Friday, 19 December 2014

SNIPPETS #55 John Kerry versus Russia

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by Benn Yogarni 
ABC TV Channel 24 News 9pm Frigasday 25th April 2014:  
“US Secretary of State John Kerry says ‘Russia is sabotaging Ukraine’s democratic processes’(sic)” [our emphasis]. 
KERRY-COHEN: The breathless, unblinking hypocrisy of J. Kerry-Cohen is apparently endless. How did such a creature come to be Secretary of State? He unsuccessfully ran for US President. His claim to fame was as ‘war hero’. He ran at the same time as ‘war hero’ John McCain. Kerry ‘won’ his three Purple Hearts, a unique medal given only by the US to those who suffer any wound, no matter how minor. Kerry won three for very minor wounds. War veteran magazine Soldier of Fortune exposed these three 'wounds' effectively scuppering JK’s run for office. They also brought to light that JK was ‘well connected’ i.e. his Dad got him out of a safe posting in Vietnam after only six month’s tour on a SWIFT boat in the Mekong Delta.

GEO.W.BUSH: One result is JK usually avoids any mention of his ‘war service’ much as Geo. W. Bush does regarding his Vietnam ‘war service’ in the very safe Texas Air National Guard. JK could not win office so was appointed to high office by BO.

BIDEN: What of Vice-President Jo Biden? Also ran for US President. Was forced to quit the Democratic Primaries after he was exposed for plagiarising his US Congress speeches off Left-wing icon, John F. Kennedy. Biden whined that he: ‘didn’t remember doing it’. Again, couldn’t get elected to high office so was appointed to it by Obama.

DEMOCRACY 'SABOTAGED': As for Russia 'sabotaging democratic processes' is hard to believe US retains any true concept of what those processes actually are. Is the world really run by these wash-outs? No, they're the System's 'useful idiots' behind which the true Masters hide. But of late stooge quality has dropped. Could be a good sign: good men refuse to serve so only deadbeats do. Helps WN/NS groups as it discredits 'democracy' even further.      

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