ major. But it pays good: $75 an hour. I work 12 hours a day, seven days a week. If have a two-hour drive for a ‘call-out’ they pay for that, too”.

DVD REVIEW: Nazi Collaborators (12 part series) (2011) Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment Assistant Producer Benyamin Schwartz(J). Prod./dir. Nick Aarons(J). WMR & IMG co-prod.

PIERRE LAVAL: He'd been a Left-wing lawyer whose defendants were always working class. In 1913 he was elected to the French Parliament. During World War One over 1,700,000 French soldiers were killed & four million wounded. PL became a convinced pacifist who’d do anything to avoid another European war. In 1923 Mussolini gained power in Italy. PL admired Mussolini. Like PL, he was working class, the son of a blacksmith. Like PL, Mussolini had been a Socialist. From 1931-35 PL was French Prime Minister. Under his rule the country amassed vast gold reserves.

PROGRESSIVE FRANCE: Unlike America, France in 1931-35 had little unemployment. PL’s government was progressive, the first to have an African Cabinet Minister. PL wanted peace but after 1933 he feared Hitler’s Germany might threaten this so PL sought an anti-German Defence Alliance with Mussolini’s Italy and their arch-foe, Bolshevik Russia. In 1935 the USSR signed a Mutual Defence Pact with PL’s France. Then Italy signed on, too. It became known as The Streisser Front.

LAVAL BETRAYED: But on 1st October 1935 Italy attacked Ethiopia without first warning their allies, France and Russia. PL’s reaction was to meet secretly with the British Foreign Secretary, Samuel Hoare(J). Together they agreed France & British would help ‘divide up’ Ethiopia [both had neighbouring territories in French and British Somaliland]. Someone ‘leaked’ this secret agreement to the British tabloid press. The resultant public uproar in England and France lead to PL being sacked as PM. Dr Simon Kitson(J) of the University of London Institute, Paris: “ever afterwards Laval  blamed ‘the British!’ for his subsequent troubles and lamented having ever trusted them”.

ANTI-BRITISH: Anti-British sentiments later dominated all PL's actions. In the Opposition PL joined forces with the former WWI general Petain. After WWII began 30 September 1939 PL stated publicly: ‘there will be millions of corpses’. On 4 June 1940 French PM Paul Reynaud quit. Petain replaced him. Many expected Petain to continue the war but he immediately sued for peace. In return Petain was allowed to rule Southern France, that portion not conquered by the Germans. On 11 July 1940 Petain appointed his old ally, PL, as Vichy France’s Prime Minister.

BRITISH AGGRESSION: Soon after, the Royal Navy attacked & sank many French ships at Mers el Kebir, killing 1,300 French sailors without any warning or provocation. PL was furious. He wanted an immediate counter-attack but Petain refused. Hitler was impressed and met with Petain to propose a joint declaration of war on Britain. Petain refused. He questioned Britain’s ‘honour’ but feared too close an embrace with Germany. Petain did little to help Hitler. In 1940 PL transferred 22 tons of French gold to Germany. Petain was furious. He sacked PL as Prime Minister.

RETURN TO POWER: In 1942 Petain was forced to reinstate him. However, for Vichy France things had radically changed since 1940. On 19 November 1942 the German Army entered Vichy (Southern) France fearing an Allied invasion force may land from North Africa where they had recently conquered French North Africa, often with the connivance of local Vichy officials. This was purely a matter of self-preservation but Hitler began to question the loyalty of his French allies. He ordered PL to form a new Vichy Police Force, a pro-German one, the Milice (militia). With over 30,000 men by June 1943, they aided German round-ups of enemy aliens, Communist saboteurs & with general ‘security duties’. ‘Many believed till then PL's claim to be an 'unwilling ally of Germany’. By forming the Milice he was forever marked as an active collaborator and a persecutor of his own people’.

REPRISALS: In the northern Zone of France, the area Occupied solely by the German Army, things were not going so well. On 19 August 1944 Paris fell to a combined American-Free French force. De Gaulle’s Free French Forces arrived with a thirst for revenge on any they perceived as ‘traitors to France’. The Milice and Vichy’s leaders were at the top of their ‘Wanted’ list. In April 1945 Laval was able to escape to Spain but was forcibly returned when General De Gaulle demanded General Franco ‘hand him over!’ PL & Petain were put thorough a hasty ‘trial’. The ‘honour of France’ was much mentioned; France was embarrassed that so many of its men had fought for the hated Germans. Blood must be spilt to assuage this. ‘Petain got a life sentence in gaol on a tiny island off the coast of France. Laval was shot by a firing squad. The chief evidence against him was a 22 June 1942 newspaper article he wrote openly calling for a German victory’.    

US VISITOR: We at STORM had a US visitor on 9-11 2011, for the tenth anniversary of the birth of the New World Order. A veteran of the Struggle since 1963 this kamerad has “visited 18 countries & all 50 of the United States”. He seemed pleased with us at first but then become bitter over the five days of his stay. Why? “You’re not revolutionary enough!” He kept denying he was acting like a classic ‘agent provocateur’ but still urged us at STORM to be ‘more active’. We tried to point out the two larger groupings, the Australia First Party (see details below) & Katter’s Australian Party were pursuing the same, broadly accepted goals as ANA but with greater finances & success, yet to no avail.

CHURCH TO BLAME: Our friend ignored this, instead launching into tirades against ‘the damned Christian Church!’ blaming them for every ill afflicting whites. He pined for a return to ‘the Old Ways’, seeking solace in an imaginary, Odinist past. Is such longing valid or escapism? Is simply avoidance therapy as we see in current craze for sci-fi TV shows, movies, conventions, etc. Young men – ranging from 13-35 – seek solace in fantasy, either sci-fi or porn. This is the key age-group we need to motivate for ACTION to resist the New World Order and its agents – multi-culture, feminism and racial equality. Let’s deal with the peculiar Rightist fantasy, Odinism.  

CHRISTIAN’S TRIUMPH: Constantine did abolish paganism in 313 AD when he made the Church the official Roman religion. The brutal facts are that Charlemagne did massacre the 4,500 Saxons at the Massacre of Verden in 782AD (Alessandro Barbero’s Charlemagne: Father of a Continent California University Press, 2004). Church leaders throughout history have betrayed Whites, from the Southern USA to Southern Africa. All this is true. Has the Church failed? No. Truth is the Bible is the word of God, His revealed will. Men fail, God does not. The Church is His Body. What does that mean?

 A NEW LUTHER? We’re the physical manifestation of the immaterial GOD. If He wants something done in the World He gets us to do it. Sometimes this is done badly. Semites tried and failed to obey Yah for 1,000 years. Were replaced by Gentile recruits - the Church - a new vehicle for GOD’s Will manifested in this world. In 2000 years many have misinterpreted His will, just as the Semites did before them. Some have simply given in and followed the trends of their society, falling into error. This does not render the Church obsolete. Indeed, in 1517 AD Martin Luther faced a similar dilemma. He judged the Church to be corrupt, failing & doomed. Instead of rejecting it he set about reforming it. As a result we had the Protester’s Reformation forerunner of today’s ‘Protestant’ churches. The Roman Church, ailing since 1964, awaits a new Martin Luther to cleanse its cultural accretions, unnecessary issues which attach themselves to the paper-thin doctrines upon which the Church is built.

TRUE CHURCH? Moravian reformers said it in the Five Words: ‘Jesus Christ Son of God, Saviour’. All else is cultural baggage. This is what has made the Church so versatile, able to fit into every culture. At the moment it is the US that is dying. That does not mean the Church , too, has to die. America had the loudest voice for the briefest time. Much of what non-Americans oppose as ‘church’ is simply US cultural baggage that will be abandoned when the US falls & its raucous voice, its vile media & arts, are silenced. One of these features is its supine kowtowing to the evil, apostate Mittel Ost Terror-Staat. The MOTS is the greatest affliction the church has had to bear for 2,000 years. Ever since they murdered their own Christ & then hunted down and had murdered all of his apostles. They plague us still.

‘NOT REVOLUTIONARY ENOUGH’: As for ‘not being revolutionary enough’. our friend provided details of many revolutionary heroes in the US & Western Europe. Such as ‘oh yeah, he got 8 years gaol for defending himself against an attack by J--s armed with iron bars.’and ‘oh yeah, he got seven years for an assault done by one of his members’, etc. It was not encouraging but a long litany of failure & oppression at the hands of the System. Why would anyone be openly ‘revolutionary’? Only a fool or someone with a death wish. And to die for - what? Paganism? Which was so weak the allegedly corrupt Church defeated it so easily. There’s no future musing over a mythic past.

REFORM, RETAKE, REMAKE: Let’s reform the Church, retake the lost institutions & then the lost lands. Plan, propagandise and prepare. Or as an Enemy told us: ‘advertisers use position, possession and passion to sell you their product’. This System, like the USSR will collapse under the weight of its own contradictions. Our job is to be ready when that happens. Gott Mitt Uns. If so, let’s train ourselves to be ready. Who were the first to leap through the Berlin Wall when it fell so unexpectedly? Those mentally & physically ready. Resist negativism & depression. The System uses these to control us.

SCRIPTURAL PRECEDENT:Try reading Scripture, especially the Psalms of King David. Many times he spoke of being in danger of death. In the Book of Judges, many used of Yah were also in danger. But when they sought Him, He gave specific guidance. Hard times should make us hard, not break us. They are sent to train us so we may be ready to destroy the enemy’s Yah sends for us to destroy. Sometimes these come disguised as ‘refugees’, traitorous political parties & charities or even so-called ‘churches’, many of which are political fronts for the Enemy. The Bible tells us about such stooges in the past and how Yah’s people slew them. What became of our US kamerad? He will have to seek his perfect ‘revolutionary’ somewhere else. We live here, in reality. No phantasm will suffice.

The Gillard Federal government has announced they will host the 2014 G-20 meeting of the world’s most powerful leaders HERE, in Brisbane. Obama will be here. Do we want such a figure here? Our dear friend and Prisoner of Conscience George D Loeb Jr (#292124 Martin Correctional Institution 1150 SW Allapattah Road Indiantown Florida 34956 USA) has received NO MAIL from us since Novembis 2012. All we send is 'Return to Sender,' even a Calendar of Australian landscape.

NEWS FLASH: Today (16 Februa 2013) we got word from our fundamentalist Christian allies, the Church of the Fourth Manifestation*. They've received back a package of evangelism tracts we'd asked them to send to GDL Jr. The reason given them by Florida DOC employee 'M. Souto'? The Christian tracts "present a threat to the security order or rehabilitative objectives of the Correctional System".

First we at ANA are falsely, repeatedly & maliciously labeled by FDOC ‘a Security Threat Group’. Why? Simply for daring to write to GDL Jr. Now we've a widely respected Christian Church, the CFM, slandered by these same FDOC officials. In our last issue of STORM we drew a comparison with the KGB guards of Soviet Gulag prisoners we wrote to the in the 1980's. Many scoffed at this. Now we see the anti-Christ character of this Third World-style, Obama-nation regime rearing its ugly head.
Our logic was simple: GDL Jr, having served 22 years gaol for no crime but an act of self-defence, is long over-due for a pardon from whatever N.W.O. stooge currently occupies the formerly White, now black, House.

Let us state categorically: Obama is unwelcome in Brisbane unless & until GDL Jr is pardoned. Label ANA an ‘STG’?  Well, let’s find out.

* Church of the Fourth Manifestation                                  P O Box 152 Geebung Qld 4034 Australia
       email:                                                 blog:

1ST Mars 1942: HMAS Perth sunk by Japanese in Battle of Java Sea. 463 RAN KIA; 223 WIA.
1st Mars: St David’s Day, patron saint of Wales.
4th Mars 1804: Castle Hill Revolt at Parramatta and Hawkesbury, NSW. Irish convicts lead by the United Irishmen, exiles from the 1798 Wolf tone Revolt.
4th Mars 1942: HMAS Yarra sunk by Japanese. 138 RAN KIA.
4th Mars 1942: Japanese Army execute 160 RAAF captured at Rabaul AFB, PNG.
11 Mars 2004: 191 KIA, Madrid train station. Ten bombs of Al Qaeda detonate on four trains.
17 Mars 1984: Sydney Prof. Geoffrey Blainey starts public debate: rejects “Asian immigration”.
19 Mars 2003: US/UK forces attack Iraq.
22 Mars 2004: IDF assassinates blind HAMAS spiritual leader Sheik Ahmed Yassin.
24 Mars 1999: NATO air attacks on Serbia in support of Kosovo-Muslim separatists.
25 Mars 2000: Ex-KGB Colonel Vladimir Putin appointed Russian President after Yeltsin quits.
30th Mars 1770: Captain James Cook lays claim to Botany Bay, Sydney for British Empire.

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