Thursday, 26 July 2012


Can Western-style democracy survive in Australia despite a deluge of non-Western migrants since the late 1970's? No. First we must define what we mean by 'democracy' & how our democracy differs from varieties found in other lands.

Christianity is the corner-stone of Western democracy.The original Greek democracy, as practiced solely in Athens, was a small club of the elite who chose their leaders by ballot & made decisions by ballot. 
They still waged aggressive wars, enslaved fellow Greeks, etc. Athenians' sole difference was in the way they decided things. Interestingly, democratic Republic of Athens waged many more wars than its neighbour the hierarchical, military monarchy, Sparta. 
This holds true in our times. Democracies wage many times more wars than dictatorships of either totalitarian or military type. Why? 
The media in a democracy are able to whip up public sentiment & delude them into acting against what is in their best interests. This is not so in a dictatorship. There people mask their thoughts so the State is wary, even fearful, of them. It is reluctant to put weapons in their hands lest they turn on it. 
Athenian-style democracy exists in many non-Western states today, especially in former Western colonies. It's possible many in these non-Western democracies are unaware how far short they fall of the ideal. What ideal? 
Western Man infused the original Athenian model with Christianity. This radical religion espoused that GOD had become Man;  He'd died for sinners so all may be freed from the consequences of their wrong actions; by dying GOD made Man 'right' with Him. The implication is every man may now attain equality with GOD. This implied God-value is theirs to appropriate when they 'repent' & are 'saved'. 
This radical concept underlies all Western thought & action - from its wars to its missionaries. Since WWII a new idea has overtaken the formerly Christian West. Many Westerners today reject Christian values & the Christian GOD. They no longer see each individual as worthy of God's death. Instead they value each according to their wealth & status. These externals account for the so-called 'celebrities' we fill the glossy magazines & our controlled TV shows. What does nay of this have to do with mass migration? 
Many of Australia's recent Arrivals are familiar with such a system & fully endorse it. Only material worth is valued. These same Arrival tell us: 'Aussies are rude & arrogant'. Why? For failing to see the Arrivals as our superiors, worth more than 'you foolish whites'. Why foolish?  'You brought us here to run your country as you're too stupid to run it yourselves!' 
We told some of these Arrivals that Christian compassion motivated our governments refugee & migrant policies.  They simply blinked in astonishment, this not being a concept they comprehend or endorse. How different their home countries would be if they did! But alas they flee them seeking 'a better life' but bring their debased beliefs & practices with them, creating yet another mess. 
One side-effect of allowing in those who value not individuals but caste, clan or status is they devalue all else. To tell practisers of Caste segregation that a fellow worker has equal value to them purely on a professional basis is folly; to say an individual voter has the same rights as a group, clan or caste is regarded as false. Bloc-voting for their clan or caste is all they understand - not the good of the State or its peoples. 
Can Western democracy survive in such a confined political space? Maybe a form of democracy, one more akin to ancient Athens with its elite rule, many wars, bondage & eventual demise. We already see 'political correctness' establishing a new dictatorship in the name of 'the greatest good for the greatest number'. Can the West survive without Christian values? No.  

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