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N&INS August 2012

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Nationalist & Inter-Nationalist News Service 
August 2012
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4am BBC World Service Saturday 18 August 2012:
Reporter Steve Rosenberg: “punk rock band Pussy Riot get two years gaol for ‘religious hatred’. US & EU both immediately protest. Demonstrators outside the court say ‘praise the Lord!’ Madonna has supported the case. There is a difference between opinions inside Moscow & outside. The further you get from the capital the harder the opinions against the three women”.   

“South African President Jacob Zuma sets up inquiry into shooting of 34 striking mine workers by police”.

French Foreign Minister says: ‘Syrian President does not deserve to be on the earth’ after visiting refugees.

German Constitutional Court has overturned a post-war ban on overseas service for its armed forces. ‘They may use their arms but not against demonstrators’.

Reporter Sanjoy Majunda: “30,000 migrants have fled South India for North India saying they were being threatened through texts & social media. North Indians are distinct due to their East Asian features. It is a spillover from conflicts in the North between indigenous Muslims & migrants to the region”. [our emphasis]. 

“Head of the Russian Orthodox Church has made a first-ever visit to Poland. It took three years to write a treaty of ‘reconciliation’ between the Russian Orthodox Church and Poland’s Roman Catholic Church. The two have a history of persecution & massacres but see the need for unity in an increasingly secular Europe”.  

SBSTV 9-11 Escape from the Impact Zone 8.30pm Frigasday 7 Septembis 2012 (documentary): 
Producer Lizzi Cossetts Testimony Films for Channel 5 (2012) 
“The 9-11 Impact Zone was where the aircraft hit each of the Twin Towers. On the South Tower, the second tower struck, this stretched from the 78th up to the 84th floor. Only three escaped from the 84th floor. Only 18 people survived from the floors in the Impact Zone and those above it. 
One was Stanley Praimnath, Assistant Vice President of Fuji Bank: ‘After we felt & saw the impact on the North Tower I made my way to the lobby of the South Tower. But as I headed for the exit turnstiles I was confronted by a security guard. It was then I heard the voice over the PA system saying ‘Building Two is secure’. So I turned back to the lift & returned to my desk on the 81st floor’. 
Ron Di Francesco worked for Euro Brokers on the 84th floor with Brian Clark, Executive Vice President of Euro Brokers. BC: ‘After the first plane hit, the north Tower, I wanted to evacuate the building but I heard a voice over the PA System saying repeatedly: ‘Building Two is secure! Return to your desks!’ So we did. When the second plane hit [the South Tower] we ran down Stairway A, the only one still open. As we headed down we met a heavy-set woman coming up. She said: ‘go back! It’s all blocked’. 
Ron Di Francesco: ‘we kept on going down but we soon found all the exit doors had been locked. So I headed back up, all the way to the 91st floor. After I was there awhile I felt ready to ‘go’. It was then I heard someone calling me. Was it a god or something I don’t know but I followed & saw a hole in the dry-wall. I pulled it wider & slide out, onto a stairwell. I ran down through three floors that were afire’. I left the South Tower as jumpers rained down from the North Tower. As the South Tower collapsed I was blasted away, out of the lobby. I woke up in hospital three days later’. 

Richard Fern, IT manager at Euro Brokers: ‘it took me 30 minutes to walk down from the 84thfloor to the lobby’. When the second plane hit the 78th floor it was the interchange between the local lifts from the upper floors & the express lifts to the lobby. The Impact killed 200 people assembled on the 78th floor for transport down in the express elevators.  

Allan Mann, Vice President, Aon Corp. ‘I left in an elevator from the 78th floor just before the Impact. The lift fell from the 78th floor almost down to the lobby before the brakes engaged. Even so 30 people inside the lift were killed. I survived. I found a hole in the lift-floor, as people couldn’t get out of the jammed doors. I helped a woman out, then ran for help’. When the South Tower collapsed 600 died. 29 minutes later the North Tower collapsed, killing 1,300 trapped in the Impact Zone & on the floors above”. 

SBS Radio 88.7FM 10am 30 Juli 2012: 
“Given the current poor state of the Italian economy, many professionals there now wish to migrate to Australia. When they arrive they seek assistance from the existing Italian-Australian community but receive little. Why? An official of the Department of Immigration, an Italian translator for over 30 years. She told us: ‘there is resentment. The older generation of Italians here think: ‘hey! We built this country. We broke our backs, literally. We worked at all the dirty jobs. We worked the weekends, the holidays. We did what no one else would. The older generation – some of them committed suicide. They were so lonely. They married anyone just to have a wife. Someone to do their housework & to cook for them. Now you come in and say: ‘hey! We’re at the top of the heap’. That’s not fair”.   
[This editor attended a Catholic school in the 1960’s. Many of the students were of mixed Irish-Italian heritage. We pitied the Irish-Australian women married to these ‘wogs’. Now I see the wogs saw themselves as the victims, marrying their Irish inferiors. How ironic. RE] 

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