Wednesday, 26 November 2014

STORM ALERT #42: 'Knock-out Game' in Perspective

STORM ALERT is published in the national interest. No action should be implied or inferred.
A Wider, and More Terrifying, Conspiracy is Revealed.    

BACKGROUND: In middle 2013 a new phenomenon began to be reported in the US media. Black youth gangs in broad daylight would, apparently, randomly chose a white passerby as a victim then beat them to death in full view of other whites in crowded, public places. Nothing was said of this activity by the alien controlled US media till the blacks began choosing Chosen as targets, too. Then it was identified and denounced.

How many whites have died? No one knows. US police simply call it ‘a mugging gone wrong’. Just as in South Africa where every home invasion by black gangs is called ‘ robbery gone wrong’ when often  the only thing taken is the lives of every white in the house. It has gone on in SA for years. Now from US it has spread to the UK. How long before it come here and to NZ, in fact to every land foolish enough to allow in African hyenas?

UNWANTED IMPORTS: Australia since 1994 has imported 50-100,000 Africans from Sudan and Somalia per year. Assaults by Africans in Melbourne and Sydney are now an occurrence every weekend. The pattern of random assaults matched that in the US and UK. Causes: Collin Lidell's brilliant article unfortunately ‘blamed whitey’ saying whites were playing a game of ‘blackout’ i.e. they consciously made themselves vulnerable by ignoring black aggression till it was too late. We think much worse is happening.

MIS-EDUCATION: Let me say, as the father of three teens, I know the horror of the so-called ‘education system’ first hand. It is politicial correctness gone mad. White history is deleted. Black history is praised. Every hero of every tale is a poor oppressed black like Mandela. These are shown to whites as the only legitimate heroes. Everyone else - all our real, historical forebears - now discarded as 'racists’ or at the least ‘white males’. Only white women mating with blacks appear to be acceptable.

  MEDIA MISCEGENATION: Check out MTV or ABCTV’s RAGE. Every white female is dancing surrounded by blacks aping sex acts. Tiny minds accept this, subliminally. They learn: 'if I ever mate it must only be with blacks’. Look at media celebrities like Seal and Heidi Klum. She put out four kids to this ape then he dumps her. Look at anti-racist Charlize Theron calling Mandela ‘my real father figure’. Look at every hero in Hollywood for the past thirty years – Samuel L Jackson, Denzel Washington, Marion Van Pebbles, etc. Morgan Freeman is the only actor permitted to play GOD on a regular basis.

MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DO: All this leads young American whites to vote for a black President. Its called 'conditioning' as with Pavlov's dogs. Western whites are force-fed the lie: 'black is beautiful'. 'the corollary is: 'white is bad'. Is the whole aim of US 'Black History Month' and Australia's 'NAIDOC Week' which nows goes for a month. Millions are spent creating an 'alternative narrative' to what we all know to be true. Is brilliant Marxist fantasism. Goal is to distort reality so whites cannot organise resistance. What is needed is a real 'alternative' that is simple enough to attract white youths without alerting the System's hit men, the Antifas mafia.

REALITY CHECK-OUT? Unfortunately, for many young whites the harsh reality of our current race-war does not 'hit' them till they are being beaten to death by a gang of ‘knockout game’ black murderers. One can only imagine the shock and horror of all such victims. Blindly convinced by music, media and mis-education that 'blacks are just like us' the truth may elude them even up to the point of death. We hear of many victims 'begging for their lives'. From animals? You'd be better grunting at them! If you must die, die proud. Better to die fighting. But let's not blame the untermensch for being themselves; blame the Masters for ever bringing them here.

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