Thursday, 26 July 2012


BBC World Service 5am Tuisday 24 Jlui 2012:
"The allleged Colroado shooter James Homes today appeared in court. With flaming red hair he seemed to sleep at times to stare striathg ahead. At the time of his arrest he told police: 'I'm the Joker!' the Batman's arch-nemesis".

This individual is suffering from a dis-associative disorder i.e. he thinks he is a cartoon character. Why was such a mental patient allowed to roam free? 
Because that is the liberal/Left attitude towards mental illness. Since the 1960's they have closed the lock-up wards; force the mentally ill back into 'society' where 'the community' is expected to care for them. 
What 'community'? The same one the liberal/Left have worked so hard at atomising with their ill-conceived, corrosive social policies. The sad fact is James Holmes is one of thousands - maybe millions - of mentally ill out there. All are walking time-bombs. 
This is no accident. It is a direct result of deliberate policy decisions. The same BBC report  spoke to a Colorado gun-range operator. They tried but failed to trick him into saying: 'guns kill people & should be banned'. 
Do human lives matter? Then why not ban abortion? On the same day James Holmes killed 12 in Aurora CO, 4,000 babies were slaughtered across America by their own mothers. Legally. Was that in the news? No. 
Because it suits the Left media agenda to accept such butchery as 'normal'. We've been brain-washed to think the mutilation of the unborn is 'a women's right'. Well, maybe James Holmes had a 'right' to butcher as well.
Are you worried America is in decline? Think that  GOD may be fighting against & not for them? You're right. He is. When someone like James Holmes, a product with 'Made in Hollywood' stamped on his forehead, is big news yet 4,000 murdering mothers DAILY is not then only a just GOD can reap the righteous reward such an EVIL society deserves. 
As for Hollywood's role in all this they will no doubt deny any blame. 'We only market our product to responsible, sane, individuals' they always say. Well, Sollywood - any who've drunk long & deep of your bilge won't stay sane or responsible for long. Sollywood, America deserves you.

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