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STORM ALERT# 66 By Ixul Dante 17rd Juno 2016 SECURITE AT WORK The Noose Tightens

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By Ixul Dante     Frigasday 17rd Juno 2016 
SECURITE AT WORK The Noose TightensOur links cut to supporters, Elections Rigged and ‘Targeted killing’ ever closer:

“BBC World Service 16th Juno 2016:   “Lord Coe, head of the IAAF (International Athletics Federation), has been warned he may face charges over past actions”.   
BBC World Service 17th Juno 2016:  “Lord Coe, head of the IAAF, has banned Russian athletes from competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics due to allegations of ‘systematic doping’. They may compete as individuals but not under a Russian flag. Russian media speak of an ‘international conspiracy’ ”. 
SkyNews 16th Juno 2016:  “All charges have been dropped against Sir Cliff Richard about possible pedophilia. In 2014 the BBC broadcast a live raid on his home by police before he was charged. The police investigation has cost 800,000 pounds and police now apologise for the filming” (BBC did not).
SkyNews 16th Juno 2016:   “Neighbours of the 52 year-old suspect in the shooting of Labour MP Jo Cox say he has lived in the same house all his life. ‘He was here when I got here in 1975’ said one. Another: ‘he lived with his mum and grand mum. They both died. He’s been alone the past 20 years. He does all our gardens, but very quietly’. Was interviewed for a mental health programme ten years ago where he admitted: ‘long term unemployment can lead to social isolation and mental illness’. 
 “BBC World Service 17th Juno 2016:   “Police Investigators say they have found ‘Nazi literature’ at the home of a suspect in yesterday's shooting of British Labor MP Jo Cox, a 41 year-old mother of two. Say it was ‘an isolated but targeted attack* with an unlawful firearm’. Prime Minister and Opposition Leader today appeared in the town of Birstall where Ms Cox was shot to ‘show solidarity’. PM called killing ‘an attack on democracy’ ”. 
 “BBC World Service 17th Juno 2016:     “94 year old Auschwitz camp guard Reinhold Hanning has been gaoled for five years for the murder of 170,000 Jews. Pleaded guilty. One survivor was asked: ‘do you forgive him?’ she replied angrily: ‘No!’ ”
1. Lord Coe was threatened: 'Ban Russia from Rio or face legal action yourself'. He folded. 

2. High profile non-pedophiles like Christian evangelist Sir Cliff, are targeted by the corrupt British police while the 200 Islamist pedophiles in Rotherham are ignored. Corrupt BBC ignores Rotherham but highlights allegations against Sir Cliff, hoping to bias the public and secure a prosecution. BBC Chair is an Enemy, as are many reporters and producers. 

3. Hanning killed no one but HATERS want their ‘pound of flesh’, as Shakespeare so aptly put it. Have not changed in 500 years nor in the 2000 years since they lynched their own Messiah. God warns: ‘forgive or you are not forgiven’. So be it. Hanning, the old fool, pleaded guilty. Here's what Hanning should have said:
‘I am proud to have served the Fuhrer! If AH had lived, how many Palestinians would still be alive today? Would Wall Street have created the 1987, 1997, 2001 and 2007 Financial Crises? How much better would be the White world today without Enemy aborters, Enemy–run Planned Parenthood’s murder ‘clinics’. We would not now face annihilation as a Race. There would have been no 2015 Islamist Invasion of the EU, Lepanto II'
4. Alleged killer of J. Cox a ‘Nazi’? Same corrupt cops who ‘set up’ Sir Cliff now ‘plant’ evidence on a mental case to ‘frame’ him for a kill. Will be curious to see which ‘Nazi’ groups are accused. No doubt it will be one in favour of Brexit. So who was Jo Cox? A convenient nobody, just like the suspect.    

In early 2016 the French Front National came close to winning power in nation-wide elections. Were cheated. In Mai 2016 the Austrian Freedom Party candidate was slatted to win the Presidential elections. Was cheated. David Cameron did not call these farces ‘an attack on democracy’. Truth is democracy died long ago. Exists only in fantasy world of the chattering classes, talking heads who populate our ‘media’. 

RECENT PROBLEMS: On 6.6.2016 the National Action phone line was terminated by government carrier, Telstra. Our mail has been stopped for the past two weeks. Our blog-sites have been removed from Google’s search engine. NA ‘don’t exist’ they tell us. A NSW man faces gaol for Facebook criticism of a Black, female, ALP MP. Charged with ‘using a carriage service to spread HATE speech’. Possible two year gaol sentence. 'Democracy' means freedom of speech, assembly, association and religion. Anyone seen these in the West lately? No. 

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