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SNIPPETS# 56P : Rolf Harris - Pedophiles versus Heteros

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by Amon Sul 
ABCTV News '24' 7.16pm Frigasday 16th Mai 2014:
"Three woman who alleged Australian entertainer Rolf Harris had sexually assaulted them 30 years ago gave evidence in a London court today. One said: 'I was a waitress at a diner. Rolf grabbed my buttock. Even today I have a reaction when I see him on TV' ". 
"Actor Robert Hughes of long-running Australian children's TV comedy series Hey Dad was today sentenced to ten years in gaol. He will serve a non-parole period of six years for sexual assault on four young women". 
"Professor Chris Wilson, formerly lecturer in criminology at Bond University, appeared in court today. Is alleged he sexually assaulted four women 40 years ago. The 76 year-old is charged with 'indecent dealings with minors.' " 
POLITICAL MILIEU: Before we look at these three 'criminals', let's examine the overall political milieu for these politically-correct allegations. In 2001 the US elite provoked an attack on their territory, initiating a series of wars which Geo. W Bush boasted would last "as long as the Cold War" i.e. forty years. We are now in the fifteenth year of these perpetual wars. The next target could be China, Armenia, Russia, East Ukraine, or anywhere else the US elite chooses to destroy and plunder.

FLIGHT NOT FIGHT: In response the general public across the West has retreated from reality. We seek sanctuary from our rogue Masters in fiction. The two most popular forms are the 'Superhero' movies of Marvel and DC Comics format. This is preferred by young males. The other is the 'period' piece, such as the 2015 BBCTV drama series War and Peace, Pride and Prejudice. These are preferred by female viewers. A variation on this, Game of Thrones, enmeshes both female desire for intrigue and 'strong female roles' whilst including much violence and nudity for the male viewers.

PURGE OF HETERO TV PERSONALITIES: Who are Rolf, Robert and Chris?
Rolf: was favourite entertainer of the Queen and had received every award an entertainer can. Why attack him? Same media which smeared Rolf Harris for the past six months and demanded he too be stripped of all honours. For what - a buttock grab?!

Saville: Is alleged a widespread pedophile ring operates in the UK media and arts. Mostly non-heteros, their 'star' was allegedly Jimmy Saville, a TV variety entertainer and comedian. UK cops refused to act against him due to their own corrupt elements. Soon after his death in 2011, was revealed sexual assaults claims had been made against Saville going back forty years. 450 victims, from 8-75 years old, had filed charges to some 13 UK Police Forces. These refuse to explain their failure to pursue charges. But, after 2011 there began an 'open-season' on TV entertainers, as long as they were white, male and heterosexual. 

Robert: Star of a sitcom where a single father raised a large family while working from home. Genuine humour and an unusual portrayal of men in a favourable light. In these femo-Nazi* times, maybe that is enough to garner accusations. *Femo-Nazi: While NS see all through prism of Race, Femos see all throughout prism of gender.  

Chris: is an old style Leftist. Was a regular on local TV News when law lecturer at UQ. Long-term opponent of Queensland's Christian fundamentalist Premier 1968-87, Sir Johannes Bjelke-Petersen. Chris had been a media darling. What went wrong? Let's look for a pattern. 

A PATTERN - FRANCE: By 2011 the French Conservative President Sarkozy(J) was vastly unpopular. Next President-to-be of France in 2012 was International Monetary Fund chief and Socialist Party candidate, Dominic Strauss-Kahn(J). On 11 May 2011, just weeks before announcing his candidacy, was ambushed by media in a NYC hotel room. Someone paid a maid to yell 'RAPE'. He never denied having sex with her but was arrested and held till the scandal became the top media story across France. Later released, he returned 'home' a persona non grata, dropped, under media pressure, from every job he'd had or could have had. Maid later admitted running a 'service' for guests. 'Turned tricks' for money as a part-time whore. Was well-known but media portrayed her as 'victim'. Dominic Strauss-Kahn(J) was now a pariah. Who took his slot as Socialist Party candidate, another alien, Francois Hollande(J). All knew the alien, Sarkosy (J) would lose. Since winning office Hollande has recorded the lowest opinion-polls in recent history. Obedient puppet of whom, he is not a patch on financial genius, Dominic Strauss-Kahn(J). 

ITALY: Silvio Berlusconi was Italy's best Prime Minister since Mussolini, with as much drive, ambition and as many ideas. For this, the Enemy loathed him. After years of attacks and character assassinations they found a chink in his armour: he had attended a party where a 15 year-old whore was posing as a 19 year-old. He was later arrested and charged with 'having sex with a minor'. She denied it; he denied it; there were no witnesses. Still he was smeared by a slave media and convicted by a Left-controlled judiciary. Case dragged on for years, but ask anyone and they'll reply: 'SB molested a girl!'  

AMERICA: In Novembis 2014 the folio of hetero-victims spread wider, to the US where a series of allegations were made against TV comedian Bill Cosby. See a pattern? The anonymous accusers began with one popular TV show host, in Australia who played a successful Dad to a diverse family. Then to the UK where Australian Rolf Harris entertained kids for decades. Then to US where the 1980's hit show The Cosby Show distilled wise counsel to black hetero youth.

WHAT PATTERN? As if the joint justice systems tested an idea on a sample audience, Australia, before moving onto a larger audience, Britain. Then to the largest global audience, the USA. The pattern emerging had hetero men pilloried for 'crimes' now that were not crimes when they allegedly were committed. Is like charging Al Jolson with 'hate crime' for going 'black-face' in 1927 film The Jazz Singer. Their real 'crime'? They chose to be hetero-exemplars in an age of pervert-power. The most depraved now rule us, emerging from the shadows and into classrooms. Our society has in general been undermined these past 50 years. The assault has now become specific and personalised. Like all Marxist revolutions 'examples' must be made and individuals scapegoated. As Mao Zedong said: 'kill one - frighten 100'.

RESCUE OUR FUTURE: The dullard public, dumbed down with 24/7 celebrity gossip and lies, have been conditioned to believe anything. The more salacious the better. Usual reporter is now a female, blonde, bimbo, reporter pre-conditioned by archetypes to portray every female as a 'victim'. Foolish audience all agree. Their thinking is reduced to:  Female = victim; Man= oppressor; Child = innocence; Media = truth. 20 years ago the cry against the then male-dominated media was: "we need more women reporters so they can present the 'female perspective' "(sic). Now females dominate the media across the entire West. And their unique 'perspective'? They see life as a soap opera. To secure a future for Whites we must alter this. 'Knowledge is power'; denial of information dooms them.

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