Thursday, 26 July 2012


BBC World Service 6am Wodensday 27 Juno 2012:
"South African President Jacob Zuma told today's ANC conference: 'the willing seller/willing buyer' system is too slow & is costing too much' [much applause]. He has shied away from nationalisation [forced sales with little or no compensation] but commentators have not. One said: 'BEE [Affirmative Action] has failed. It ended in croneyism. All the new positions created went to the ANC's friends'. After 18 years many ask if the ANC government has run out of puff. 18 years after Apartheid all power & wealth remains in white hands. The only alternative is to copy Brother Mugabe's 'land grab' ".

This foolish reporter ignores reality. Why does 'the wealth stay in white hands'? It is thanks to them, through their intelligence & a will to work, that the wealth exists at all. 

It is said:  'a cat may look at a king'. This old proverb applies well today to Africa & Africans. Till now Australia could ignore the whining of these inveterate malingerers but as the ALP now imports 100,000 per year it is essential we see these failed fools for what they are, despite their begging bowls. 

A long way from the imagined ills of Apartheid or the chains of the American South the negroid black remains stupid & poor. Only those blinded by ideology cannot see this is genetic & unalterable. Look at the Caribbean. Freed of white rule in the 1960's it is now a basket-case. Look at Haiti. In 1803, under white rule, Haiti was the richest country in South America. Today it is the poorest. 

Logic? Fools can't rule. We appeal to Afrikaaners: follow the example of the Portuguese in Angola. Destroy what you can then migrate to Australia. Let Zuma & Co starve. No more compassion for these carrion. 

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