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STORM ALERT #64 3rd Juno 2016 MERKEL WORSE THAN HITLER? Treason Is Criminal

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By Ixul Dante     Frigasday 3rd Juno 2016 
In 1945 if A. Hitler had welcomed Russian tanks into Berlin he could not have been a worse traitor than Alien-loving Merkel:

“FACEBOOK media 3 Juno 2016: “A small town in North Sweden has agreed to pay a US$200,000 fine for refusal to ‘host’ ten Syrian refugees”.  

TINY TARGETS: “A Small Town”? Why target small towns in North Sweden? White Flight. We will examine the pattern worldwide:

Detroit: In the 1980’s Detroit was dubbed ‘Motown or ‘Motor City'. The large local car plants based there made the population of 1.5 million, mostly whites, prosperous and successful. By 2013, Detroit was a byword for urban blight, i.e. mono-culture of African savagery. Population is now 870, 000 - 90% Africans. Was declared ‘bankrupt’ much to the amusement of many whites worldwide. A mini-Africa in North America it would yield richly any sociologist who sought to make comparisons. But none did. One such Uni type was visiting Australia at the time and was interviewed by ALP-controlled ABC Radio National

Of course, he blamed Whitey. Proposed a way to “restore wealth and prosperity to Detroit”, and other US cities in a similar situation. “We must find a way to prevent the urban middle class from fleeing the inner city for Detroit’s surrounding counties. Their taxes are needed to fund the urban poor in the inner city”. In other words, whitey was to be trapped,  milked and forced to fund the African breeding-cycle. How to ‘prevent flight’? “We must stop the surrounding counties from making land available for housing developments. Force them to stay in the cities to pay their ‘fair share’ of the welfare burden”. Sounds crazy? Was a professor at a Detroit Uni. What was even odder, in the entire discussion neither the Leftist Uni guy or the Leftist reporter ever mentioned RACE. This was the obvious missing ‘key’ to the whole problem. 

Toowoomba: In 2004, Toowoomba was declared “the whitest town in Australia” i.e. least multicultural. Soon after the local Roman Catholic Church and Church of England were persuaded by the Federal government to open ‘refugee reception centres’. C of E budget was a bit tight so they closed down a ‘Farmers Distress Centre’ which worked to aid families of the many suiciding rural folk. One death every three days. “Close down to whites; open up to Africans” was their order. So they did. 

A local resistance group arose, the White People Council of Australia (WPCA). Toowoomba Chronicle, local Murdoch media vilified these few white resisters. Editor was an Enemy alien. Some time later, two African refugees were found dead in a house. Media went ballistic. Blamed WPCA. For one week demanded these be “hunted down!” Evidence then emerged that it was a murder-suicide. 

Typical story with many refos. Come to Australia from traditional, patriarchal societies where men rule. Soon after arrival here local femo-Nazis advise the refo females to rebel, e.g. re. ‘domestic violence’ laws etc. So they do. This either destroys their families or they are destroyed by their husbands. Is very common. Why blame WPCA? These disappeared at this time from the Toowoomba Rightist scene. Editor was never sued for libel or incitement to violence. Toowoomba, our whitest town, is now overrun with Africans. The many whites fleeing alien invasion of our Coastal cities now see nowhere to run to. Is the pattern.  

London: In mid 2015 British Race Relations Commissioner (an African) lamented: “more people are leaving London than are arriving”. He was forced to admit the new entries were majority non-white and those leaving, a majority white. Refused to draw correct conclusion: ‘white flight’. Where were they ‘flying’ to? The many small towns surrounding Greater London, free from the crime and chaos that follows in the wake of every alien invasion.    

Orkneys: In early 2016 Scottish government agreed to an EU plan put forward by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to accept 10,000 ‘Syrian’ refugees. Said they would NOT be sent to Scot cities as “previous efforts had been a failure for integration. Instead would be sent to small towns and out-lying islands to the North of Scotland”. 

Scots were a Nordic nation, their trade and origins in the Viking areas of Scandinavia. Routs to Scotland lay through the North. So the Socialist government in Edinburgh was handing over Scots culture heartland to Islamist invaders. 
JOIN THE DOTS: From the above examples let us ‘join the dots’. White birth rates are falling worldwide, due to Leftist government policies and the mass betrayal by white females. At the same time non-white births rates are skyrocketing due to Western aid, especially white-inspired hygiene and health developments. 

The result is empty cities in the West and three billion aliens hungrily eyeing these via mass media. In 2015 Europe was probed by an Alien Armada. The tepid response prompted it to become a flood. 

WHITE FLIGHT TO END: Aliens mean to exterminate whites, aided by alien-ruled Western government agencies. Whites are to be disarmed, overrun and eliminated. No ‘fallback position’ is to be allowed, no opportunity to regroup or counterattack. Is why small white towns are being targeted. No refuge for whites. Is time to acknowledge we must fight and DIE where we stand. Is nowhere else to run to... 

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