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STORM 116 Mai 2013

No. 116                      Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action                      Mai 2013
STORM, printed in the national interest, is an information source only. ANA accept no responsibility for actions inferred or implied.
STORM gets information from ‘insiders’, SCUTTLEBUTT. We can’t confirm their stories. Here’s the latest:
KITCHEN HAND @23.8.2012 at a Queensland government health facility:
“this new [Liberal National Party] government hires only Filipinos. There’s now a 6 to1 ratio of them to us whites here. They gang up on [white] Aussies, arrogant know-it-alls! They back-stab us. They get us ‘out’ so they can get more ‘relatives’ on the payroll”.

ANTI-RACIST DOCTOR @ 24.8.2012: A Pakistani doctor contacted us:
“I started my training in the UK, BUT as a nurse. The racism! all from fellow trainees. They’d say: ‘go home, Paki!’ behind my back. One night I came back to my dormitory on campus to find someone’d wiped their bottom and stuck the poo-paper to my door. After 18 months of that I transferred from nursing to doctor training, instead. My Dad’s Pakistani, my Mum is Dutch.

I arrived in committed to combating racism. The system here asks: ‘are you Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander?’ but never ‘are you Asian? And it should! We too have significant cultural differences. I’m actively pushing for it [Muslim-only hospitals?]

I worked in the British mental health system; they were closing down all the bid ‘looney-bins’. One  had 2,500 beds. It was huge! But empty. All were ‘sent into the community’ without any funding to cover them. We could only detain those we did for six months. Even then we could only hold them with agreement of two doctors plus a social worker. And that had to be reviewed every six months”.    

DVD Review: Coriolanus 2011 (2011) (155 minutes)
Hermetof films, BBC Films, Lonely Dragon Films & Icon Films.
Produced & directed by Ralph Fiennes. Written by John Logan. Starring Ralph Fiennes, Gerard Butler, Vanessa Redgrave. Based on a play by William Shakespeare.

RF plays a Roman general who, though victorious in war, is a poor politician. Gets himself banished from Rome for life by more cunning political rivals. Out for revenge, he allies with Rome’s worst enemies. He leads them to victory, but as they are about to begin the final assault his wife, mother & son arrive from Rome beseeching him to halt. He does. His allies then turn on him and kill him.

Ralph Fiennes is the second former Harry Potter star who’s gone on to produce his own film. The other was Jason Isaacs(J) who played Harry Potter’s Lucius Malfoy. We predict this film will not make a profit. The public, too dumbed-down, cannot comprehend Shakespeare, least ways not the bulk of his work. In the 1980’s BBCTV, under a Conservative government, filmed all 27 of his plays. Not just his 13 ‘popular’ plays but his 14 lesser known, unpopular ones as well. Coriolanus is one of the latter. 

The valiant BBC effort made plain why the 14 are rarely seen. They are too wordy, with little action, are illogical or just have a very unpleasant lead character - like Coriolanus. Shakespeare’s brilliant writing cannot redeem so proud and foolish a character as Coriolanus. He’s simply too unlikeable.  

Channel Nine Opening Ceremony London Olympics 6.08am Saturnsday 28 Juli 2012 (240 minutes):
Opens with traditional Anglican hymn New Jerusalem. Mentions ‘a green & pleasant land’. Is a idyll to the 19th century vision of England as a British Israelite ‘heaven on earth’ embodied in the British Empires. But the rural picture portrayed here was very different. 20% of the actors were Blacks or Indians. Dresses as English peasants, emerging from thatched cottages, dancing ‘round maypoles, etc. It was ill and odd.

These then observe actor/director Kenneth Branagh and forty men, again 20% Black or Indian, appears as early Industrialists. The mixed-race crowd of peasants watch the mixed-race industrialists begin worshipping a large tree atop a forty-foot high mound. The ‘New Jerusalem’? Irony is the ‘green pleasant land’ was white/Christian not alien/heathen but has since been overrun. The all-white success of then is today’s mulatto nightmare.

Most of the audience will be unaware of this. Around their tree, Kenneth Branagh delivers a speech by Isobard Kingdom Brunel(J), a famous 19th Century engineer. When KB finishes his spiel the ‘tree’ (Ydrasil, the Odinist tree of knowledge?) rises. From underneath dozens of miners emerge.

Next, choirs are shown from the British regions. The first, the London Stadium Choir, was politically correct, i.e.25% African or Indian but choirs from Ireland & Wales were 100% white. Even the Scots only manage one African child out of forty. I guess you just can’t fake talent. It struck us then: what was missing from this ‘pageant of English History’? Any mention of a Cross or Christianity. The tree should have been a Cross. 

How easily 1900 years of faith are erased by these New World Order tyros. We gaped, forlorn. Over four hours the scene only grew ‘darker’ with no mention of what made England great: GOD & the white RACE. Later, on BBC Talkback Radio, Britons were asked what they had hoped for from ‘their Games’. Many said: ‘unity: that’s what London needs now’, meaning since the previous four-day long London riots. But those riots were a direct result of the race-mixing ‘multi culture’ now being promoted in every Western country. This pageant alleged England has always been mixed-race. Can any good come from such lies?

DVD REVIEW: Machine Gun Preacher 129 minutes (2011).
Playtone Productions for Universal Pictures. Director Marc Foster, producer Rob Brenner. Stars Gerard Butler. Based on true events.
MGP is about an ex-biker & ex-drug peddler turned Pentecostal minister, Sam Childers [Butler]. He builds an orphanage in Uganda but Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army have other ideas. What lead up to this? Saved from a life of crime this self-taught builder  builds himself a church then, in lieu of a trained minister, begins to preach himself. As he doesn’t know how a minister is supposed to act, he simply lives out the pure message of the Gospels. 

When he saw people hungry, he organizes a soup kitchen. When he saw homeless folk, he gets his church to house them. When he saw a wrong, he sought to right it. On a trip to Africa to visit a missionary friend he encounters the LRA. True to form, the gun-loving redneck Sam grabs an AK47 and some spare ammo and takes off to hunt them. Years later, he’s still chasing Kony. This film shows a muscular Christianity we thought we’d lost in the 19th century, sold out by Liberalism in seminaries and pulpits. This film is an inspiration for those who say the 21st century Church has ‘lost its way’. We highly recommend it.  

Ezra Pound was a literary genius. Although American he settled in Fascist Italy before WWII & remained through-out the War. After the war he was imprisoned by the US military. To avoid an embarrassing war crimes trial for ‘aiding and abetting the enemy’ EP was declared criminally insane & kept in a mental hospital for the rest of his life.
Following quotation is from America’s greatest fascist poet/philosopher: (Pound, Ezra. America, Roosevelt & the Causes of the Present War. 1944, Vienna). 
“The monopoly of money or the restriction of its circulation is merely a variation. The simple fall into the trap. Wars are provoked deliberately by great usurers to create debt & scarcity so they can extort interest on debt & raise the price of money, raising & lowering the price of food completely indifferent to their victims, civilization or culture heritage”.
1st Juno 1962: SS Colonel Adolf Eichmann [SS No. 45326. NSDAP member No. 889-895]
murdered, Occupied Palestine.
2 Juno 1924: US Congress grants citizenship to Native Americans (‘American Indians’).
2 Juno 1964: Palestine Liberation Organisation founded.
3 Juno 1992: Australian High Court passes Mabo ruling granting Abos 100% of Australia.
3 Juno 1863: Battle of Cold Harbor, VA. Federalists lose 7,000 troops in 60 minutes.
4 Juno 1989: PLA troops suppress US-funded student Uprising, Tian An Men Square, Beijing.
5 Juno 1967: IDF sneak attack on three Arab States. ‘Six Day War’ lasts till 10th Juno 1967.
5 Juno 1968: Robert F. Kennedy shot by Palestinian over 20 year-long Israeli Occupation.
6 Juno 1859: Queensland separates from NSW Colony: a new white nation is born.
6 Juno 1944: US/UK Capitalist-funded armies attack Fascist-led United Europe, based in Berlin.
6 Juno 1945: Rost van Toningen, Dutch wartime co-leader, murdered in prison.
8 Juno 1942: Japanese submarines shell Newcastle (NSW) and Sydney (NSW).
10 Juno 1945: Australian Imperial Forces [Aust. Army] attack Imperial Japanese Army positions, North Borneo. Battle lasts till 15 August 1945 resulting in 114 AIF KIA & 221 WIA.
814 am, 11 Juno 2001: 33 year old Timothy McVeigh, murdered for Oklahoma Bombing.
13 Juno 1996: 18 Montana Freeman militia surrender after 81-day siege by FBI, et al.
13 Juno 323 BC. 33 year old Alexander the Great dies.
13 Juno 1381: Watt Tyler Revolt by English peasants begins.
13 Juno 1900: Boxer Rebellion begins against ‘foreign rule’. Manchus divert into ‘anti-Westernism’.
16 Juno 2002: Israel begins a 700km protective ‘Wall’ to segregate settlers from Palestinians.
17 Juno 1960: Francis P. Yockey, author of Imperium, murdered in San Francisco prison.
20 Juno 1944: French nationalist Philippe Henriot murdered by agents of foreign Capital.
22 Juno 1941: Three million West Europeans enter Ost Europa to liberate it from Bolshevism.
26 Juno 1862: Robert E. Lee begins ‘Seven Days Campaign’, losing 77,000 of 97,000 men.
[A breech of ‘Jeroboam/Rehoboam Pact’ in I Kings 12.21-24 thus dooming South to defeat].
28 Juno 1914: Gavrilo Princip begins WWI by murdering Austrian heir to the throne.
28 Juno 1389: Turks conquer Serbian Kosovo.
30 Juno 1861: Lambing Flats riots (NSW), Whites vs Chinese over mining rights.

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