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N&INS Juno 2012

Nationalist & Internationalist News Service            Juno 2012
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BBC World Service Its a Dog’s Life’ 7am Solday 10 Juno 2012 (30 minutes): Reporter Roland Burke: 
“Many Japanese now have pets instead of children. Japan’s National Institute of Population Research’s Junichi Takao says Japan’s population is to fall from 128 million to 43 million in next 100 years. Why? Statistics show 32% of young men ‘hate sex’ as they fear women will reject them. This is because 10 million still live at home due to the economic collapse of Japan since 1997. They have little money for entertainment. 

60% of women in the reproductive cohort (aged 25-45) are unmarried; 70% of these say they do not even have a boyfriend. In Japan births are still confined to marriage so no marriage means no births. Yet 48% of married couples surveyed say they don’t have sex as they are ‘too tired’ & ‘bored’. 60% of women quit work after having kids as employers are not child-friendly. Women are forced to choose career or to be a housewife so many are staging a ‘baby-strike’. 

Many complain the cost of raising children in Japan is too high, yet dog funerals cost US$8,000. Annual membership at dog swimming pools is US$6,000. Most show more grief for death of dogs than for parents. Dogs have their own Buddhist temples where they can be buried. These recommend one should ‘cry one day for parents; one week for your dog’. NIPR’s Junichi Takao says: ‘following the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster we expect another sharp decline in births as people say they see the world as increasingly unsafe’ ”.  

 Channel Nine 60 Minutes 7.30pm Solday 10 Juno 2012 (30 minutes):  
“Matthew Milat, nephew of infamous Belanglo Forest serial killer Ivan Milat was this week sentenced to 43 years gaol for the torture & murder of a random acquaintance. He used a home-made, medieval axe. His co-accused Cohen Klein(J) filmed the entire event on his cell phone. It was this evidence which was crucial in convicting Matthew Milat. It recorded how Cohen had continually urged Milat on, to torture & kill his victim, a mutual friend. We spoke to a group of local youths. They testified that one month before the murder MM [& CK?] had approached them inviting ‘one of us’ to accompany them into the Forest. They’d all declined. ‘It coulda been any one of uz!’ they all exclaimed”.

BBC World Service 3am Solday 24 Juno 2012: 
Reporter Jonathan Head (J): “Syria admits it shot down a Turkish Air Force F4. They say it was one km off their coast, traveling very fast & low. Turkey denies this. The Turkish public expect a sudden & dramatic move by their government, as in the past. This will not happen this time”. Reporter Jim Muir: “Syrian TV showed the coause of the plane, which took off from Northern Cyprus. It was meandering & erratic”. [a US spy plane? CIA drone? RE]

“60 killed so far this month in Sitwai(?), Rackin(?) State, Western Burma, by anti-Muslim violence. The state borders Bangladesh. The violence follows the rape & murder of a Buddhist woman. Ten Muslim men were killed in reprisal”.       

Reporter Mark Lowen(J): “Greek government demands concessions from EU over the strict austerity measures. If it wins none it could face a voter-backlash at home. The Greek Prime Minister is absent, undergoing eye surgery. The Greek Finance Minister suffered a physical collapse; some say it came after he looked at the ‘books.’ " 

Channel Seven News 6.25pm Thorsday 29 Augustus 2012:
New Orleans [white] Mayor Mick Laideau: “We’ve spent US$14 billion in the past seven years strengthening the levy banks since Hurricane Katrina [2005] and today [Hurricane Isaac]. Reporter: “today is the seventh anniversary” [why not spend US$14 billion the move the city to higher ground? RE]  

5am BBC World Service Frigasday 31 Augustus 2012: 
Reporter Nomsun Oseiko: “270 miners at the Marakana platinum mine [in South Africa] have been charged with ‘common purpose’ to murder police by the National Prosecution Authority. That is they formed armed groups to kill police. What surprised many was even the 34 miners killed by police have been listed as ‘suspects.’ ”  

“The Anglican Bishop of Jos [Northern Nigeria, a Muslim zone] says attacks by Islamist group Boko Harum are religious not political as many in Nigeria are claiming”.   

“The Angolan Opposition has accused the ruling MPLA and its Electoral Commission of ‘stealing’ the recent election, only the second since the civil war ended”.

SBSTV Who do you think you are? 7.30pm Tuisday 4 Septembis 2012 (50 minutes):
“Your ancestor was Deputy-Governor of New York State when the Negro Revolt began in 1741. 20% of the colony’s population was Negroid. There began a series of arson attacks. These continued for two years. Your ancestor worked out a solution. The ring leaders were caught and hanged via paid informants. Some slaves were even freed”.     

SBSTV Lost World – Battle Castle 7.30pm Solday 4 Octobis 2012 (50 minutes):
Produced by Shaw Media, BBC & Parallax for Discovery Channel, Canada 2012. Series producer Merjo Levo. 
“In 1488 there remained only one Muslim stronghold in Spain - Malaga. The 9,000 Muslim defenders were besieged by Ferdinand and Isabella’s combined armies of 70,000 troops from Aragon and Castille”. 

Channel Nine Morning Show News 920am Moonday 22 Octobis 2012: 
Twilight trilogy of films earned US$2 billion at box office. The fourth film, Break of Dawn, is released today”. 

BBC World Service 1230hours Saturnsday 17 Novembis 2012:
Reporter Michael Debachant(?): “There are now 1.5 million Africans living in China. Most came on Temporary Visas but then stay. Some have purchased ‘business wives’ i.e. Chinese women who are willing to legally ‘marry’ the African for a percentage of their income. These come useful as business partners who also ‘vet’ deals so the African is not cheated by his Chinese customers. Recently the issue came into public focus when ‘Emmanuel’ a TV holder wa chased by police seeking visa over-stayers. Chased to the top of a six storey building, he jumped off. He landed on his head, so survived (sic) but 100’s of Africans rioted in protest. Chinese were shocked at this behavior and also at how many African are now here ‘as they are un-used to large-scale migration’ (sic). One African visa-overstayer/ businessman said: ‘Chinese pulls faces and hold their noses when I get on the bus. They see us as monsters. Yet I arrange the purchase of cheap Chinese goods for export to Nigeria’.    

Channel Seven News 11.50 pm Frigasday 30 Novembis 2012:
“United Nations General Assembly today voted 138-9 in favour of recognizing Palestine. Were 41 abstentions”. 

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