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N&INS Juli 2014

Nationalist and Inter-Nationalist News Service                                          Juli 2014
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BBC World Service 2am Thorsday 10 Juli 2014:
Beijing: "Tibetan female writer was detained by police after receiving the US Women of Courage Award from at the US Embassy from US Secretary of State John Kerry". 

Reporter Philip Willem: “The Vatican Bank has today removed its entire leadership team. Not really a ‘bank’, the VB is responsible for funding all Vatican employees and financing various church charities. Officially it is the Organisation for Religious Works (IOR). They recently closed 1,000s of accounts but refuse to reveal whose or why they were closed. VB has since lost millions of Euros due to account holder 'flight'. VB may never shake off the scandals of its past. The current Pope has never wanted a Vatican Bank so he makes use of other banks. The original intent of the VB was to transmit funds to areas of the world where the church is persecuted, like the old Soviet Bloc and the Middle East” .  

Reporter Hugh Scofield: "France has banned travel to Turkey by young men planning to fight in Syria or Iraq. French Intelligence agencies say 2-3 now do so daily. In future any who attempt this will be ‘tagged’ by the Intelligence Services. The ban may be renewed six-monthly". 

"40 Palestinians have been killed in IDF air-raids. Palestinians have criticised the US for its 'silence' ". 

"A 33 year old female, Ukrainian Army pilot captured four weeks ago by rebels has been formally charged by Russia with 'complicity to murder' of two Russian journalists. She admits she was on 'leave' from her unit when she choose to fight in Eastern Ukraine. She admits to taking part in an attack on a rebel checkpoint at Luhansk but denies killing two journalists there". 

Reporter Suzanna Mendonza: “Northhampton Regional Museum is to sell a 4,000 year-old Egyptian statue in its possession. Egyptian government authorities say it has no 'right’ as the artefact was gifted to the NRM by Lord Northhampton. Statue has not been on display but in storage for years. NRM, like many regional museums, say they are 'cash strapped' and need the US$10 million its sale will bring". 

Sydney Morning Herald’s Michael Bachelor:     "Indonesian Presidential Election rivals, Joko Widodo and Prabowo, both claim victory in the 9th Juli 2014 polls. All commentators agree Joko won 52-48, based solely on exit polls. The only news outlet claiming Prabowo has won is his own privately-owned TV channel. The local stock market does not want Prabowo after he criticised ‘foreign companies’ for allegedly ‘stealing RI’s resources’. When it appeared he might win, prices on the local stock market fell. Prabowo is viewed by many here as an oligarch with too many connections to 'gangsters' who still play a major role in politics. Joko however is a populist and former governor of Jakarta, the capital city. Prabowo calls on voters to be ‘proud’; Joko voters just want less corruption".   

Reporter Kath Brookes: “The Indonesian Rupiah rose as did the Indonesian stock market after news Joko Widodo had won the presidency. Both currency and stock markets see him as ‘market-friendly’ ".

"Estonia's Supreme Court as declared 'anonymity is no longer allowed' on the Internet after criticism of a private company on the Delphi informal news site. Peter Mysek(J) of NYC-based ACCESS: ‘at risk users’ deserve to be protected. The Internet is now the only ‘safe haven’ for free speech' ”.

Reporter Michelle Flurey: “The New York City authorities have ordered that restaurant and produce stores cease sending fresh food to waste dumps. Instead, all organic matter is to be sent to bio-fuel dumps to be turned into compost and/or natural gas. The goal is to reduce global gas emissions. NYC already has eight egg-shaped waste storages facilities - they are 85 feet by 45 feet - run by Anthony Fury's company. He says: 'these are now common across the EU but is a first for NYC”. 

"Mexico's Lower House of Parliament has passed a law banning any telecommunications companies from controlling more than 50%  of the market. Is law is aimed at the world’s richest man, a Mexican".   

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