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STORM 115 Apri 2013

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No. 115  Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action    Apri 2013
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only
STORM gets information from ‘inside’ sources, SCUTTLEBUTT. We can’t confirm their stories. Here’s the latest:

SOAPIE ADDICTION: 81 year old white female: 
“I’ve got to hurry home. I can’t miss my daily soapies!’ ‘Why?’ ‘I watched it all last week. Nothing happened! But…if I don’t watch it something MIGHT happen. After all, it’s only 30 minutes a day…” [such simple, irrational hopes. RE].  

OLD MAN @ 16.8.2012: 
“I was a kid during WWII. My home was across the road from Rockhampton airport [500 km North of Brisbane]. After Pearl Harbor it became a major US airbase. Us kids would hang around outside, talking to the guards. The first group of Yanks were good. They’d give us chewing gum & such like. They were educated guys. But the second group, they were very different. They were the dregs – draftees from prisons, etc”.  

IRISH EXILE @ 23.8.2012: We met an Irish nationalist forced to relocate to Australia by the Global Financial Crisis: 
“I recently took out Australian Citizenship. As part of the Citizenship Test I had to learn lots of facts I later discovered most Aussies don’t know. E.g. do you know why the two animals on the Australian Coat of Arms were chosen [emu & kangaroo]?  They are the only two animals in the country who can only go ‘forward’ as they cannot go backwards. Another question I asked of a white Aussies woman: ‘why did Captain Cook land at Bennelong Point in Sydney?’ She says: ‘why didn’t he land at Circular Quay?’ I said: ‘maybe the tide was out that day & he couldn’t get under the Harbour Bridge?’ ‘Sure, dat ud be it’, she says. Daft!” 

TRUTH OR WIKI? In Decembis 2012 we discovered an entry on Wikipaedia titled ‘Australian National Action’. entry under ‘Australian National Action’. This was filled with glaring omissions and errors, not surprisingly as it was written by two notorious liars and long-term enemies of ANA. We were invited by the editors of Wikipaedia to submit a rewrite. After working on it for a week, using 15 separate sources and much cross-referencing, we presented our new article to Wiki. It was immediately rejected and threatened with ‘deletion’. Why? 

‘You have not used legitimate sources’ i.e. material printed in the controlled press, either in book, newspaper or magazine format. Groups like ANA cannot get their material into print as an unofficial ban exists on all anti-System groups. That is why we sought to use Wiki as an alternative outlet. But…Wiki only accept material that is non-alternative, i.e. mainstream. What sources had we used? 
Original ANA newsletters, like this one, going back to 1982. A 30-year chronicle of the Australian Nationalist Struggle, written by those doing it. Yet Wiki rejected it. Given the Enemy’s control of all means of mass communication it is unlikely the willfully misinformed Wiki article about us will be removed. We only mention it here to reassure any who read it we did try. Wiki, however seems just as warped as the rest of media. This was a useful lesson. 

MYSTERIOUS ‘EDITORS’: An aspect of the Wiki model we had not known: you do not ‘unload’ a finished article onto Wiki. When you open a page on the Wiki site you’re immediately surrounded by mysterious ‘editors’, all with code-names. They ‘help’ by ‘co-writing’ everything with you. Called ‘Creative Commons’ it means you don’t write it, they do. It is how TIME magazine is written and most school and university textbooks now. No single author; no ‘individualism’. All done in a ‘collective’ like good Communists. Refuse? You’ll be locked out as we were.  

DVD REVIEW: Nazi Collaborators (12 part series) (2011) Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment Asst Producer Benyamin Schwartz(J). Produced & directed by Nick Aarons(J). WMR & IMG co-production. 

BELGIUM: LEON DEGRELLE: Even Degrelle’s political enemies concede he was “handsome, charismatic & a brave warrior”. Born in 1906 in the Ardennes to a local brewer, Leon was educated by Jesuits & studied law at a Catholic university. He did not complete his studies but quit when offered the editorship of Christus Rex (Christ the King) a failing religious publisher. He managed to increase sales & save the company. Degrelle then used his position in the media to promote the cause of Flemish independence. 

The Vlams wanted to leave Belgium & unite with Holland. Degrelle converted the Rex into a political movement pushing for both social & religious reforms. Catholic voters, in the majority Catholic country, flocked to Rex prior to the 1936 national elections. At one election rally Communists assaulted Degrelle & his followers but when police arrived they only arrested Rexists. Soon 800 of them were in gaol. Degrelle claimed that Rex had 500,000 members. When the elections took place on 24 Mai 1936 Rex received 300,000 votes & won 33 seats in the National Parliament. 

This caused fear in the System parties. They reacted to Rex’s victory by denouncing it as a clerical-fascist party. The government banned Degrelle from public radio as an ‘extremist’ organization & persuaded a Catholic bishop to publicly rebuke Rex as a ‘menace’. This allowed them to arrest Degrelle as a ‘Nazi sympathiser’. In subsequent elections Rex’s vote collapsed as voters were frightened away. 

In 1939 Germany entered Belgium territory. Within 18 days Belgium forces had surrendered. Degrelle had been gaoled in France but was not released by German authorizes till three months after Belgium had been defeated. Why? They had chosen their own leader to run the New Belgium. The Germans recruited followers of a rival fascist party, the VNV, to run their new administration. 

One Rexist Youth member was Maria Jose de Goy. In 1941 she was 15 years old. “There had never been such a ground-swell in every European country to go & fight the Communists [in Russia]. There were volunteers from every country”. All over Europe the new regimes provided volunteers for the war in the East. Denmark, Norway & Finland (sic) all supplied troops for special SS units. Degrelle’s rivals, the VNV, were allowed to form their own Flemish SS unit in June 1941. Soon after Degrelle quit his seat in Parliament to join the German Army’s Walloon Legion as a Private. 

The WL had 745 men & 17 officers. One of them was Ferdinand Kaisergruber who joined in 1940. Why? “To fight Reds! It was a European Army. There were 37 different nationalities”. MJ de Goy: “it was like the Crusades! They went to defend Belgium & Europe. They were idealists”. By January 1942 the WL had suffered 50% loses on the Eastern Front with 200 killed in just one month. In May 1942 Degrelle was promoted to lieutenant. He then removed all non-Rexists from command positions within the WL. Despite his lowly rank it was clear to all he was ‘in charge’. 
In February 1943 the German Army admitted to loosing 400,000 troops at Stalingrad. By June 1943 2,000 men had joined the new SS Sturm Brigade Wallonien. Ferdinand Kaisergruber: “we went to Cherkassy, us & 60,000 Germans. We fought 300,000 Russians – we held them. When we arrived we had 2,200 men; when we left we had 632”. For that effort Degrelle was awarded the Knight’s Cross. The surviving WL were allowed to hold a victory parade in Bruxelles. 

Then came 6th June 1944…violence erupted across Belgium. The murder of Rexist supporters became commonplace. Victims included Degrelle’s own brother, Edouard, a small town pharmacist shot dead on 8th July 1944. MJ de Goy: “it was a civil war; a mob on a rampage”. WL were fighting in Estonia in September 1944 when American tanks entered Bruxelles. By now Degrelle was a divisional commander & SS general. By May 1945 only 30 of the original WL had survived of the 800 ‘originals’. Degrelle himself had been wounded seven times in four years. 
Rather than surrender to the Allies he flew a He111 to Spain where, short of fuel, it crash-landed. What became of the other Rexists? MJ de Goy: “For being in the Rexist Youth I got a month in gaol, a fine of 10,000 Francs & was banned from politics for 15 years. I was only 21 years old!” Degrelle dead in Malaga in 1994 at 87 years old, never recanted his beliefs or regretted his actions.       

US FASCIST HERO: Ezra Pound was a literary genius. Although an American he settled in Fascist Italy before WWII & remained throughout the War. After the war he was imprisoned by the US military. To avoid an embarrassing war crimes trial for ‘aiding and abetting the enemy’ EP was declared criminally insane & kept in a mental hospital for the rest of his life. 
The following are quotations from America’s greatest fascist poet/philosopher Ezra Pound: 
(Pound, Ezra.  America, Roosevelt & the Causes of the Present War. 1944, Vienna).

“The cardinal cause of the American Revolution of 1776 was the suppression in 1750 of the paper money issue in Pennsylvania &other colonies but history taught in US schools speaks only of the Boston Tea Party & other obscure events”. 

“The Quakers of Pennsylvania competed with the Bank of England. They loaned paper money to farmers for land-reclamation up to half the value of the land & required repayment in ten equal installments over ten years. [No interest; no usury]. The Bank of England, through the British government, had this suppressed in 1750. This & other vexations lead to the Declaration of Independence”. 

SUBSCRIBERS: A group like ANA has regular running costs – phones, PO boxes, the biggest of which is postage. It is now annual subscription time. For Australians this means AUD$20 for the next 12 months of STORM. Overseas subscribers are asked to send US$20 or 15 Euros. 

DONATIONS: What have we received in the past 12 months? Here is a list of our donors, all of whom received a receipt within 14 days, where practical. Some give no name or return address so are listed as Anonymous (‘A.Non’).  
21.1.2012: Ras $6 postage stamps; 21.1.2012: Faw $6 stamps. 21.1.2012: Pew, $6 stamps. 11.2.2012: Graf, $20; 18.2.2012: Sis, US$20. 10.3.2012: Esdam Euro 15. 5.5.2012: A.Non, $3.60 stamps; 9.6.2012: Mawa, $6 stamps. 26.8.2012: Graf, $14.80 stamps. 1.9.2012: A.Non, $2.40 stamps. 13.10.2012: Mawa, $10. 24.11.2012: A.Non, $2.40 stamps. 26.1.2013: A.Non, $2.40 stamps. 22.2.2013: Mawa, $5. 23.3.2013: A.Non, $4.80 stamps. 6.4.2013: A.Non, $12 stamps. Thanks to all who gave

1st Mai 1945: Australian Imperial Forces [Australian Army] attack Japanese at Tarakan, North Borneo. AIF suffer 225 KIA, 669 WIA. 
1st Mai 1994: Anti-white activist N. Mandela inaugurated as President of South Africa.  
1st Mai 2004: Eight former Communist-ruled East Euro states, Malta & Cyprus join EU.  
13th Mai 1981: Pope John Paul II shot by ‘Grey Wolves’ member Mehmet Ali Agca. 
14th Mai 1943: Australian Hospital Ship Centaur torpedoed by Japanese submarine off Moreton Island [Brisbane] despite being clearly marked. 269 of 333 on board drown. Wreck is not sought till 2009 ‘for fear of offending the Japanese government’. 
14 Mai 1987: Coup by Fiji Army Colonel Rambuka. Topples first Indian-lead government. 
19 Mai 2000: Coup by Australian-Fijian nationalist, George Speight. Topples second Indian-lead government. 
21st Mai 1991: Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi assassinated by Tamil nationalist. 
341am, 24rd Mai 2000: last IDF units flee South Lebanon after 22 year-long Occupation. Abandon 2,000 South Lebanon Army allies without warning. All are killed or captured by Shiite Hezbollah. 26th Mai 2000: 1st National Sorry Day. Whites ‘apologise’ to Abos for taking them out of the Stone Age. 
29th Mai 1967: 90.08% vote to ‘include Abos in National Census’ i.e. grant human status.
31st Mai 1942: Three Japanese ‘midget’ submarines, Sydney Harbour, destroyed. 19 RAN KIA.   

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