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N&INS August 2012

Nationalist & Inter-Nationalist News Service
August 2012
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BBC World Service c/- 936AM 5am Solday 6 Novembis 2011 (50 minutes):
Interview with author Noah Richler(J).
“I examine the role of the novel in European cultural conquest & domination of the Third World. A young Ghanaian writer angrily lamented to me: ‘if we’d the novel, instead of the oral story-telling tradition, we’d have defeated any colonial invader’. This seems strong language but not after we examine the rival world-views present.
A Canadian Native American leader explained: ‘in oral tradition the community is emphasized, not the individual. In the novel it is the individual who’s most important. He gets the girl, gains the throne, gets the prize. Community interests are ignored. In our tradition the hunter asks permission of the moose to kill it, and it must be killed in the right way with elaborate ritual preparation’. In short, the oral tradition has a community cooperating to work with nature, not against it. In the novel the hero confronts nature & defeats it.
Norman Deutsch(J) in his book Brain Plasticity said:
 ‘thoughts follow paths, like a skier down a slope. They create paths that each new thought then follows which become habits of thought. We now know the brain can regenerate damaged areas. Thoughts are not limited to one area of the brain. When irreparably damaged, other areas ‘take over’ the damaged areas’ function’.
Some call science fiction, a creation purely of the West, ‘speculative fiction’. Sci-fi writer Ray Bradbury said:
‘sci-fi is a short-hand way of dealing with the long-hand problems of the world’.
Steven Pinker(J) in his book How the Brain Works says:
‘novels are a series of thought experiments’ i.e. novels allowed Europeans to imagine a world different from the one they inhabited. How’s this differ from Third World experiences? There oral tales emphasize continuity, not change. When confronted by modern foes, like Europeans with modern arms & technology, traditional societies could neither compete or even compute a way of reacting”.
[The result? Fractured societies in all neo-colonial states whether Abos in Australia, Maoris in NZ, ‘native Americans’ in the US or Canada or just the average African no matter where he lives. Third Worlders are not lazy, just unable to adapt. We prefer to call ‘white Christian’ what Richler sees as ‘European’. It was the Christian GOD who gave Adam dominion over the earth. GOD made individuals. It was traditionalist Third Worlders, even when Christianised, who continue to hide their collective incapacity behind group conformity. Whites are encouraged to celebrate success and admit their failures. Non-whites are not. However, some, like the Green Party seek a Third World model for the West, a return to pre-white/Christian communalism. RE].      

BBC World Service c/- Classic FM 101.4FM 8am Solday 6 Novembis 2011:
“100 people have been killed by the Nigerian Islamist group Boko Harum in the NE town of Damantura(?). Eyewitnesses say a suicide bomber destroyed the HQ of a special police unit tasked with ‘hunting down’ Boko Harum militants. Gunmen then allegedly wandered at will for several hours attacking churches and a bank with guns & grenades”.
[Un-armed populace is at the mercy of killers. RE].

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