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STORM ALERT #63P Februa 2016 POPULISTS VERSUS ELITES - Sanders and Trump, Taksin and the King

          STORM ALERT   #63 
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By Ixul Dante     12th Februa 2016 
POPULISTS vs ELITES - Sanders, Trump, Taksin and the King:  An undeclared war is taking place across the globe for control of power and resources. 

THE BATTLE: As usual the sleeping Masses are unaware of the ferocious warfare taking place all round them. Like deaf mutes at a fireworks show, they see only the effects of combat. Seeking truth from the slave-media, grasping tidbits of information, they glean a shadow, a warped reality and in hollows they huddle, exchanging scraps of knowledge but failing to see all. They are left with only distortions and echoes. They live puzzled, sweating and dying in fetid ignorance, forever the driven serfs of our hidden Masters.  

The Rival Forces: A common question of the slave-media is: "Why do Muslim youths living in the West seek radical change and sometimes resort to violence?" The assumed position is that our current World Order is the summit of all human aspirations; only fools or dreamers could wish for anything better. Really? In the 1920s and 1930's a previous generation sought to ‘upset the table’, filling the ranks of Fascist formations in every country. Across the West idealistic youth sought that ‘something better’ they knew must be ‘out there somewhere’. Fascist movements sprung up, only to be savagely suppressed, as now. Members were beaten, imprisoned, smeared, even murdered. Still they persisted. They seized power in states - some by elections, others by coup. They formed an AXIS and marched together against the controlling Masters of darkness and oppression, ignorance and superstition.

A War Begins…They called for War. They whipped the ignorant Masses into a frenzy, against their best interests, into battle against their very liberators. Bloody warfare devastated whole continents, killing millions. In the USA, in the 1860s, a similar war for freedom was waged and lost. Oppression won. Forever after they libelled the South's glorious dead, hoping to deter imitators. Will we never hear an end of the War of Northern Aggression? On 15th Juno 2015 Dylann Storm Roof thought not. After his Aktion, the forces of Darkness banned the sale and manufacture of the Southern flag, 160 years after the War began. So terrified are they of rebellion against their Dark Order. In many WN/NS homes, a 'rebel' flag hangs alongside a German battle flag, proud talisman against active Evil. 
Election Year, USA - the Battle Continues:  US Left has anointed heir to husband William's tarnished mantel, Hillary Clinton. Chosen ruler but loathed by all, she will win. She is the Master's choice. They always get what they want, as in 1865 and 1945, regardless of cost in White lives or material. Her Democrat rival, an aged populist Chosen, is only there to placate the Old Guard Left. 

Australia: Australia saw a similar populist to Donald Trump emerge 20 years ago. Pauline Hanson, a businesswoman with a raft of fresh new ideas, was elected to Federal Parliament in 1995. A storm of opposition, enflamed by the slave-media but lead in secret by the Old Forces, soon swept the country. Emboldened, she fought back. One Nation was a grassroots political movement which gained over 50,000 members in a single year. For this Pauline was maligned, fined, sacked from Parliament and finally sentenced to three years gaol. She was silenced but the New Forces Pauline represents remain, sullen, brooding and awaiting a Leader.

US Right Leader: In the US Right, Donald Trump is such a leader. Although a billionaire, he is a businessman who understands the masses. A crude man, he is like the mob, and of similar unrefined tastes. Trump is loathed by the effete power elite, such as Hillary represents. Old Guard Leftist Bernie Sanders(J) is Trump's diametrical opposite. Both Don and Bernie are threats to the elitist System. It is them or the System - and the System knows it. 

Thailand: In 2001 Thai billionaire businessman, Taksin Shinawatra, saw the need to free Thailand from a feudal elite, grouped around the capital and its usual rulers. Taksin won the 2001 election but his reform of the economy was halted on 19th Septembis 2006 when he was deposed in a coup by the system’s military. After his exile to the West, his followers and those of the elite began 'battles' around the capital. Divided into 'Red-shirts’ and ‘Blue-shirts’, the forces for reform, as in 1806 and 1939-45, were soon beaten bloody by the forces of oppression.

SISTER'S COUP: Taksin's sister later ran for office. She won. Soon after, the Dark forces attacked again. They deposed her and Thailand had its second military dictatorship in ten years. The West did nothing. The stranglehold of the effete and greedy capital and their rulers over the suffering provincial masses continues. Democracy is a cloak for oppression and enforced poverty, feudal in its nature, made modern only by TV and radio jingles. This ploy is used to enforce belonging to a ‘global’ economy that is utterly denatured, artificial and unresponsive to local needs. 

MATRIX: The Australia-made film trilogy, the Matrix, portrayed such a world. Its terms are today used on the Internet by media savvy youth. They talk of truth as 'Red pill' and anti-truth as ‘Blue pill’, just like the colour of the shirts of the combatants in the Thai street battles. Matrix's hero is given a choice: chose the 'Red pill' and awaken to ‘reality’ in all its horror and begin a battle to the death against the alien parasites feeding off all the world's people. Or chose the 'Blue pill' and go back to ‘sleep’, forgetting all he has learned. Submit to the Dark forces, but regain a life of 'peace'. Of course, he chooses the Red pill. Today a heroic Few battle through cyber-space, seeking those 'aware' enough to suffer the Red pill. How many have learned but crashed and burned? Some into violence; others into crime, prison or madness. It is a great burden to see the world 'warts n all'. 

LONE WOLVES: In mid-2015 the FBI issued a warning: "the lone wolf attacker of the future will be white males aged 65-75 years". This assessment was based on aktions by John von Brunn, Glenn Miller and others. These heroes waited till their families were grown and their assets gone before acting. Such is the vengeful wrath of the Dark Forces. In West and East Asia their idealistic youth flock to the forces of Resistance - Taliban, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Al Shabaab. 

'DISILLUSIONED' YOUTH: These youth are not 'disillusioned' . They choose to die rather than suffer lifelong indignities and bondage. In contrast, our Western youth choose a life of drug-induced ease and comfort. It is only when we grow old and tired but still principled, that we act. Some choose to die with their boots on, in the tradition of proud white Men. For the chance to live but once as Freemen, rather than another day as slaves. Who wins the US elections matters not. The power elite will continue to rule till a deus ex machine, a force Outside their control, arrives to destroy them and their corrupt Order. Till then we must: agitate, educate and organise.     

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