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Rupert Murdoch's Treason Must Be Stopped 24 Aug 2016

Murdoch Treason Must Be Stopped – by Any Means Necessary
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By Ixul Dante 24 Aug 2016
Accompanying 20/8/2016 p.27 Sydney Morning Herald article ‘Power and the Rising Passion’ by Kelsey Munro brilliantly sums up Australia’s current dilemma.  But we need to explain a few points to our foreign readers.

Who is Rupert Murdoch? Murdoch media AKA Fox-News owns 177 newspapers and many TV, radio and cable outlets worldwide. Dominates media and politics in UK, US and Australia. Urged Bush Blair and Howard to attack Iraq in 2003. Made US hated in Third World and killed thousands of US personnel. Al world now looks to China as ‘friend’ and sees US as foe. RM media are 100% pro-Chinese. Rupert M even married a Chinese Wendy Deng and she birthed two offspring for him. Journalist WD ran RM’s empire for years.

Divorced RM several years ago but only after saving him from Lord Levison’s Inquiry into bribes to UK officials. Failure would have ‘killed’ his business in USA. After one year and jailing of 44 Murdoch employees RM himself was acquitted. How? Is worth AUD$170 billon and most Western politicians owe their careers to him.

WHAT IS the SYDNEY MORNING HERALD? SMH is owned by rival print media group, Fairfax Group. RM owns 12 0f 15 Australian daily newspapers. FG owns the other three: SMH, Melbourne Age and The Financial Review. Only these resist RM’s will. Are rarely read by masses. RM’s low-brow material is more to their liking so RM routinely sets election agendas.  All parties adhere or are destroyed like Australia Democrats in 2004. Had nine Federal Senators and blocked LNP changes to Cross Media Ownership Laws. RM spent years attacking them. Party collapsed and all nine Senators lost seats. In 2006 LNP’s Howard obeyed RM and passed changes to CMOL. Same fate befell Clive Palmer’s United Party in 2014 when he criticized RM’s media monopoly .

Chinese bought two of our three commercial TV networks (Seven and Nine). Pro-Chinese elements already run the two government TV/Radio networks (ABC and SBS). Sole survivor (Ten Network) is owned by Canadian family of Israel Asper. a close Murdoch ally. Since 2006 Australia has had a total media blackout on any criticism of China, bar FG. But FG has no radio or TV outlets. Its print media is too ‘upmarket’ to reach masses.

Foreign Investment Review Board: FIRB is toothless tiger that rubber stamps every foreign purchase of Australian assets. Only refused to three of 2165 cases(?). Even then RM media howled them down as “destabilising Australian investment rules thereby undermining the economy”. Case of Ranger uranium mine. Was to be sold to China like all our other mines, ports etc. US opposed.

RM MUST GO: RM attacked US over this. Not reported in US, of course. Chinese Navy will soon have berthing facilities across Australia. Will it exclude the US Navy? 86 year old RM must die soon. Why not sooner? Is a threat to US. Easy to depose him if MP’s sought to. Has been US citizen since 1983. Has no legal right to own any media in Australia. Is dual-national.

Was he who forced Howard government (1995-2007) to make dual-nationals legal. Would be easy to repeal this law. Would bar RM from media ownership, in effect ‘cut off his legs’. Would free us all. If not, one day we will awake to Chinese rule and no one will have warned us.

 ACTION RECOMMENDED: Australian governments are in debt AUD$1,000 billion. All borrow from Chinese government banks to finance public expenditures they cannot longer afford but which voters demand, incited by pro-Chinese RM media. RM media must be silenced. Best way is by removing RM from picture and awarding his assets over to pro-Australian elements. RM acquired his ‘power’ over us legally. It can be removed just as legally. All that is lacking is the political WILL.

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