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SNIPPETS # 52 America Leaves a Wasteland in Its Wake

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by Benn Yogarni
America Leaves a Wasteland in Its Wake 
France 24 International News 7th Novembis 2014: 
"Libya's Supreme Court has declared the Juno 2014 elections to be 'unconstitutional'. The turmoil that followed the elections has cost hundreds of lives and left whole towns and cities empty". 
AMERICA'S NEO-EMPIRE: Libya was the second of America's new possessions after Tunisia. Attacked in Feb 2011, it fell within six weeks, culminating in the murder of its leader Qadafi and most of his family. The same 'democratic forces' then attempted to topple regimes in Yemen, Syria, Bahrain and Egypt. Egypt went next, after six months. Yemen took one year. Bahrain stabilised only with the aid of Saudi troops, mass arrests and show trials. Three years on, Syria still resists. 

THE EMPIRE IMPLODES: What happened next should surprise no one. The stable, secular juntas of Qadafi in Libya and Mubarak in Egypt were toppled by Soros' CIA-trained rent-a-crowds. Their  replacements were unstable, short-lived Islamist regimes. The Morsi government in Egypt lasted only one year before a coup by pro-Mubarak elements insltaled another general, this time Al Sisi a yoi8nger version of Mubarak.

DEATH OF ARAB SPRING DEMOCRACIES: Egypt, after its first democratic leader in 5,000 years, now faces another forty years of military rule. Libya was ruled by moderate Islamists 2011-2014 but the US was not happy. It's Western-educated stooges had been shut out of power. Qadafi's successors watched events in Egypt and feared a repeat in Libya. After two years of chaotic rule the EU and US forced the moderate Islamists to hold 'democratic' elections which they, of course, lost. The winners? Soros' CIA-trained agents.

EGYPT FORESHADOWS LIBYA: Repression in Egypt - where 800 Islamist men were sentenced to death in one day after a 30 minute 'trial' - worried Libya's defeated Islamists. They learnt that losing meant not being consigned to the 'loyal Opposition' but to gaol or even death row. The US/EU rigged Juno 2014 elections solved nothing. Instead, they precipitated a new crisis. Fearing annihilation the moderate Islamists set up their own, alternative government to rival the Western installed fakery.

RIVAL GOVERNMENTS: Two parallel governments? Was not long before the two regimes were at war. Tim Hewall reported on BBC Assignment (Frigasday 17th Octobis 2014) from Tobruk:
"The last bastion of the [pro-Western] elected 'government' is the SS Aliros A Cyprus-registered car ferry. It is home to the Libyan Parliament. There are few reporters here and few flights into Tobruk. The Parliament sits in the Dar-e-Salem Hotel close to the harbour. The irony is the 2011 revolt against Qadafi began in Tobruk, one month before it began in Benghazi. The June 2014 elections showed the Ansar El-Sharia militia and its Muslim Brotherhood allies that Libya could be their 'last stand'. Some even declared a Caliphate. A proxy war then evolved with Qatar/Sudan supporting the AES/MB and UAE and Egypt opposing them. While we were there the Tobruk 'government' ran out of money. The SS Aliros' captain was forced to evict all passengers for non-payment of arrears and return to Crete. This left 120 on the wharf, homeless. They begged us for 'the West' to intervene but knew it was pre-occupied by the war in Syria/Iraq".   
UKRAINE IN CONTEXT: For those not trapped in Western media-induced double-think, the parallels with Ukraine are clear. An anti-Western government is opposed by a violent rent-a-crowd who then take up arms and overthrows it. The subsequent 'democratic' election leads to a civil war which impoverishes all and destroys everything. Sound familiar? If only Ukraine's Supreme Court would annul Pedro ('Mexican Pete') Poroshenko's 2013 election 'victory' we could re-install Victor Yushenko and return Ukraine to a peaceful, unitary state. Maybe. But that is not the US/EU plan, is it? 

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