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STORM 135 (Decembis 2014)

No. 135               Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action                Decembis 2014
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only

STORM gets information from ‘insiders’, SCUTTLEBUTT. We can’t confirm stories. Here’s the latest:

NO ‘POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE’:  Newsagent told us: “you can’t get local postcards anymore. The only place in the world that makes them now is China and they won’t do a ‘print-run’ unless you place a minimum order for 400,000 units”. 

‘AUSSIE SAMURAI’? Were contacted by Australian who's mastered several Japanese martial arts. STORM : “why did Samurai never develop a shield to go with their swords as European knights did?”
AS: “Honour. The only honour is in attack. Defence is seen as dishonourable. Hollywood films confuse people in the West as they show Japanese sword fights going on for ages. This is false. 

A true sword-fight was usually over in just three moves. The one who acted first usually won. There was no need of a shield. If you didn’t strike first you’d already lost. There was no need of defence. This carried over into their military strategies. In the 1894 war against China and 1904 war against the Russians the Japanese gave no advance warning. They just attacked and won both wars. Then there was Pearl Harbour…

As for fight-scenes, Hollywood portrays these incorrectly. They show a samurai with arms raised over his head, striking directly downwards, in a chopping motion. WRONG. This would obviously expose one’s vital organs to attack. No, the classical move was an upward thrust at a diagonal. The aim was to slice open an opponent, from the groin to the neck. In fact, in Kai-jitsu(?) we are trained to attack from a sitting posture. Your enemy thinks you are relaxed and vulnerable. But WHACK! You kill them. Only then do you stand up – to return your sword to its sheath”.  

FLU VAX: As told to STORM @ 15.7.13: “My grand-daughter died of the flu vax. She was only 15 months old. She was just starting to talk: ‘dub-dub-dub!’ She’d be 26 years-old this year. Her cousin was born a week later. When he was 18 months old we took him to my daughter’s brother-in-law for the flu vax. He’s a GP [doctor]. He refused to do it. He said: ‘his little body is not strong enough. Wait a year.’ So we did. Many babies die this way but no one tells you this”.  

DYSFUNCTIONAL DEMOCRACY @22.8.13: “In Holland we use the ‘first-past-the-post’ voting method, not Preferential Voting as in Australia. But then, we have more political parties. Our current Prime Minister is from the Liberal Party but the Deputy Prime Minister is from Labour. They are part of a four-party Coalition government. The largest party got only 22% of the primary vote as the voter –base has fragmented”. STORM: “So which parties policies does your government follow?” 
“Neither! Every new policy has to be endlessly debated and then negotiated”.
[A paralysed Parliament in a dysfunctional democracy. Welcome to our future. RE]   

EDITORIAL – RIGHTIST PARTY SEEKS ANA SUPPORT: An ANA member was recently contacted by the Christian Democratic Party lead by Rev Fred Nile MLC. CDP sought her membership for AUD$120 and support as a possible ‘candidate’ in the upcoming Queensland State elections. Our member was naturally flattered but wisely asked us what she should do. Here is our advice: “if contacted by the CDP or any of the other five Right, electoralist, political parties (Repp) ask them their policies on non-white immigration; on migration by non-Christians; on the supremacy of white Christians here as opposed to their increasing marginalization and even persecution as we now see in th UK and USA. If they cannot openly support a pro-White, pro-Christian policy line, do not give them funds, membership or your votes. 

 A CAUTIONARY TALE: A second question for your local Repp: ‘will you agree to join in an alliance with the other five parties (Australia First Party; Family First Party; Katter’s Australian Party; Rise Up Australia; Palmer’s United Party; the Democratic Labour Party) so that unlike every previous election, they do NOT stand candidates against each other, effectively knocking each other out. We at ANA recall 1998, both Queensland State and Federal elections. It was only 12 months after the gun ban when four million Australian whites were deprived of their arms due to the alleged actions of one Tasmanian village idiot, Martin Bryant. We say ‘alleged’ because, as he was persuaded to plead guilty, the State’s very curious case was never proven in court. 

1998 ELECTIONS DUDDED: Elections that followed were all predicted to produce a 'new era' in Australia politics with Rightists winning seats by the truckload, destroying the Left and Conservative ‘traitor parties’. Didn't happen. Why not? Pauline Hanson's One Nation did gain 25% of Qld votes and 10% nation-wide, winning 11 of 89 seats in the Qld Parliament. They were then sued, booed and financially destroyed by the crooked media and corrupt courts. 

OTHER REPP’s: At the 1998 Queensland State election four political parties contested seats, just like the six Repp’s today. These were the gun-shop owner's Australian Reform Party modelled on a Canadian original; Don Pinwill’s Australia First Party, a revival of a 1930’s fascist/Isolationist party; the Shooters Party of Australia started by the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia-allowed gun clubs across Australia. SPA were publicly abandoned by SSAA Federal President Ted Drane live ABCTV after SPA had made electoral gains in NSW. Drane maligned the SPA as: ‘surrounded by Neo-Nazis and anti-Semites’. Similar accusations were later falsely levelled at PHON. Drane went on to found a rival shooters party, the Reform Party, effectively splitting the gun-shop vote. 

SYSTEM LEFT UNTOUCHED:  Incredibly, at both 1998 Queensland and Federal elections all four Repp's ran candidates in the same seats, whilst leaving unchallenged the many candidates from the major party blocs - Left-Centre ALP/Greens/Australian Democrats and the rival Centre-Right Liberal/National Coalition. Result was as sad as it was predictable: the 'Extreme Right', as they were dubbed by the controlled media, saw their vote split four ways, reducing their individual primary votes to as little as 1.5%. Gun-shop owner/candidates who sank their life savings into the elections later closed up shop, literally, in despair. The entire post gun-ban election process was an exercise in futility wasting millions of dollars, thousands of hours and deterring many proto-Rightists from ever again actively participating. Such is the experience of ‘democracy' across the West. 

NO NEED TO REPEAT: That is why no one wants a repeat in 2015-2016, this time with 6+ rival Repps. When Ultra-Left ALP Qld Premier P. Beattie retired in 2008 he boasted to Murdoch's Courier-Mail: "the whole Pauline Hanson episode was worthwhile. It allowed us, once and for all, to bury any notion of a White Australia”. ‘Us’? The alien-serving, System elite. This was assisted by the multi-party approach on the Right, fighting each other instead of working together, as the Left and Centre do.            

NINETY YEARS OF WAR: Birds Without Wings by Louis de Bernieres (NYC: Alfred A. Knopf, 2004). [A novelized account of the lives of ordinary Turks, Greeks and Armenians 1914-1922]. 

(p.257): “Between 1821 and 1913 there was prolonged and atrocious holocaust which we have chosen to forget and from which we learned nothing. From 26 March 1821 till Easter Sunday 1821 southern Greek Christians tortured and massacred 15,000 Greek Muslims. They stole their possessions and burnt their homes. Men, women and children were rounded up and butchered. Thousands of mosques and shrines were destroyed to the extent that only two now remain in all of Greece. As a result of the 1820’s war 20,000 Muslims were expelled from Serbia. In 1875 Bosnian Serb Christians began a campaign of assassination against all Muslims. In 1876 Bulgarian Christian began to massacre unknown numbers of their Turkish, Muslim, peasant neigbours”. 

(p.257): “In 1877 Russia demanded land from the Ottomans. Upon their refusal, Russia declared war. Cossacks used tactics perfected against Muslims in the Caucasus. Assisted by Bulgarian irregulars, Cossacks would surround a Muslim village before beginning to disarm them all. Once disarmed, the Bulgarian would begin slaughtering everyone. European diplomats sent detailed reports of this systematic slaughter”.

(p.258): “Montenegro killed or expelled its entire Muslim population. By 1879 30% of Bosnian Muslims were either dead or expelled. The British Ambassador to the Ottoman court, Sir Henry Layard, reported: ‘Russia’s regional policy is to eliminate Muslims, replacing them with Slav Christians’.  In 1912 Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece and Montenegro jointly declared war on the Ottoman Empire. They aimed to seize more territory and expel more Muslims. In territory they seized, all Muslims were killed. Men quickly but women slowly, tortured to death. Ottoman soldiers were treated with particular brutality. 10,000 troops captured by Bulgarians at Edirne were exiled to an island, starving to death”. 

(p.258): “A major tactic was the use of irregulars or komitadjis. Motivated by hate, these Montenegrin irregulars laid waste to Albania. Thrace’s Turkish refugees were pursued by the Greeks and Bulgars. Many died. “One result of fighting saw Istanbul forced to host 500,000 Muslim refugees of all ethnic backgrounds. The fighting and cost of aid to refugees crippled the Ottoman economy”. 

 (P.285): “Kemal turns down the command of one of Enver’s madder schemes, to send three regiments through Persia to India.  The aim was to encourage Muslims there to revolt against British rule. A mission sent to Afghanistan failed to spur locals into action despite costing much gold. Enver wished to attack Russia, long having dreamed of expanding the Ottoman Empire into the East. This is the main reason for the Ottoman’s losing the War".

"Enver demands an immediate attack in the South. His Chief adviser, General Liman von Sanders, told him this was: 'a very bad idea’ so Enver took command of the operation, personally”. (p.259): "Enver Pasha took a gamble. Every Turk knew Russia wanted Turkey in its empire, preferably without any Turks. An Allied victory would be a catastrophe for Turks but a Final Solution for Russia. Instead of fighting a defensive war Enver chose to attack Russia. Strongly opposed by his German advisers, this did not deter him. From NE Anatolia through impassable mountains and snow 20 feet deep, he lost 75,000 of his 95,000-men and their artillery”. (p.285): “10,000 survivors died soon after of typhus”. 

(p.285): “Enver next ordered 18,000 troops to cross the Sinai and seize the Suez Canal. Of the six hundred who managed to cross the Canal, all were repelled. Egypt’s Muslims did not rise up against their British masters. Ottomans lost 3,000 men before returning to Palestine. The British heavily reinforced the Canal Zone, making it impenetrable”.         

BOOK REVIEW: Stalin: Triumph and Tragedy by Dr Colonel-general Dmitri Volkogonov (Moscow: Novosti/London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1989). 

“The Leningrad Affair went to trial in Septembis 1950. Two hundred people were arrested; nineteen were executed. The accusation? In 1938 they had formed an ‘anti-Soviet group’ and ‘sold off’ State property. In April 1954 the USSR Supreme Court overturned the guilty verdict” (p.522). 

“What was the human cost of the Stalinist regime? How many victims perished? Numerous estimates have been made. My own figures, gleaned from the Archives, show the 1929-33 Collectisation of agriculture cost nine million peasant’s lives. 1937-38 Purges saw five and a half million citizens arrested. From 1933-37 another one million were arrested in various ‘campaigns’. After WWII the number of concentration camps [Gulags] rose sharply. Inmates and deportees totaled six and a half million. The total of Stalin’s victims in the 30 years between 1923 and 1953 was 22 million, not including loses during WWII” (p.524).  “Voznesensky reported ‘total loses during WWII’ as 27 million”. (p.505) [Total cost of Stalin? 49 million. RE].

“Seeing potential plots everywhere, Stalin spent his entire life expecting an attempt on his life. It never came. Aware of their master’s pathological fear, his immediate circle were fearful of arousing any suspicion of themselves” (p.516). 

“Stalinism was a mental and social disease. It was a negation of human values. It was the imposition of a one-dimensional view of the world using the most radical means to achieve defined aims which became deformed in the process. This monopoly on both social truth and political powers turned potential allies and constructive critics into ‘enemies’. A totalitarian bureaucracy replaced revolutionary democracy (sic). In 1927 the Communist Party of the Soviet Union adopted the Code of Laws including Article 58: ‘against the spread of anti-Soviet propaganda’ – this included any spoken, written or even hinted at criticism of the system” (p.549).

It was an unwritten law of the dictatorship that tension must be maintained at all times among the top officials. Stalin believed authority must inspire not only respect but fear. Stalin introduced unofficial ‘rules of conduct’. Top officials knew never to assemble in groups of two or more without his permission whether at home or in offices” (p.550) [our emphasis].

“Stalinism took primacy of the State over individual interests to absurd limits. He depended on a vast, powerful bureaucracy. The Leader’s decisions were divorced from economic reality. It was a separation of thought from action, theory and praxis. It removed Man from the centre of society and replaced it with the State as a machine. Ex-Communist Victor Serge wrote in 1937: ‘in the Stalinist State, man counts for nothing’ ” (p.551).

“By 1937 Stalinism had become dogmatic. Ideological fodder, it was anti-historical and led to spiritual pauperization and intellectual primitivism. Stalin had prepared the soil for rearing people who could only think in elementary terms, and would provide a constant supply of careerists, informers, time-servers and mindless functionaries. These staffed the bureaucratic apparatus, the police organs and offices at all levels. The whole system of political education installed dogmatic thinking throughout society. It was summed up in the true encyclopaedia of dogmatism, a miscellany of half-truths and anti-truths: ‘The History of the Party, A Short Course. Published in 1937 it went through 300 editions and sold 43 million copies. Written by historians Knorin, Pospelov and Yaroslavsky, it became required reading for every Soviet adult.” (p.553). 

Dogmatism was inculcated by installing an entire system of prohibitions in the mind: what may not be shown in the cinema, staged in the theatre, written about or what music could played. What historians could debate. Taboos were countless. Cultural life after 1945 again became dumb. Scientific thought was in the grip of leaden, primitive ideas. All creative endeavour atrophied” (p.555). 

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