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Land Rights For Whites!  Whites Were Here First     
by Gifford Helfiger
WHO’S ON FIRST?’ Before we examine the basis for white land rights in Australia, and worldwide, let us deal with rival claims from less enlightened inhabitants.  In Australia these falsely call themselves ‘Aborigine’ or ‘original inhabitants’. Since the 1970’s anthropologists knew of two racial groupings existing in Australia prior to arrival of Aborigines, or as we call them ‘Newcomers‘. A/N’s arrived only 700 years ago from Southern Sri Lanka or Dravidia.

THIRD WAVERS: These 'Originals' were in fact the second group or ‘Wave’ of  arrivals to reach Australia, making 1788's white convicts the ‘Third Wavers‘.  This became popular as a term of abuse amongst Leftists in the 1980’s.  Hence title of the now banned Peter Weir film ‘Third Wave’ starring English actor Richard Chamberlain & A/N actor David Gulpilil.  Term fell into disuse. Why? Had given rise to an awkward question: ‘if whites are Third, then A/N’s are Second. Who was the First?’

NEGRITOS: Dravidians had displaced Negritos. Whites arrived in 1788 to find the last remnants of pre-Dravidians in Tasmania clinging precariously to existence. Tasmania’s ‘Aborigines‘ soon died after contact with European diseases. They differed from the A/N’s. Negritos were short & very black with curly hair. A/N’s were tall, lighter skinned & with wavey hair. Both groups were nomadic. Negritos roamed the Mainland till A/N arrival. A/N’s used Asian Wolves, so-called ‘Dingo‘, to hunt down and EAT all inhabitants. Only Remnant was in Tasmania, saved by A/N’s absence of boat-building skills to cross Bass Strait.

FALSE ‘GUARDIANS’: Frustrated in their goal of eliminating all prior claimants to this land, the violent A/Ns set about destroying all of Australia‘s existing flora & fauna. Result? Simpson Desert was once an Inland Sea. Early white explorers, e.g. Burke & Wills and Leichhardt, set out to discover what all geographic indicators showed must exist. All perished without finding it. Where had it gone? Drastic effect of A/Ns hunting practices lead to wholesale deforestation and land-clearance. Their lazy hunting practice of firing large areas of forest simply to drive fleeing animals into their traps laid waste to much of Australia. Rather than self-described ’guardians of the land’ they turned paradise into a desert.

ORIGINAL FLORA & FAUNA: What were this continent’s original plants/animals like? We’ll never know. After their 700 year misrule the only trees to survive were those that could rapidly re-grow after regular burnings or those whose seeds actually required fire to germinate. Animal survivors are such as kangaroos that could flee the flames. Scientists find fossils remains of Giant Wombats & ask: ‘what became of them?’ Easy. An A/N BBQ.

FALSE ICONS: Ironic the world knows Australia by such icons as kangaroos,  eucalyptus/‘gum’ trees & Abos but former are simply by-products of the latter’s malevolent presence.  Without arrival of these Second Wavers with their bankrupt ‘hunting’ practices Australia would look much like the surrounding Asia-Pacific region: lush & green. Further irony: the politically correct lies of pseudo-scientists  awarded ownership of this great continent to its greatest destroyers.

WHO ARE THE ORIGINAL ‘ORIGINALS’? The peaceful Negrito ‘First Wave’ preceded the disastrously destructive A/N Second Wave which arrived in 1300 AD; the A/N despoilers were followed by the nation’s only true builders - the Anglo-Saxon & Celt convicts who arrived in 1788 AD. But who was here first, prior to the Negrito First Wavers? Whites.

NEW EVIDENCE: DNA evidence is arising from across Asia, the Pacific & the Americas of large pre-history settlements totally unlike those of pre-European ‘natives‘:

1.  Urumchi Man of Asia is an ancient mummy with long blond hair;

2.  Kennewick Man in North America is a White yet ’Native Americans’ claim him;

3.  Lake Mungo Man in NSW was found near remains of a settlement of 10,000 people - far beyond skills of nomadic, cannibal A/N’s - yet they claim site is ‘sacred ‘ so ban any scientific research or counter-claims;

4. Maldives Redmen: Thor Heyerdahl followed prehistory legends to Maldive Islands south of India. Found ancient ruins far beyond ability of current occupants built by ‘Redmen'. Lived there prior to arrival of Indians. TH asked local elders: ’what did Redmen look like?’ they smiled. “Like you!”  & had him expelled from the Islands.

5.  Recent finds in Tierra Del Fuego, Southern tip of Latin America show a white Remnant survived there till 1950’s when introduced European diseases wiped them out.

6. Maria Hill's book Diggers and Greeks: the Australian Campaigns in Greece and Crete 1941 (Sydney: University of NSW Press Ltd, 2010) mentions troops guarding the Monastir Gap in Northern Greece encountering 'the Vlach' (p. 169) who worked as goat-herder/shepherds.
'These were ethnically different from Greeks who viewed them with suspicion. Australian soldiers, however, found the Vlach of the Pindus Mountains near Mt Olympus to be both hospitable and supportive. The women with their fair skin and violet eyes captured the hearts of many soldiers. Lt George Frederick Smith recalled: 'the Wallachian maidens had deep violet eyes, flawless skin and a figure more like the Aussie beach beauties than the heavy-stone types we'd met from Athens on up" (ibid) [our emphasis]. 
TWO INVASIONS:  These isolated spots listed above kept safe the Few who'd survived the Asiatic Invasion which otherwise eradicated all traces of white pre-history. In 2003 DNA trackers broke the ‘Gene Code’. They were surprised to see evidence of a vast, pre-historic ‘people movement’ which originated in Siberia. Crossing the ice-bound Bering Straits it travelled to North America, down the length of the Americas. It crossed the Pacific reaching as far as New Zealand, then Australia.

SECOND INVASION: Another, parallel, ’people movement’ also headed South, moving along the Asian Land Bridge to PNG. They arrived in Australia just before the Mini Ice-Age ended. With the end of the Ice Age the waters returned, cutting land access to the Southland. This return spared Tasmania’s Negritos from annihilation. A/N’s came down the Land Bridge; New Zealand’s Maori’s came from Siberia. An Old White New Zealander told us he learned of New Zealand’s pre-Maori people - the Moi-Oi - as a schoolboy but recent Maori demands have seen these ‘Originals’ deleted from all school books. Were whites. A white world eliminated by sub-creatures. Is time we claimed it back.

If Israel can ‘Return’ after 2,000 years away, so can whites!

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