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STORM 134 (Novembis 2014)

No. 134     Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action   Novembis 2014
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only

STORM gets information from ‘insiders’, SCUTTLEBUTT. We can’t confirm stories. Here’s the latest:

MALES EXCLUDED: “My son is enrolled at Queensland University of Technology as a first year Laboratory Technician. It’s a four year degree. Of 180 students in his class there are only five whites and 12 are men. The other 163 are Indians, Chinese or African refugees. What does the future hold [for White Australian Males]?”

LAST ONE STANDING, JUST FELL: Ethnic-Sicilian female: “There are seven women in my work place. I was the last one still married. I met my husband [a Samoan] at school. I was only 14 years old. But now…it doesn’t feel the same…it’s like a Domino Effect. One gets divorced and then all their friends do, too. All my girlfriends are divorced. I was the last one. I rang them and they’re all excited for me. They’re even organising a ‘girls night out’ for me, to celebrate”. 

EDITORIAL - AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CURRICULUM: Ever feel as if you’ve outlived your use-by date? That experience hit us last week. We got a look at the Australian National Curriculum (ANC) adopted in  2013 by the Ultra-Left Gillard ALP regime. Continuing under Abbott’s LNP government elected 7th Septembis 2013, is another sign ALP and LNP are simply two hands of the same alien Master.  First, some background. 

GOSS ‘REFORMS’: In 1989 the pro-white, pro-Right Queensland National Party government lost office after 32 years in power to Wayne Goss’ ALP. After 32 years in Opposition ALP had turned bitter, spiteful and was in a hurry to force on us their usual Leftist distortions and perversions. One of Goss’first acts was to commission a rewrite of the school Curriculum, the basis for all teaching in schools from P-12, from age four to 18 years old.  Goss hired a Maoist professor only famous for having travelled to China forty time in forty years. 

MAOIST RE-WRITE: Till 2012 each Australian State organized its own curriculum. School children transferring from one State to another were often penalized e.g. being made to repeat a year, as their previous domicile was seen as ‘backward’. Given Australia’s highly mobile workforce this was a foolish system. When Ultra-Left Prime Minister Julia ‘Ju-liar’ Gillard proposed a unified education system everyone applauded her, but…many were wary of her intentions. Instead of each individual State setting education norms now it would be dictated by a highly centralized, Socialist elite in Canberra. 

GOSS FALLOUT: Goss, who fortuitously died of a brain tumour 11th Novembis 2014, caused our youth to be brain-washed with atheistic, Bolshevik nonsense for 24 years. His disciple, fellow Labour Lawyer and successor as Queensland Premier ‘Sneaky Pete’, added an extra year to schooling. Our youth now suffer 13 years of Marxist indoctrination. Makes them almost impervious to the nationalist message. They reject any concept of whites having a lead role in the world, let alone being equal with Asian or blacks. 
POISONED, ANTI-WHITE/ANTI-MALE POLICIES: No one asked: ‘what is the content of this new new ANC?’ A repeat of Goss’ heresies, but much worse. Whites are denigrated, their achievement ignored. Blacks and Asians are elevated as ‘role models’. Is no outcry from ‘public’, no media furore. We at ANA propose a better History - pro-white, pro-Right. Is there any available on the open market?  

SECOND MOST RADICAL SHIFT IN 25 YEARS: This is the second most radical shift in Queensland’s education system since 1989 We have seen new ANC from the local high school: 
human rights and social justice are the paramount goals of the ANC [i.e. pro-queer/femo-Nazi and anti-male, anti-white]. To this end students will be sent on one of seven ‘immersion’ trips. To India, East Timor, Aboriginal camps in the Outback.’ Kids brainwashed into ‘equity’ then sent to ‘live it’. 

PERSONALISED LIES RUIN WHITE YOUTH: How do we penetrate their imposed mind-set? Textbook lessons can be debated. Lies, personalized through actual experience, shape people’s thinking. Few now accept our  message: the white male is naturally superior. Equity is a lie. We only get recruits now who’ve been at the ‘sharp end’ e.g. after being bashed by a black/Asian gang. Violence alone seems to break the ALP’s ‘spell’. 
Gillard, like Goss, defiled our children, ruining any possible future for white Volk in Australia. Is why so few openly oppose alien immigration. They actually welcome it, seeing aliens as superior!   

HOW MUSTAFA KEMAL BECAME ‘ATATURK’ (‘Founder of Turkey’): Birds Without Wings by Louis de Bernieres (NYC: Alfred A. Knopf, 2004). [Novelized account of Turks, Greeks, Armenians 1914-1922. Has been edited for length]. 

(p.78) “In 1899 Mustafa Kemal enrolled in the Harbiye War College, Istanbul. This young Macedonian found strict Islamic piety enforced at the college. But in the Christian quarter of the town, there were newspapers, brothels and bars. His friend Ali Fuat introduced him to a drink called raki. This raki would shape Kemal’s destiny. It would help him sleep, overcome his shyness, complicate his relationships and finally kill him”. 

(p.99-101): “In 1905 Kemal was transferred to 30th Cavalry Regt, Damascus. Joins Haji Mustafa, another Francophile who’s never seen France. They form a secret society, Vatan, one of hundreds of societies springing up across the Ottoman Empire, where ever educated young officers wish to reshape their country. Kemal is next transferred to Jaffa. The conspirators change their name to Fatherland and Freedom”. 

They are preoccupied by the obvious decline of the empire, and its intransigent political corruption and inefficiency. They feel dishonoured by Western Powers. Kemal conceives the notion of a Turkish state within secure borders, with all sign of empire removed. Amid cries of ‘Bulgaria for the Bulgarians (Jews and Turks Out)’ and ‘Greece for the Greeks (Jews and Turks Out)’ he begins to say: ‘Turkey for the Turks’. To his joy, he is posted home to Macedonia to serve with the 3rd Army”. 

(p.135): “In 1907 Kemal transfers to Salonika where he meets the new Committee of Union and Progress popularly known as the Young Turks. Lead by Enver Pasha, a dashing young officer, they are suspicious of Kemal but absorb his smaller F&F group. Sultan sent two commissions to suppress the YT – the head of the first is shot; the second changes sides and joins them. A revolution is openly proclaimed. Troops are sent but also join the rebels. Sultan is forced to adopt the Liberal Constitution of 1876 which removes ‘Special Privileges’ from minorities but renders ‘Equal Obligations’. Christians and Jews are unhappy they are now liable for conscription”.

(p.135): “YT has no ideology beyond: ‘restore the empire’s former glory’. YT’s revolt hastens the empire’s disintegration. Bulgaria and Crete break away; Austria annexes Bosnia. Kemal criticises YT so is ordered to [Libya], under attack from the Italians. He manages to win over rebellious Arabs as well as Ottomans who refuse YT rule”. 

(p.150): “YT plans to: ‘Update the Army, Improve education, Root out corruption’ come to nothing. Majority of the Empire still view Sultan as Shadow of God on Earth whose rule cannot be questioned. Parliament fails to function. Deputies represent ethnic Turks, Serbs, Greeks, Arabs, Albanians, Jews, Armenians, Bulgarians and Vlach are incapable of any ideal beyond ethnic self-interest. Muslim Union forms within the Army, opposed to  YT secularism. Push for adoption of Sharia law. April 1909 Army mutiny in Imperial capital, Istanbul. Kemal leading a loyal division, suppresses the mutiny and deposes the Sultan. Hangs 80 rebels”. 

(p.151): “The Christian Archbishop in Adana urged his flowers to ‘obtain weapons and slaughter Muslims’. Instead, Muslims seized the town, setting it afire. 20,000 Christians and 2,000 Muslims were killed. 47 Muslims were tried and executed by the YT. Kemal told the YT: ‘chose military or politics’. Enver Pasha rejects this choice and orders Kemal’s murder. Kemal captures the assassin and persuades him to change sides”. 

(p.189): “Kemal quits politics. Returns to the Army. Is posted to 3rd Army’s Training Command where he meets his first Germans. Does not likes or trust them. Sees as wonderful soldiers. Emulates their methods. Translates General Litzman’s Training Manual. Meets visiting Marshal von der Goltz. During a mutiny in Albania wins a victory without losing a single man. Tells German colleague: ‘one day this Army will be Turkish, not Ottoman. First duty will be to save [Turks] from their own backwardness' ”.

(p.190): “Kemal returns to politics as he increasingly saw the YT leadership as empty theoreticians. Talkers and dreamers they waste their time plotting against each other. Kemal wants things clear and direct, with specific goals and unerring action to achieve them. Sees need for reform of the entire political structure. Kemal’s supporters want to replace Islam with Turkish nationalism. He wants Turkey as a modern, European state”. 

(p.222): “The Great War began for the Ottomans in 1911and lasted till 1923”. (p.191): “Germany takes advantage of Ottoman decline, seizing Agadir and part of  Congo; France takes Morocco. Italians attack Libya, which Enver Pasha is sent to defend. Kemal follows, disguised as a journalist. Kemal’s hometown, Salonika, is captured by Greece and lost to Turkey forever”. (p.222): “To reach Libya, Kemal passed through Egypt occupied by British forces, where he is captured. Kemal instantly orders the British patrol to surrender: ‘you are trespassing on Ottoman soil!’ Their officer is so impressed by Kemal’s courage, he releases him." 

(p.222): “By Enver’s arrival Italians have captured Tobruk. Enver cannot get local Senussi Arabs to attack, but Kemal does. Sheikh Mebre’s men, armed with Turkish rifles, destroy 70 Italian guns and capture 200 POW’s. A standoff ensues: Italians control the coast but fear the interior, where the Ottomans hold sway”. (p.225): “The Italians retaliate by bombing Beirut, shelling the Dardanelles forts, occupying Rhodes and Dodecanese islands”.

(p.225): “Istanbul government descends into tyranny. Dissolves Parliament. Young officers plot to end YT despotism. Balkan states – Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece - join in a collective conspiracy. 120 Balkan-based Ottoman battalions ‘demobilise’ in a gesture of conciliation. Kingdom of Montenegro declared war on the Ottoman Empire 8th October 1912. Is quickly joined by Kingdoms of Greece, Serbia and Bulgaria. Ottoman Empire signs a quick peace treaty with Italy. Kemal and Enver rush back to the Imperial capital, Istanbul”. 

(p.243): “Sultan’s Grand Vizier [Prime Minister] tries to cede Thrace to the enemy but Enver leads a mob to the Sublime Porte [Sultan’s Palace]. Shoots dead the War Minister. Grand Vizier hands power to Enver in a popular coup”. (p.244): “Adrianopolis falls under combined assault from Serbs and Bulgarians, aided by a Greek Fifth Column within the city. Enver’s War Minister is murdered. Ottoman’s Balkan foes fall out over ‘spoils’. Enver attacks,  retaking Eastern Thrace and Adrianopolis. Marries Sultan’s niece and moves into the Palace. Bulgaria, under attack from Serb and Greece, signs truce with Ottomans. Agrees to ‘exchange populations’. Enver expels 300,000 Greeks from the Aegean Coast. War cease till June 1914”.  
(p.250): “British sell two battleships to Ottomans to replace obsolete Hamidiye, in 1913 Istanbul’s only defence. Sultan is impoverished. Ships paid by public subscription. Churchill, First Sea Lord, orders they not be delivered. Turkish public are incensed”. 

(p.252): “In November 1913 Kemal is posted to Sofia, Bulgaria, Ottoman’s new ally. Befriends Bulgarian Defence Minister, Kovatchev. Enver signs secret treaty with Germany. Ottomans receive a large group of German officers to reform their Army. Germans take over key roles from Turks. Kemal sees this as mistake”. 

(p.254): “Treaty with Germany protects Ottomans from eternal enemy, Russia. Germans exploit Ottoman public outrage with Britain, rapidly supplying two modern battleships. German ships appear in Istabul Harbour with Turkish names but crewed by Germans in Turkish uniform. Germany is popular. On 29th October 1914 the two bombard Russian bases at Odessa and Sevastopol”. (p.255): “Thanks to Enver’s adventurism, Ottoman’s are now at war with Russia who is fighting Germany and Austria-Hungary. Means Russia’s allies, Britain and France, are at war with the Ottomans. Enver persuades Sultan, the Head of Islamic world, to declare a ‘jihad’ /holy war. Does not meet with public enthusiasm. Muslims are confused, seeing the War as between two groups of Christian countries and none of their business. Arabs in particular prove disloyal and useless”.

BOOK REVIEW: Stalin: Triumph and Tragedy by Dr Colonel-general Dmitri Volkogonov (Moscow: Novosti/London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1989). 

 “At a press conference by Zhukov after his capture of Berlin he initially forgot to praise Stalin (p.510). Ralph Parker, London Times Moscow correspondent, demanded he do so. Zhukov quickly did. Parker was The Times’ Moscow reporter 1941-45. After WWII Parker moved permanently to Moscow. There he later retired and died” (footnote p.470). [‘Reporter’ or Soviet agent? Many other ‘reporters’ during and after the War were KGB. RE].

(P.473): “Main Administration for the Protection of State Secrets in Print [Glavit] was chief censor. They reviewed all Soviet printed material prior to publishing. Was only abolished in Juli 1990. [Volkogonov] worked there for over 20 years. All WWII ‘memoirs’ had to be vetted and altered to fit ‘a single vision of the past’. Details were deleted; false references were added often to include ‘war service’ by Soviet leaders who had none - such as K.V.Chernenko and I.I. Brezhnev. These falsehoods sullied otherwise respectable books. One result was we became prisoners of a false consciousness”.   

“Maintaining a state of permanent tension in the public mind was one of Stalin’s most tested methods of control: a State of potential ‘civil war’ or at least a permanent struggle with vague ‘enemies’ created a climate where his announcements fell on fertile soil. Stalin set out to return post-WWII society to a climate of fear and suspicion and to reactivate the witch-hunt that had raged in the 1930’s. For him the idea of class struggle was primary. Once the capitalists and old landowners had been exterminated he found a new ‘class enemy’ in the middle peasants or kulaks. Once these were all killed he had to find a way to ensure a ready supply of ‘enemies’. He did this in Februa-Mars 1937. This made the condition of struggle in the society permanent” (p.510). [our emphasis.Neo-Stalinist, Thought Police in the West use the same methods today. General public therefore see ‘racists’ and ‘sexists’ everywhere and constantly vigilant for ‘offensive behaviour’. RE]. 

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