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STORM No. 147 Juno-Juli 2016

No. 147     Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action       Juno-Juli 2016 ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only   
STORM gets information from ‘insiders’, SCUTTLEBUTT. We can’t confirm stories. Here’s the latest:
 Biker’s Bar-maid @2 Juli 2014:    “I worked at a Pub in Parramatta. Bikers hung out there. They were all gentlemen, unlike the local cops. I had to take the gun off of one of these, once. He’d got drunk and kept pointing it at my customers so the locked it in the Pub’s safe. The bikers, well…I asked them to ‘move on’ as we heard there was a fight brewing with a rival club. The boys? They got shot.” [Finally clicked: The Milperra (NSW) Biker Massacre! Nine killed, including a 14 year old girl]. We asked the ex-barmaid: “But what about the 14 year old?” “Her mother was there, too. And not ‘cause she liked bikes, neither”. [Both mother and daughter were hookers. Media portrayed girl as ‘innocent victim’. RE].    
TWO DIASPORA INDIANS, OVERHEARD @9 Juli 2014: Fijian-Indian female:     “I just come back from a world trip! Loved Vienna, Austria. So beautiful and clean”. Zimbabwean–Indian: “but what about Mumbai, India?” Fiji-Indian:         “India? Filthy!”
MALAYSIAN-CHINESE CONTACT@ 17 Octobis 2014: “House prices in Australia are 30% too high”.                              “Why?” “Chinese money! It’s all proceeds of corruption. The new Chinese President, Xi, is cracking down on government corruption. Since 2013 the flow of crooked money out of China and into Australia has skyrocketed. That’s why 20% of ‘new home buyers’ in Victoria are Chinese here on ‘student’ visas. They buy up to 10 homes at a time, whole streets at once. It’s their way of hiding the stolen money. Two new casinos are being built, at Bongaree (sic) and Yorkeys Knob (NSW?), both from corrupt money. 
James Packer, [who is behind the casinos and one of Australia’s richest men] is allied to Stanley Ho [Chinese casino magnate]. Ho has so many arrest warrants out on him he is afraid to leave Macao. He sends his kids out to do his ‘dirty work’. One of these is James Packer’s business partner in the casinos. Everyone in Asia launders their dirty money through Macao, even North Korea! 
The Federal government KNOW this is distorting the economy. So Australia’s first home buyers can’t afford to buy a $200,000 home currently valued at $2 million. Sellers like L.J. Hooker - they just don’t care where the money comes from. This is how $20 billion of Chinese ‘investment’ entered Australia in 2013. For ‘foreign investment’ you should read ‘corruptly-obtained-funds-from-Chinese-State-owned enterprises’”.   
SECOND SOURCE: “The Australian government knows the Chinese money is dirty. They don’t care. They have never cared. They let the Coles and Woolworths supermarket chains take over all of Australia’s liquor stores, petrol stations, drug stores and hardware stores. They did nothing. This duopoly aims to control the entire retail sector. The government knows. The media knows. 
Every government enquiry into ‘possible collusion’ between Coles and Woolworths finds ‘no evidence’ when every citizen can see it. Just as in the past, seven federal inquiries into collusion by the major oil companies 'found no evidence’. No wonder our governments see nothing wrong with receiving masses of crooked Chinese money”.      
PROSPECTIVE HOME BUYER (Brisbane) @18 Octobis 2014: “We looked at new high rise apartments in New Farm (higher income, inner city suburbs). These were two bedroom flats but so small, only 80 square metres each (average house block is 360 square metres). The stairs and doorway were so narrow you cannot bring your own furniture in, so there are ‘fully furnished’.  
Second buyer: ‘it was like a home we had back in Holland. You had to haul everything up through the lounge room windows. There was a hook outside the window. You took the windows out to fit things in’.  
Third buyer: ‘I’m from Toowoomba (100 km West of Brisbane). Apartments go up there and are sold out before they’re even built’. [Australia has lowest population density in the world at one person for every four square km. Why the need for high rise dwellings? RE].  
Fourth buyer: ‘I’ve read the Hilmer Report [by Prof. Fred Hilmer]. He predicted Coles and Woolworths would take over the petrol stations three years before they did. How did he know? Was he in on the Plan?”   
EDITORS NOTE:  As some readers have noticed, we 'support other groups' by sending out their material. Our goal is to make ALL whites wiser through a pooling of knowledge. We see as arrogant conceit the believe that any one group holds the key to 'all knowledge'. This humility is much lacking in our Leftist humanist foes.  

One group we supported was the now-defunct Christian Falangist Party of Australasia and their two auxiliary groups, the Church of the Fourth Manifestation and the New Queensland Movement. We see their ideas, although not politically obtainable at the moment, as exemplary. For this reason we will in future distribute material, some dating back a decade, from these groups. Responses to NA or CFPA/CFM/NQM.    

'ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS': We have new column in STORM  where we reply to questions from NA members.  Dear B,            Thanks for your letter. Yes, we ‘type and return hand-written work’. We hope to see WN/NS POW’s self-propagate, spawning their own membership cadre, so we are happy to assist them to use their own work, in their own words.
 A ‘brief outline of what NA is working towards’? In brief: the F------n W---s. Unlike some we want ALL WN/NS groups to prosper. Too many groups waste time and energy in internecine feuds, often instigated by Enemy agent provocateurs or government operatives.  

To avoid this we follow Mao Zedong’s 1957 Hundred Flowers Doctrine: ‘let a Hundred Flowers Bloom, let 100 schools of Thought contend’. Why not? In the end, we’re all be winners. Whatever strengthens one section of the Movement surely strengthens us all. The decline of the White Man is everywhere evident: this is no time for egotism.
NA’s Platform, encapsulated in What We Stand For is deliberately nebulous – what Americans call ‘Mom’s Apple Pie’ statements that none can argument with. Why? Let’s agree on what we can, these Core Values then leave all disputes outside. Members of other WN/NS groups are not excluded but must agree to the overarching principles outlined in WWSFNew members are welcome. Once we have sufficient numbers in North America we’ll set up an appropriate administrative structure. 
  More Quotes  "And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music".                                            Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche 
 "He turns all of his injuries into strengths, that which does not kill him makes him stronger, he is superman".                                                     Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche 
DVD REVIEW: Kako Se MagaoIzbeci Rat: Bosni I & II (What you may have missed in the Bosnian Wars) 180 minutes TV documentary from Bosnian Serb TV Circa 1997. Subtitles but no captions of those interviewed. (Part Six; Part Five is on STORM 145). 
PART SIX:  In Krajina, a Serbian enclave in Croatia, on 1st August 1995 100,000 US-trained Croatian Army troops attacked Serb positions in UN Sector North and UN Sector South. Dubbed ‘Operation Storm’, it was an all-arms assault, involving tanks, planes and artillery. US military equipment was used to jam Serbian military communications, severing the defenders from their overall Command and Control in Krajina. U.S. Navy aircraft, flying from Aviano AFB in Italy openly attacked Serb sites, completely destroying radar facilities and Communication sites in Krajina. 
US aided Croatia in the largest ethnic cleansing operation of the War to date, which saw  200,000 Serbs driven from Croatia. Retired US Gen Charles Boyd, deputy Commander of NATO, later boasted: “the US both planned and implemented Croatia’s Operation Storm”. New York Times reporter Roger Choen(J) later discovered MPRI’s General Vuono “met repeatedly with Croatian generals before Operation Storm. It was a direct copy of US tactics used in  against Iraq in 1990’s Operation Desert Storm, that is, lightning strikes on multiple fronts.   
Reporter Tim Judah quoted EU Human Rights & Refugee Commissioner Emma Bonino: “10,000 Serbs are ‘missing’ as a direct result of Operation Storm”. Their whereabouts unknown, it is believed many ended up in mass graves. Three US State Department sources told New York Times reporter David Binder: “green light for Operation Storm came from Richard Holbrook who flew into Zagreb to inform Croatian President Tudjman personally. RH later admitted as much in his biography To End A War"  
"After Operation Storm the US vigorously blocked all UN and EU peace initiatives for Bosnia, whilst encouraging Muslim and Croat forces there to carry out ethnic cleansing of Serbs from West Bosnia. These combined attacks left 10,000 killed and forced 200,000 to flee as refugees. Was identical to Serb loses in Krajina. RH was proud of his role, even later admitting in To End A War: “I advised the Muslim-Croat hierarchy on which Serb cities to target”. In Summer-Fall 1995 Muslim and Croat forces were open in their aggression in Bosnia, with the U.S. Air Force acting as their ‘air force’ against any Serb towns or villages which tried to resist them".   
"All the excuse the US needed for this aggression was yet another staged ‘incident’. This occurred on 25 August 1995, once again at the Markala Markets, Sarajevo so very conveniently nearby the hotels where the US and EU media were based. One paper refused to ‘take the bait’. A London Times article soon after headlined: "Serbs Not Guilty of Massacre: Experts Warn US Mortar Was Bosnian’. The article went on to detail how British and French observers believed the Moslems had fired the mortar at their own people. They were overruled by a US NATO official. Hours after, NATO forces began its rolling attacks on Serb positions across Bosnia". 
 "Bill Clinton saw a role for NATO in Bosnia as justifying continued US domination of Europe. NATO had become hostage to an American Power concept: keep Europe Down and America Up. It was not till 1996, one year later, when Bill Clinton forced Serbia to sign the unjust Dayton Peace Accords that Serbs were allowed to open the first of many mass graves in West Bosnia, near Mrkonjic Grad". 
 BOOK REVIEW: Autopsy for an empire: Seven leaders who built the Soviet regime by Dr General D. Volkogonov (NYC: Free Press, 1998)
 P468: “This Leninist system Gorbachev wished to preserve was built on lies, secrecy, control of information and tight management both public and private consciousness. As soon as the general public learned the truth about the regime’s myths the foundations began to crack. The system was powerless against truth”.   
P477: "the 26th of April 1986 Chernobyl catastrophe, like the Afghan War, exacerbated the economic and political aspects of the crisis facing the Soviet Union”.   
P488-489: “The self-destruction of the Soviet system was determined by a number of factors: 
1. The arms race in which the USSR, at fantastic cost, achieved parity with the USA but overstrained itself. 
2. Economic stagnation had become a permanent feature exposing economy is extremely low efficiency.  
3. Bureaucratic ossification of society, and dogmatic meets residing in the public mind, turned individuals into one-dimensional beings. 
4. The militaristic nature of the Soviet Union had contained nationalism but it was bound to break out. 
5. Monopoly of a single, political power had become a brake on development. 
6. System ruled in name of a ‘collective’ but deprived individuals of rights and liberties. 
7. The Afghan War dealt the System’s deathblow with authorities unable to justify the high human and material losses to a sceptical and disgruntled public”.  
p 489: “Overseas Gorbachev was deified; at home he was reviled”.   
P490: “Anatoly Chernyayev, Gorbachev's International Affairs Adviser, said: “it took years for us to realise this society could not be renewed; it needed to be replaced”. 
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