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STORM 133 Octobis 2014

No. 133                Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action                    Octobis 2014
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only

STORM gets information from ‘insiders’, SCUTTLEBUTT. We can’t confirm their stories. The latest:

SOMALI CONTACT: @ 31.10.13: "There's a new book out about the British-Somali War of 1918-25. Our side was lead by a ‘mad’ mullah. We lost. The British carved up our land. They ceded land with 2.5 million Somalis to Kenya and the land of 3.5 million Somalis to Ethiopia. That’s why so many of our people now live in Northern Kenya: it was our land - the British just moved the border!” 

JU-LIAR? 'THE REAL DEAL!': @ 11.6.13 by a Maori feminist: “I marched in the Brisbane Labour Day Parade with the then Prime Minister, Julia Gillard [1st Mai 2013]. I even got my picture taken with her! It didn’t come out so I just went back, tapped her on the shoulder and said: ‘sorry, Julia can I get that again?’ and she did. Can you think of the US President being so free with the public? An’ I’m not even an Aussie!” [True. The US is in a league of its own. RE]

SOCIALISM ARISES: In late 2011 we complained to an old Rightist activist about the latest politically-correct edict from the then Bligh ALP government. He replied: 
“Socialism is worse than Communism. Communism is upfront, direct, confrontational. Socialism is subtle, hidden, underground. But every day new issues, like weeds, spring forth”. 

ROADTEK: “My brother works for Roadtek [semi-private road construction arm of Queensland's Department of Main Roads] up in Toowoomba. They build roads all over the Darling Downs region. A private company got AUD$5 million to do a stretch of road but made a botch of it. My brother’s crew 'ad to come in ‘n’ fix it up costing an additional AUD$5 million. Where’s the sense in that?! Why’s the [Queensland LNP] government continuing to privatise government function?’ ”

The HO’s SON: “My daughter is 10 years old. A boy in her class at school is very violent. His Mum’s a prostitute and quite open about it. She’s proud: she wants everyone to know. After all, it’s been legal for years. Her eldest daughter is 21 years old. She’s a whore, too. Her second daughter is 12 years old. She got raped. Her Mum let a customer ‘stay over’ but turned out he was a paedophile. So the younger daughter is all screwed up now. So is her younger brother, the 10 year old. 

He stabbed a male teacher with a sharpened pencil. School went into lockdown. Three teachers were tasked with staying to calm him down. Only one went with the rest of the class onto the school oval. Next morning he is back in class but now has his very own iPad and is enrolled in cooking classes. He gets to cook pancakes for breakfast and eat them. The rest of the kids began saying: ‘Hey! You're rewarding bad behaviour.’ They all concluded there’s no point in being good”.  

EDITORIAL - VAMPIRES VERSUS ZOMBIES: Not the title of the latest Sollywood flick but a question posed by a supporter: “why are Hollywood films obsessed with vampires and zombies?” Go back to the silent-movie era of the 1920's. Such figures as Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff portrayed these types. These characters are again popular. Why? First we must admit the format of these films has changed since their origins. In the 1920's the ‘monster’ was a creature of horror: good for scaring the women and children in the film before the heroic men hunt him down and kill him. The End. 

VAMPIRES TODAY: Today things have morphed into more dangerous territory. Let’s take a glance at the Twilight Trilogy starring English actor Robert Pattinson. Based on a book by a Mormon, Stephanie Meyer it was first published in 2005, the first film being released in 2008. The monster in Twilight now is not a villain but an object of attraction, even a member of a persecuted, misunderstood minority who are 'just ‘doin’ what comes naturally'. The popularity of the Twilight series books and films, especially among young women of breeding age, helped pattern a thought process which said: ‘it’s alright for a minority to live parasitically off their host society’. Film came out post- 2007, when a parasitic Alien Elite ‘crashed’ Wall Street then the entire Western economy. The muted response by the general public across the West to this economic catastrophe owes much to media pre-conditioning. 

ZOMBIES: The second strand of Sollywood horror, the zombie, also emerged in the 1920’s. The ‘living dead’ appeared in such classics as 1932's White Zombie with gems like: ‘what a horrible fate! To be the slave of blacks’. The zombie format was resurrected with 1967’s Dawn of the Dead by a US Hispanic director, George Romero. A black ‘hero’ survives a night of mass-zombie attacks in an isolated farmhouse forcing all the white survivors outside, where they to die at the hands of cannibal zombies. Emerging from the ruins of the house the next morning he is met by an all-white, zombie-hunting posse. Seeing the remains of their friends strewn around they assume the 'hero' is a zombie and gun him down as he races out to greet them. DotD's 'run away' success sparked two further films. 

OUR DEMISE: Horror's zombie sub-genre died out (pun) till just after 9-11 2001. These altered the previous format in two ways. Zombies were still killed on sight but the idea is now that a racially diverse elite should survive any 'zombie apocalypse'. The second trend in zombie teen-flicks in of a fanatical mob pursuing this racially diverse elite. They thereby train our white youth to believe it is alright for a tiny elite to kill off the vast majority if and when they feel threatened. Can anyone guess who write, produce and direct these quasi-infomercials? Our favourite Alien Elite. Mass media, mass education, mass entertainment all aimed to encouraging our complicity in our own demise.      

ARMENIAN GENOCIDE EXPLAINED: Birds Without Wings by Louis de Bernieres (NYC: Alfred A. Knopf, 2004). [A novelised account of Turk, Greek and Armenian lives, 1914-1922]. 

(p.273): “For decades Armenians and the East Anatolian tribes had been at each other’s throats. Both the Kurds and Armenians were convinced of the superiority of their own race and religion. The Kurds were fanatical Islamists, though few had ever read a word of the Koran. The Armenians believed they were direct descendants of Noah and that this made them special. The Armenians desired autonomy but the Kurds were loyal to the State. Years of covert warfare existed between the two groups”. 

(p.274): “Under Enver’s Ottomanism policy Christians were now conscripted in large numbers. The only way out was to pay a special ‘tax’. Most Armenians were too poor to pay it, so the Ottoman Army soon filled up with poor Armenian conscripts, who still aspired to Independence.

The first step in the Armenian’s great tragedy began when Garo Pastermadjan, an Armenian MP from Erzurum, led most of the 3rd Army’s Armenian officers and men over to the Russians. They then joined them in their next assault. Ottomans saw this as high treason. They transferred all Armenians from combat units to labour battalions where they were treated so harshly many deserted. These formed armed groups, cutting roads and bridges, attacking supply lines and columns of wounded. They targeted Kurdish villages. As all able-bodied men had been conscripted, the results were predictable. 

To counter this, on 2nd May 1915 Enver Pasha sent a telegram to Talat Bey, Minister of the Interior. He said: ‘remove all Armenians from behind the Ottoman frontline’. He specified there should be ‘no ill-treatment’ saying: ‘auction the possessions of each family and give them the money when they arrive at their destination’ ". 

(p.275) : “The troops Talat Bey designated to escort the exiles were not regulars, as these were all at the Front, but Kurdish irregulars. It is impossible to calculate how many Armenians died on the forced marches. It has been alleged Talat Bey colluded in a deliberate campaign of extermination”.  

 DVD REVIEW: Dirty War by Jonathan Scarf(?) (86 minutes). A close-up look at US covert ops since 9-11. 

“Immediately after 9-11 there were only seven names on the CIA‘Kill or Capture’ list. In 2003 with the Iraq War this grew to 55 names, enough to put on a deck of ‘playing cards’. The death of Osama bin Laden gave the War on Terror a boost. The 'Kill List' has now grown to thousands of names. In Afghanistan, e.g. any male aged 15-70 years is a ‘legitimate target’ ".  Reporter Jonathan Scarf found a US covert unit behind deaths worldwide, in over forty countries. The unit? The Joint Strike Operations Command (JSOC).

Scarf met a Somali Warlord, ‘Inda Eyah’ or ‘White Eyes’ who works directly for JSOC. His orders include to: 'hunt and kill all terrorists especially foreigners'. He said: “All foreigners captured must be killed and buried on the battlefield. [JSOC] fly in to retrieve bodies of Somalis for identification on JSOC ships offshore. In this way those targeted can be marked off their ‘Kill List’ ". JSOC's been in Somalia for a decade. Drones strikes, night raids, mercenaries. After ten years the news is bleak as is the future".

"White Eyes says: ‘US are the Masters of War. They know how to run a war’. So far only two US citizens have been killed, both in Yemen. The father, a Muslim preacher, was killed. Then a week later, his 16 year-old son. The son was killed not for what he had done but for what he may someday become. A war has been initiated across the globe with foreigners and US citizens alike assassinated by US Presidential Decree, killed in plain sight for all to see. How does such a war end?"    

BOOK REVIEW: Stalin: Triumph and Tragedy by Dr Colonel-general Dmitri Volkogonov (Moscow: Novosti/London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1989). 

 “From my own research I place the figure for loses 1941-45 at 26-27 million. 10 million died in combat or as POW’s, as servicemen, partisans or civilians. The most nebulous were those listed as ‘missing’. This included those taken prisoner but also those returnees who disappeared during the endless NKVD ‘checks’ in the Soviet concentration camps” (p.506). Soviet military loses were higher than German loses due to Stalin’s insistence that goals be achieved ‘regardless of losses’. Sacrificial socialism demanded sacrificial loses” (p.506)

“After 1946 Stalin was determined to break the American nuclear monopoly; he was prepared to use ant means including the international labour and Communist movement and the emerging peace movement, to gain ground for the USSR. He established an agency to coordinate activities of the world’s Communist parties. Stalin had been persuaded to dissolve the Comintern [Communist International] in 1943, in the hope the Western Allies would open a second front” (p.533).

“Four years later Stalin resurrected it. On 27 Septembis 1947 he founded the Information Bureau of the Communist and Labour Parties, AKA Informburo or Cominform  at a meeting in Szkerska Poreba, Poland of nine European Communist Parties. Following the split of Yugoslavia from the Eastern Bloc in Novembis 1949 Cominform ceased to exist” (p.534). 

“In 1946 the crop failed. It had failed before, in 1943, but back then the USA supplied all our grain” (p.512)  [Without US aid the USSR would have lost WWII. Hitler’s assessment in 1941 was accurate: the USSR would have collapsed within six weeks but for US intervention, something no one could have predicted. RE]. 

“Neither agriculture nor consumer goods were of any consequence to Stalin” (p.517). 

“Agriculture declined. The standard of living in 1950 was the same as in 1913. The endless experiments by the regime yielded very little for the people. In Stalin’s view giving the people anything above the bare minimum would only corrupt them” (p.518). 

“On 6th Mars 1946 at Fulton Missouri W. Churchill gave a speech that divided the world” (p.531) 
[Churchill borrowed a phrase from Joseph Goebbels describing a world split into East and West, calling the rift ‘an Iron Curtain across Europe’. Stalin recognised the allusion and felt threatened. RE]. 

“During WWII the USA’s industrial potential rose by 50%. In contrast, the USSR had 1,000’s of its population centres ruined. The 1946 Famine lay ahead and the entire Western part of the USSR was engulfed in partisan warfare. After German forces were expelled, armed units continued to battle Soviet forces in the Baltic States and Western Ukraine for five full years after the War. This aspect of modern Soviet history has not received its due attention” (p.531). [our emphasis]

“On 12 April 1946 Interior Minister Kruglov sent a report to Stalin: ‘during Mars 1946 8,360 partisans were killed or captured in Western Ukraine along with eight mortars, 20 heavy machine-guns, 712 sub-machine guns, 2,002 rifles, 600 rifles, 1,766 grenades, four printing presses and 33 typewriters. 200 KGB and Red Army troops were killed. In Lithuania during the same period 145 partisans were killed and 1,500 captured with 44 heavy machine guns, 289 rifles, 122 pistols and 182 grenades. 215 KGB and Red Army troops were killed. Armed clashed occurred in Belorussia, Latvia, Estonia” (p.531).

“In Western Ukraine [i.e. Eastern Poland] armed clashes continued until 1951” (p.508)

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